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Monday July 22, 2019

22:10 Painting Graham Norton » from peter rukavina

I quite enjoyed this television program about the painting of a portrait of Graham Norton. Both subject and painter are interesting people and Norton especially is so much more textured than his typical television persona.

21:00 Beach Grass »justpictureit
photo - Beach Grass

18:03 Bolstering my Bolstr Bag » from peter rukavina

In January 2018 I replaced my venerable Marimekko Cash & Carry Shoulder Bag with a Bolstr EDC bag.

The Bolstr has much to recommend it, and I happily carried it on my shoulder for over a year.

Until this spring when the magnetic closure on the front flap separated from the bag.

As I store my mobile phone under that front flap. having it flap around was untenable, and I had to pull the Marimekko out of retirement until I could have the Bolstr repaired.

The nub of the issue–literally–was this clasp:

Bolstr magnetic clasp

This piece was attached to the flap; it’s actually two parts that screw into each other, with a piece of fabric–a piece of fabric that ended up giving way–sandwiched between them.

I didn’t know that they screwed together, and it wasn’t until I learned this today, via email from Bolstr HQ, that I realized that I could probably fix the problem myself.

What it came down to was needing to bolster (ha!) the flap to better accommodate the clasp; for this I used a two squares of leather originally acquired to make a brake for my letterpress.

On the inside of the flap the repair looks like this (I used orange cotton twine that I purchased from The Bookmark earlier this year to do the sewing); you can see the female side of the magnetic clasp under the flap.

The fix for my Bolstr bag clasp.

On the other side of the flap the only evidence of the fix is some bright orange stitching (I tucked the other half of the “leather sandwich” inside the flap rather than on the outside:

My Bolstr Bag

The fix is satisfyingly sturdy, and I’ve put the Marimekko back into storage and started carrying the Bolstr again.

I used the opportunity to resurrect my watercolour sketching practice; the Marimekko didn’t have room for my portable watercolour set nor my water brush, and so I’d been sketching only in black and white and grey for several months.

It’s nice to have the colours of the rainbow back at my disposal. I marked the occasion by sketching my sketchbook.

A notebook inside a notebook

14:07 Dessert Grazing Board »Goats' Notes
Blue Cheese and Camembert cheese, chocolate, fruit, cracker and baguette. Available at the Dairy Bar beside The Great Canadian Soap Co. $10.00
07:44 More rain expected tomorrow across PEI. »peistormchaser
Monday, July 22nd 7:45am… A frontal system moved south across the Martimes yesterday bringing the cloud and showers/thundershowers activity. This feature will now stall in a NE-SW lone just south NS. Sunshine should prevail today as a weak ridge of … Continue reading
00:29 Congrats to Avengers: Endgame on setting the global box office record!! »John Cairns Blog
We have a new global box office champion! After much speculation that this movie might not do it, the official word has come down that Avengers: Endgame finally passed Avatar on Saturday night to beat the $2.788 billion dollar global box office record. Congratulations, Avengers fans — at least until Avatar gets its re-release.

Sunday July 21, 2019

22:01 Orange You Glad it's Monday »justpictureit
photo - Orange You Glad it's Monday

19:53 Stress leave, part 2 »Diary of a Squirrel

14:01 Bagel Grazing Board »Goats' Notes
Savoury and Sweet goat cream cheese, bagels and fruit. Available at Oldfield’s Dairy beside The Great Canadian Soap Co. Cost $10.00. Dairy Bar open from noon to 6:00pm daily. Substitute any board with Hummus, Romesco or Pesto all oil and … Continue reading
12:59 Buggy Pick Up » from peter rukavina
08:23 Showers/Thundershowers expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Sunday, July 21st 8:20am… A frontal system oriented east-west is currently positioned over the southern Gulf of St Lawrence. This system is dropping south to be located just south of NS overnight tonight. Cloud and showers along with a few … Continue reading
08:11 Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out »Hebrew Word Lessons
To be CLEAN/PURE: taher. Verb. (Strong’s 2891). See also: 2889– tahor- adjective. 2890– tahor- Masculine Noun. 2892– tohar- Masculine noun.  2893– tahorah- Feminine noun.  Root: טָהֵר Sounds like: taw-hare The author of Proverbs asked this question: Proverbs 20:9 Who can say, “I have cleansed my heart, I am pure [tahar’ti] from my sin”?  The Bible has… Continue reading Taher: CLEAN from the Inside Out
00:02 Summer Tea on the Porch »Aiken House & Gardens

Saturday July 20, 2019

22:01 CN equipment »Pedaling PEI
22:01 Wellington »Pedaling PEI
22:01 Home »justpictureit
photo - Home

Morning and evening, the sky delights.

20:05 It was 50 years ago today! Man on the moon!!! »John Cairns Blog
Where were you 50 years ago?
18:39 The Summer of '69 » from peter rukavina

My family spent the summer of 1969, as we did most summers in the late 1960s and early 1970s, “in the field” with my father. His work as a nearshore sedimentologist, with a particular interest the Great Lakes, meant that each summer we would decamp to a new location on Lake Ontario, or Lake Erie, or Lake Huron, generally to a provincial park. I remember those summers for their park rangers and salamanders and beaches and forests and tents and trailers.

On July 20, 1969—fifty years ago today—we were, by my mother’s recollection, on the shore of Lake Ontario near Cobourg. My father’s log from that day picks up the story:

Retired around 7 PM with the small TV set and watched moon walking using a VW battery and converter.

While I have memories before July 20, 1969, none are as crystal clear and vivid as that one: the family gathered around a tiny TV set, the picture–perhaps because it was running off a VW battery–smaller than it was supposed to be. I’m not sure I was old enough, at three, to comprehend the enormity of what was happening, but I’m certain that I picked up on my parents’ excitement. And, of course, that we were allowed to stay up much, much later than usual.

According to my parents, there were no family photos taken on that particular day, but here are some that my mother sent of me and brother Mike (just two years old himself) and our father in that summer of 1969.

Me and brother Mike and Dad in the summer of 1969

My next palpable memories, at least those involving the USA and television, were of the daily updates from Vietnam, and then of Nixon resigning.

But, man, that night in July 1969 was pretty amazing.

15:13 Last Minute Notices » from peter rukavina

I expect that the cadence of the reading of this blog does not lend itself to last minute notices of things, but just in case:

  • It’s Pen Night tonight and I’m hosting at my print shop in St. Paul’s Parish Hall, 101 Prince Street at 7:00 p.m. If you’re curious and/or passionate about fountain pens and—one night only!—want to see my letterpress in action, consider yourself invited.
  • It’s Free Root Beer Day at A&W. Go to A&W and they’ll give you a free root beer.

That is all.

14:31 A video from Annekenstagram »The Annekenstein Monster
[iframe width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true” src=””%5D%5B/iframe%5D
12:24 Happy Ending! »Goats' Notes
The handsome old fellow’s vacation at GCSC with the goats is over and he is home again. He is a very special cat and we enjoyed him for the few days he was here.
09:48 Coztic-Sungru Demon »The Monkey Rodeo
We ended up lucking out with this shoot. Another thing had been planned, but because of a wardrobe malfunction and having to swap out to something else last minute totally worked for the best, the paint job ended up being so much quicker and better than planned.We also decided not to shoot in Charlottetown and I came up with a location I'd been thinking about using for some time, a local auto salvage yard.

09:18 Anyone Missing A Cat? »Goats' Notes
This old fellow showed up here Wednesday evening. Very friendly and wants in the house.
06:23 Warm and humid conditions expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Saturday, July 20th 6:20am… A warm front crossed the region last night with it’s cloud and few showers.Warm and humid conditions expected today with weak high pressure in control. A cold front will approach tonight from the west with more … Continue reading

Friday July 19, 2019

22:01 Summer Shade »justpictureit
photo - Summer Shade

06:28 Warm and muggy next couple days across PEI. »peistormchaser
Friday, July 19th 6:30am… A north-south oriented ridge of high pressure is currently crossing the Maritimes and will shift east later today. A warm front will move across the island tonight with some clouds and slight chance of a shower. … Continue reading

Thursday July 18, 2019

21:01 Rituals Are Important »justpictureit
photo - Rituals Are Important

The annual Poker Run is coming up soon.

20:05 How many electric vehicles are there on Prince Edward Island? » from peter rukavina

In the April 2019 provincial general election, all four of the political parties on Prince Edward Island had planks in their platforms related to electric vehicles.

The PC Party pledged to “develop a solar energy rebate and electric vehicle incentive program” and to “add more electric vehicles to the government fleet as replacements are required.” The Green Party to “develop a program to support the installation of electric vehicle chargers in homes and workplace,” to “create a purchase incentive for electric vehicles,” and to “transition the provincial fleet to electric vehicles.” The Liberal Party promised to “invest in new public electric vehicle charging stations and provide tax rebates for the purchase and installation of home charging stations” and the NDP to offer “increased incentives to encourage people to purchase electric or other low-pollution vehicles.”

All of which raises the question: how many electric vehicles are there on Prince Edward Island right now?

I asked the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, and here are the counts, by fuel type, for calendar year 2019 to date:

Gas/Propane 2 0.00%
Gas/Natural Gas 3 0.00%
Butane 3 0.00%
PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric) 7 0.01%
Propane 10 0.01%
Gas/Alcohol 17 0.02%
Electric 33 0.05%
Diesel/Butane 65 0.09%
Other 110 0.15%
Hybrid — Electric/Gas 403 0.56%
Diesel 4,708 6.55%
Gas 66,511 92.54%
TOTAL 71,872 100.00%

Aggregated by fuel technology–fossil fuel (gas, diesel, butane, etc.), hybrid (like a Toyota Prius, which doesn’t plug-in, and a Kia Nero, which does) and battery electric (like a Tesla, Nissan LEAF or Chevy Bolt), the dominance of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles on the Island is ”why even bother making a pie chart” clear:

Fossil Fuel 71,429
Hybrid 410
Electric 33

I’m pretty sure I know personally at least a third of the electric vehicle owners on Prince Edward Island.

The province’s Climate Change Action Plan–which is actual policy, not platform–has two actions related to electric vehicle adoption:

12. Government will design and install a province-wide electric vehicle charging network to meet the needs of both residents and visitors to Prince Edward Island.

14. Government will increase the use of electric vehicles in its light-duty vehicle fleet.

That plan commits Islanders to lowering our carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from 1.8 megatonnes per year to 1.4 megatonnes per year; this has been further amended to 1.2 megatonnes per year

So, in other words, we have 11 years to stop emitting 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

These two Climate Action Plan moves related to electric vehicles were to be responsible for 20,000 tonnes of that; that’s 5% under the original targets, so under the new target we’ll need to increase that to 30,000 tonnes.

According to the EPA, the typical passenger vehicle emits 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, meaning that our commitment, if it were to come only from electric vehicle adoption (and generously assuming 100% zero carbon charging), will require 6,521 zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030.

Right now we have 33.

There was no electric vehicle incentive program announced in the June 25, 2019 Provincial Budget.

07:54 NGLS headlines »New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

In just the last week we’ve been mentioned 3 times in publications so I thought that we should share! The first is a PEI publication, PEI Living Magazine that is published quarterly and dedicated to life on the Island. The article is written by Margaret Prouse (with some help from us) who has a weekly […]

The post NGLS headlines appeared first on New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

06:25 Sunshine expected next couple days across PEI. »peistormchaser
Thursday, July 18th 6:20am… A cold front with the cloud and rain crossed the island yesterday evening and is now located off the coast of Cape Breton. High pressure centered in central Quebec will now drift eastward and is expected … Continue reading

Wednesday July 17, 2019

23:26 Blue Green Green » from peter rukavina
21:01 Tube Time »justpictureit
photo - Tube Time

Photo one was before my grandson's turn, photo two, after the hand over. The music starts at 1:00.

15:02 Twenty Years! »The Dominee Huisvrouw
11:21 Fossil Fuels are Unethical » from peter rukavina

On July 11, 2019 there was an exchange between the Hon. Peter Bevan-Baker and Hon. Darlene Compton in the Legislative Assembly surrounding a question by Bevan-Baker about government investment from fossil fuels:

Government funds divest from fossil fuels

A question to the minister: Will the minister commit to ensuring that all provincial government funds divest from fossil fuels?

Ms. Compton: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I will not commit to that, unless you’re willing to drive a bicycle to work every day. I mean, we have to have fossil fuels. It’s as simple as that.

Ms. Compton: Everyone in this place, except for maybe the hon. Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Change, have fossil fuel vehicles, so it’s pretty hard for me to say that we could do that when everyone in this place is driving a vehicle that needs a fossil fuel.

Leader of the Opposition: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I should perhaps clarify this is not about the personal choices we make. Indeed, I own a fossil fuel car as well. −

Leader of the Opposition: It’s about the value of those investments and what the potential future value will be as more and more fossil fuel investments become stranded assets.

There are a number of places, both jurisdictional and private companies that are divesting in fossil fuels strictly for financial reasons. I’m not talking about any sort of ethical issue here at all, although there may be something attached to that. I’m talking purely from a financial point-of-view for the wellbeing of the finances of this province.

The province invests a significant amount of money and these investments have an influence on developments within and even beyond this province, private prisons and fossil fuels are just two examples of investment practices that are not socially or environmentally responsible, and increasingly acceptable.

A question to the minister: Does the province have a policy to ensure its investments are done in socially and environmentally responsible manners?

Ms. Compton: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I cannot say a definite yes to that, but I would be assuming that we would have looked at ethical reasons. I never really thought of fossil fuels as being something that’s unethical, but I guess we have to change the lens that we look through. It’s very hypocritical for all of us to say we’re going to say ‘no’ to everything involving fossil fuels when we’re all still using fossil fuels on a daily basis.

Leader of the Opposition: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Clearly, I don’t think I stated that there was anything unethical about the use of fossil fuels, indeed I own a car. Hybrid car, but it’s still a car and it burns gas.

This was an unsatisfying exchange for several reasons:

  1. Bevan-Baker was asking a question on divestment from fossil fuels for reasons not directly related to their role in climate change; in essence he was suggesting that investing in fossil fuels is a bad investment because the bottom is going to fall out of the fossil fuel market, and the investments will lose value. But then, in the follow-up, things got tangled up with social responsibility, which is an entirely different issue. The effect of the question was thus blunted.
  2. Compton’s “unless you’re willing to drive a bicycle to work every day” comment was unhelpful in a discussion about divestment; to suggest that until we achieve individual net zero we cannot take collective action is disquieting to hear from the person charged with managing the province’s finances.
  3. Both Compton and Bevan-Baker appeared to initially be willing to admit that our use of fossil fuels is unethical, but both backed away from this. That is unfortunate: there’s a clear case to be made for the continued use of fossil fuels to be considered thus. It is possible to label something as unethical and to also act unethically; the two are not incompatible. Unfortunate, yes. Hypocritical, perhaps. But we cannot reserve “unethical” to describe actions only once we’ve stopped taking them.
  4. Investment in detention camps is something to be examined, but invoking this example, in this exchange, was another unfortunate distraction.

Put all this together, and a clear opportunity for important action on fossil fuel divestment was fumbled by both sides.

11:20 My heart dropped when I got home last evening and didn’t see... »Dave Atkinson

My heart dropped when I got home last evening and didn’t see Georgie and Poppy waiting on top of the shed. I’d let them out to fly when I got home from work. We goofed around in the yard for a bit, before they took off for their daily exercise flight.

They usually come home for supper around 6. They weren’t back at 6:30 when I needed to head out for some errands.

No big deal, they’ll be back when I get home.

But they weren’t.

I stood in the middle of the yard and scanned the nearby roofs and trees. I couldn’t see them, but I whistled their dinner call anyway.

You’ve never seen a pair of birds fly home faster. They flew up and over the peak of my neighbour’s roof and right into the loft. Turns out they were more worried about the situation than I was.

10:01 Emerald »Pedaling PEI
10:01 The Cat »Pedaling PEI
07:20 Few showers and possible thundershowers expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Wednesday, July 17th 7:20am… A warm front crossing the region now is giving a few showers to the island this morning. Conditions will be warm and muggy this afternoon once the front moves. The associated cold front will then sweep … Continue reading

Tuesday July 16, 2019

21:52 Tonight’s the night! WSOP Main Event title on the line in Las Vegas! »John Cairns Blog
Here we go! Play is under way at the Rio in Las Vegas at the final table of Event #73: the World Series of Poker $10,000 Main Event. The 8569-contestant field now has only three players left. Entering tonight with the lead with 328.8 million chips is Hossein Ensan of Germany, with Canada’s Alex Livingston...
21:01 Alien Watery Wednesday »justpictureit
photo - Alien Watery Wednesday

I asked Bill a few weeks ago how he managed to get a turquoise sky. He blamed aliens. I learned how to do it to water by pressing that notorious Auto button. This video kept showing up on my YouTube Homepage urging me to play it. As it is one of my favorite Joni song, I did. It is an excellent perfomance but a below average recording.

15:33 Pete vs. The Dishwasher » from peter rukavina

The dishwasher wasn’t draining.

I methodically (read: in a random, chaotic, increasingly raging fashion) tracked the clog to a tiny piece of plastic that had found its way into the drain near the sink.

I did not, I’m happy to report, break the dishwasher.

Indeed, I learned a lot about how the dishwasher works, and how it’s installed, something that had previously been locked in the “black box that makes dishes clean” realm.

This is good, as a broken dishwasher can plunge our household into despair.

Also good for my psyche, which has been sending me dreams about intractable infrastructure issues for the last week.

15:05 Where were you 50 years ago today? »John Cairns Blog
Did you watch Apollo 11 lift off?
12:06 Using my Desktop USB Keyboard with my Android Phone » from peter rukavina

There’s this standard, which seems mostly ignored by mostly everyone, called USB On-The-Go, that allows mobile phones and tablets to connect to USB peripherals like flash drives, keyboards and mice.

It turns out that my Moto G7 Play Android phone has support for this standard. I bought a UGREEN USB C OTG Cable Adapter from Amazon1 for $8.99 to try this out. And it worked!

Here’s a little video of me using my Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard with my phone: I plugged the keyboard’s wireless dongle into the OTG cable, the OTG cable into the USB C port on the phone, opened up my email client, and started typing. The phone automatically recognized the keyboard; I didn’t need to configure it or set anything up.

I also tried the OTG cable with my Apple Mighty Mouse, and with a USB flash drive, and both worked as expected.

I hate typing on the tiny glass keyboard of my phone, so this is a good way for me to try out the idea of getting a Bluetooth portable keyboard to allow for typing-on-the-road.

I’m also interested in seeing whether I could plug the OTG cable (likely with a male-to-male USB A adapter) into one of the scanning-photocopiers at Robertson Library and thus gain the ability to “scan to my phone.”

1. Not an affiliate link.

11:15 Energy from Waste » from peter rukavina

I took a cycle out Riverside Drive and into the Hillsborough Hospital grounds and back tonight.

On the return journey I stopped to make a sketch of the Energy from Waste Plant; while I was sitting there, on a stoop in front of a storage trailer, Darcie Lanthier, among other things our federal Green Party candidate for Charlottetown, pulled up on her own (electric pedal-assist) bicycle. We ended up chatting about a number of things. In the most unlikely of places.

By the way, the Hillsborough River Cycle Path makes for a lovely after-supper bicycle route in the summertime. If you’re more ambitious, you can connect with the Hillsborough Park Cycle Path, the Riverside Estates Connector and the East Royalty Cycle Trails to get all the way out into the heart of East Royalty.

Indeed, with all the talk of hellish traffic from East Royalty into town, perhaps the wonders of 23 minute cycle ride along the river is should considered a viable alternative to building more capacity for cars?

11:11 The Things We Do For Love: A man's passion for Aquaponics | CBC News »Dave Atkinson
The Things We Do For Love: A man's passion for Aquaponics | CBC News:

My latest column for CBC Prince Edward Island. The radio version is available here.

10:33 New Drinking Water Fountains in Charlottetown » from peter rukavina

The City of Charlottetown has recently installed drinking water fountains in Orlebar Park, Connaught Square and at the Dog Fun Park. The fountains are striking, and have novel water-bottle filling and dog-watering features. I have become a regular customer of them when cycling about town.

Photo of the new drinking water fountain in Orlebar Park.

09:51 Mount Albion »Mumblin Jack (poetry(
Who left their love in Mount Albion Where green fields cling now to low hills While a summer rain falls softly In the early afternoon? Who left their love in Mount Albion Lifeless between the soft-hipped hills Beside the gray … Continue reading
08:43 #TheFeed: E-Scooters; Kinzen; & Summer Gaming »AmberMac
TF184: We talk to the CEO of Bird Canada, Stewart Lyons, about bringing the e-scooter rentals to Canada. Plus, we have gaming expert, Jenn Cutter, to let us know what your kids are buying too much of this summer. Also, we’re joined by Mark Little, the co-founder of Kinzen, who reveals how their app lets […]
07:52 Only the best for you! »Goats' Notes
07:33 Sunny and warm conditions expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Tuesday, July 16th 7:30am… The system that gave the cloud and isolated showers to the island yesterday has now moved east over Newfoundland. Sunshine and warm temperatures expected today as a ridge of high pressure approaches from the west but … Continue reading