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Friday March 27, 2015

21:00 Elephant Song at Friday, March 27, 2015 at 9:00 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 4 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance (Mature Theme)
Runs: 110 minutes
Director: Charles Binamé
Country: Canada
Released: 2015
Starring: Bruce Greenwood, Colm Feore, Xavier Dolan, Catherine Keener
Awards: Canadian Screen Award Nominee for Best Actor and Winner for Best Adapted Screenplay.

“Award-winning director Charles Binamé unfolds a story of drama, deception, and desperation in Elephant Song... The film delves into the mind of troubled psychiatric patient Michael, detailing the complex back-and-forth between him and the unprepared doctor who attempts to untangle his web of lies. When psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence goes mysteriously missing from a hospital that has recently been plagued by scandal, Dr. Toby Green is called in to investigate before the news goes public. Convinced that Michael is hiding knowledge about his colleague Green is determined to control both the situation and the patient, adamantly ignoring the advice from the person who knows Michael best, Nurse Susan Peterson. As Michael demonstrates his superior intelligence and manipulative nature, it becomes increasingly unclear who is controlling the conversation. Binamé’s visually striking, cool design is a perfect mirror for the elaborate mind games at play, while setting a mood that underscores the fierce desperation percolating throughout. Inhabiting his role with complete conviction, Dolan is transfixing, and Greenwood brings meticulous control to his portrayal of Michael’s baffled counterpart. The dynamic relationship between the two leaves the viewer on edge as the stakes rise and the truth becomes that much harder to reach.” – Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Film Festival

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

19:18 O'Leary's byelection gets the cards on the table »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
The Town of O'Leary will soon be holding a byelection to choose a new mayor. Stanley MacDonald abruptly resigned the position during the town's monthly meeting on March 12. He waited until the town's annual information meeting on March 25 to explain why he stepped down. The longtime O'Leary ...
19:16 Propane leak at Vector building »Journal-Pioneer Local
Firefighters were called to a propane leak that occurred at the Vector Aerospace building in Slemon Park late afternoon Friday.
19:03 Potato Museum gets another big boost »Journal-Pioneer Local
O’LEARY -- The president of the Canadian Museum’s Board of Directors was within hearing distance Friday when Chris Kemp, Sobeys’ category manager for produce, confirmed the Sobeys-WP Griffin Inc. Potato Month promotion will continue next year.
18:57 IJHL final begins Sunday »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Vipers begin quest for sixth championship in a row at home Sunday
18:53 Getting acquainted »Journal-Pioneer Sports
New Red Wings’ coaches about to be introduced to rivalry
18:05 Turning colder tonight across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday March 27th 6:00pm.. A trough of low pressure crossed the island last night and has now stalled just off the east coast of NS.Temperatures will begin to drop across the island now that the north winds has developed.  A … Continue reading
18:01 Miscouche father and son turn hockey stick hobby into small business »Journal-Pioneer Local
Rob and Noah Corkum are a close-knit father and son who live in Miscouche.
17:35 Four teens in dramatic crash  »The Guardian - Local News
STRATFORD – The dramatic crash on the Hillsborough Bridge did more than leave Brendan Poirier in pain. The 17-year-old passenger had his nerves severely jolted. “We were flying in the air and we were upside down – the scariest thing that ever happened to me,’’ Poirier said, recounting the ...
17:32 Community groups take stock of city grants »Journal-Pioneer Local
Seniors’ group reassessing after loss of grant
17:12 Flyers heading to Kensington »Journal-Pioneer Sports
KENSINGTON - The Moncton Flyers will represent New Brunswick at the Atlantic major midget hockey championship in Kensington from April 2 to 5.
17:07 Prince County properties receive protected status »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – At the same time the Lyle House was being built in Lot 16, the Battle of the Alamo was raging in Texas and Charles Darwin was forming his Theory of Evolution.
16:28 [BLOG] Some Friday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • blogTO notes an upcoming group photo of prominent Toronto musicians.

  • Centauri Dreams speculates about the sort of starship a Kardashev II civilization would build.

  • The Dragon's Gaze has a couple of papers noting the interactions between hot Jupiters and their parent suns.

  • The Dragon's Tales reports on Russian nuclear submarine advances.

  • Joe. My. God. notes that same-sex marriage in Slovenia is safe and observes the advance of civil unions in Italy.

  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes how revitalizing neighbourhoods can lead to complicated politics, politely put.

  • Marginal Revolution considers ways to improve the allocation of water in drought-hit areas like California.

  • The Numerati's Stephen Baker wonders if Apple might be able to regain its lost customers.

  • Torontoist approves of a Haitian restaurant in a Scarborough strip mall.

  • Window on Eurasia notes the complexities of language policy in the former Soviet Union, looks at the institutionalization of Islam in the Crimea, and examines the issues of self-identifying Ukrainians in the Russian Far East.

16:23 Aces go undefeated »Journal-Pioneer Sports
In 18-under spring league play
16:07 When Kafka comes to the airport »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Earlier this week, I wrote a column about Bill C-51 and that bill’s remarkable assault on privacy rights. In this column, I want to look at a single word. That word? “May.”
16:03 Summerside chamber likes tone of 2105 budget   »Journal-Pioneer Local
SUMMERSIDE – The city’s commitment to debt reduction and more money for economic development has struck a chord with the Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce.
16:02 P.E.I. provincial government releases third quarter fiscal update »The Guardian - Business
Premier Wade MacLauchlan provided a third quarter fiscal update on Thursday. The premier says the deficit is $5 million lower than government thought it would be by now. The total consolidated deficit has dropped to $34.7 million from the previously budgeted $39.7 million. “It’s a constant ...
15:57 Libraries to assist with registrations for local shellfishers »The Guardian - Business
O’LEARY — Staff at local public libraries are once again offering assistance to shellfishers who may not have access to a computer at home, or have had little experience filling out online applications. Tourism and Culture Minister Robert Henderson says last year the province began offering the ...
15:50 Driver injured in head-on collision »Journal-Pioneer Local
BRUDENELL - Two waste management vehicles collided head-on Friday morning trapping one driver in his truck.
15:21 Get an early start with current gardening trends »Journal-Pioneer Living
Today’s gardeners have different priorities than they did a generation ago. Our focus has shifted to these three trends: growing-your-own, container gardening and growing an environmentally responsible garden.
15:01 No tax increase in Charlottetown as council approves budget »The Guardian - Local News
There will be no tax increase for residents in Charlottetown. City council voted 10-0 today to approve its 2015 municipal budget. However, Mayor Clifford Lee said the city was set to pass a five per cent tax hike until the provincial government ponied up $1.5 million in funding Thursday to help ...
13:18 Mercedes-Benz Is Going to Build a Pickup…But You Can’t Have It »shift+drive

New Benz Truck?The big luxury automakers are trying to expand their product lines until they can fill every possible niche. Hot hatches, minivans, coupe versions of SUVs, coupe versions of sedan versions of coupes (yo, dawg!). But despite this plethora of models, none of them have given you what you really want... until now.

The post Mercedes-Benz Is Going to Build a Pickup…But You Can’t Have It appeared first on SHIFT&DRIVE.

13:12 Buddhist monastery hosts open house in Little Sands »The Guardian - Local News
LITTLE SANDS — The doors will swing open for the first time this weekend as the monastic academy of the Buddhist society hosts a “Spring Fling” open house for the general public. The event will be held Saturday, March 28 with three different sessions throughout the day to ensure visitors have ...
12:36 P.E.I. Tories hopeful royal commission gamble pays off »The Guardian - Opinion
Is it good policy or mere political posturing? The announcement Wednesday by PC Leader Rob Lantz that he will strike a royal commission on government accountability if his party wins the spring election comes as a surprise. He wants to take a close look at government loans, e-gaming and the ...
12:30 Cost cutting must continue »The Guardian - Opinion
Since coming to office, Premier Wade MacLauchlan has cut cabinet to eight including himself. Congratulations.The premier has also reduced the number of staff in the premier’s office and just recently he announced the number of ministerial executive assistants would be cut by half. Again ...
12:30 O'Leary mayor says he resigned to give residents say in land deal »The Guardian - Local News
O’LEARY - Former O’Leary mayor, Stanley MacDonald, says he resigned his position so as to give residents a say in a proposed land purchase. MacDonald issued his first public statement since his March 12 resignation during the town’s annual information meeting Wednesday night He explained that, ...
12:28 Grammar needs constant attention »The Guardian - Opinion
Spot on Dr. Des Colohan for your recent entertaining piece on the correct use of “less” and “fewer.” Fewer words, the less said. My current irritant is the widespread tendency for English speakers to add to the world’s burgeoning population by referring to individuals as “they,” as in “if the ...
12:27 Safety is as important as education »The Guardian - Opinion
Today is a beautiful day. A number of people are badmouthing the school board for cancelling school once again. Mind you, if a child were killed because of road conditions, or a school bus accident because of road conditions, then they'd really have something to complain about. The school board ...
12:25 Critical of party, not the candidate »The Guardian - Opinion
As the election gears up and candidates are nominated, I would like to take the chance to thank and congratulate every one of them for having the resolve and perseverance to run. Putting myself out there has not been the most comfortable experience but it has been the most rewarding. Elected or ...
12:24 Cable funding election rhetoric? »The Guardian - Opinion
Poor Pat Mella griping about Gail Shea not making the headlines re cable funding announcement. The Guardian most likely ran this in the headlines back in 2005 when the Paul Martin-led government committed to this project only to have it scrapped by Stephen Harper in 2006. Ms. Mella and her ...
12:22 Our Canada, so our rules »The Guardian - Opinion
Should citizens be allowed to wear veils, masks or any other paraphernalia over their faces during citizenship ceremonies? What about going to a bank, police station, nightclubs or getting a passport, driver's license, etc.? Probably not. Our Canada, our rules.Eric McCarthy,Summerside
12:21 Forensic review supports kiosk findings: CNIB »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Over the last several weeks CNIB has been relatively silent regarding recent media attention surrounding significant shortages of funds at an independent lottery kiosk in Summerside between 2011 and 2013.
12:21 Horse owners do have compassion »The Guardian - Opinion
In response to The Guardian editorial letter March 9, 2015 by Mary Parker re: ‘Horses face untimely end.’ I have been involved with racehorses for at least 50 plus years as owner, trainer and groom. Over the years, I have had to find places for my horses when their racing careers were over, ...
12:13 Forensic review validates CNIB’s findings »The Guardian - Opinion
By Pamela Gow-Boyd (guest opinion)
12:12 Charlottetown Presents Balanced Budget, Avoids Tax Increase »City of Charlottetown
2015-03-26 The City of Charlottetown presented a balanced budget for 2015 at a public
12:07 Dead trees and dead dogs »The Guardian - Opinion
Is the following a rumination on the relative value of life and death, or just a couple of kids trying to figure it all out?“Papa, I just saw a dead dog,” said number one son, Louis Romero, aged five, on a recent drive in the family car.Seated beside him was number one daughter, Sophie ...
12:02 UPEI Wind Symphony graduates ending on a high note »The Guardian - Living
Nine graduating students and their music will be in the spotlight during UPEI Wind Symphony’s year-end recital at Steel Recital Hall on April 2
12:00 P.E.I. man facing drug charges in Nova Scotia »The Guardian - Local News
AMHERST, N.S. - A 22-year-old Charlottetown resident is facing charges of possession of marijuana for the purposes of trafficking and numerous Motor Vehicle Act charges following a vehicle stop on Highway 104 near Amherst. RCMP stopped the 2014 Hyundai Accent and found the driver did not have a ...
12:00 P.E.I.'s Martha MacIsaaac in on the action »The Guardian - Living
Actress stars in ‘The Pinkertons’, solving crimes, riding horses, shooting guns in the role of Kate Warne, the first North Americanfemale detective
11:58 Fundraising fun on stage with the Winsloe Players »The Guardian - Living
The Winsloe Players — and the laughs — are back with ‘Oh, My, Where’s the Groom’, now playing at the Carrefour Theatre
11:32 P.E.I. agricultural market report »The Guardian - Business
The Prince Edward Island Department of Agriculture Forestry compiles a weekly agricultural market report. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REPORT


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