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Sunday August 19, 2018

21:01 Nectar Seeker »justpictureit
photo - Nectar Seeker

12:49 Tsits: Life, like a Flower »Hebrew Word Lessons
Flower: tsits (Strong’s 6731) Root: צִיץ Sounds like: tseets Flowers show up all throughout the Bible. Roses (Song of Solomon 2:1), lilies (1 Kings 7:19,22), myrtle (Isaiah 55:12-13), lily of the valley (Song of Solomon 2:1), hyssop (Leviticus 14:51-52), and all manner of fruit trees, apples, almonds, pomegranates, just to name a few. One of the first… Continue reading Tsits: Life, like a Flower
11:39 The Cooling Air »Mumblin Jack (poetry(
Do you think the hardest thing You can do is love the world As it is rather than as You think the world ought to be? Try and remember the first Time you opened a window To listen to summer … Continue reading
08:42 Sunshine returns to PEI today.. »peistormchaser
Sunday, August 19th 8:40am.. Well, that was quite the rain event across central and eastern PEI.. A low pressure system moves east out of south/central Maine yesterday then crossed NS moving offshore again just south of Cape Breton near midnight. … Continue reading

Saturday August 18, 2018

21:01 No Answer »justpictureit
photo - No Answer

08:46 Heavy rain expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Saturday, August 18th 8:45am.. An intensifying low pressure system currently located in southern Maine will continue to move ENE tracking  along the spine of NS late this afternoon/ear;y this evening then east of Cape Breton near midnight tonight. This system … Continue reading

Friday August 17, 2018

23:45 Prince George, BC gets completely blacked out by the wildfire smoke »John Cairns Blog
Another wildfire update to tell you about; it really is getting ridiculous. I thought I had seen it all when our own atmosphere went completely orange 🍊in midweek. Other places have gone completely dark. Check out Prince George, BC, which was totally blacked out today by this wildfire smoke. I understand it was also a...
23:01 Gold Cup parade »Pedaling PEI
22:34 Gold Cup Parade - The Guardian »nathan rochford:blog

Gold Cup Parade - The Guardian

21:01 Loyalty and Love »justpictureit
photo - Loyalty and Love

I had a similar shot last year. This is my sister-in-law, my brother's wife and their dogs. They do not leave her side when visiting somewhere.

16:16 Box office news: predictions of big things this weekend for Crazy Rich Asians »John Cairns Blog
On to box office news. Before I get into Crazy Rich Asians and Mile 22 and all that, though, I want to mention what happened last weekend with The Meg. The shark movie starring Jason Statham won the weekend with a haul of $45 million. That sounds about right. A while ago, I remember seeing...
15:14 Now, more than a few words on the media’s latest gang-up on Trump »John Cairns Blog
Today I want to say a few words about President Donald Trump and the media. As you know the relationship has not been good, with Trump calling them out for “fake news” and for being the “enemy of the people”. This week, about 300+ newspapers ran a coordinated series of editorials in opposition to Trump...
11:31 Please read »Island Musings
Before we give the Irving’s our water consider this.
10:01 6 horse team »Pedaling PEI
06:46 Peaches's conquest - part 2 »Diary of a Squirrel

06:35 Heavy rain expected tomorrow across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday, August 17th 6:30am.. A large area of high pressure is current;y located up and down the eastern seaboard stretching from Newfoundland to Florida. This feature will give some sunshine and light winds to the island today but clouds will … Continue reading

Thursday August 16, 2018

22:01 Resting Lines »justpictureit
photo - Resting Lines

21:51 The queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, has died today. »John Cairns Blog
The news today is that Aretha Franklin has died, on the exact same date that Elvis Presley died 41 years before. Also, I understand Fox News is in trouble for mixing up Aretha Franklin with Patti LaBelle.
16:01 Red Adarra Demon. »The Monkey Rodeo
Originally this Demon was going to be neon pink, which would've looked pretty cool, but the body I got was very deceptively labelled and ultimately for "nails and hair" not regular body paint, it might've worked but it was so thin and streaky I just didn't feel like wasting the time, so red it was.

Knowing it was going to be another "wandering about town" kind of shoot I tried to find to new places. Charlottetown, PEI might look nice, but it's pretty limited for decent locations to shoot that aren't swarming with tourists this time of year, and that I haven't already used dozens of times. Overall I think we found a few decent spots and got some really good shots.

I'll be really brief with this story, but I always expect to hear a comment or two when I'm out with a Demon, but this shoot we had more than our fair share and some were pretty rude and outright creepy.

The rude one was some woman who asked the model if she lost a bet - there's nothing about that phrase that's complimentary no matter how you spin it. Even when I told her that was incredibly rude, she almost seemed to stupid to acknowledge it and just sat there (mind you she wasn't driving the car, someone else was) until I decided to elaborate on just how thoughtlessly rude her "funny" comment was eventually she drove off. Idiot.

This was pretty much as soon as we started and we ended it with some creepy old guy whistling at the model - on so many levels that's creepy, rude, and inappropriate in this day and age. So that rounded out the day really nicely.

Luckily I don't like people very much and expect nothing but obvious or tedious comments anyway, normally my expectations are spot on, but I wasn't really expecting this level of twatwaffle-ry.

Otherwise the shoot went great, we got some really good stuff, it was a little hot but it was a decent kind of day for an outdoor photo shoot.

11:07 What I Now Know About Americans »Young, Wild and Tidy (Kailea Switzer)
Even though Dawn was my favorite member of the babysitter’s club, “living in California” wasn’t something I ever dreamt about. Maybe it seemed outside the realm of possibilities, even for dreams. Plus, “life in the U.S.” just didn’t appeal to me. I had been to various parts of America on trips with my family, and … Continue reading What I Now Know About Americans
06:50 Clouds and few showers expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Thursday, August 16th 6:50am.. A cold front oriented NE-SW is currently crossing the island and is now located just east of Charlottetown. Cloud showers and possible thundershowers are associated with the frontal passage. Cooler air will now flood in behind … Continue reading

Wednesday August 15, 2018

22:32 Audio from the Humboldt Broncos’ last game of 2017-18 is now up online. »John Cairns Blog
On an overall gloomy day in Saskatchewan, when lawyers were in court getting the $50,000 interim payments approved for families of the Humboldt Broncos‘ crash victims, I notice audio has been posted of the Broncos’ last game before the collision. The audio is from the April 4 playoff game with the Broncos hosting the Nipawin...
22:01 Waxwing on Holey Oak »justpictureit
photo - Waxwing on Holey Oak

16:34 Wildfire smoke update: the bad air is back »John Cairns Blog
Well, here we are at midweek and I can tell you, the smoky air is back. All that wildfire smoke from BC (now under a state of emergency) and Alberta has infiltrated Saskatchewan and has smoked us right out. To be quite honest with you, this is getting depressing. I am fed up with this...
09:13 Single Motor Vehicle Collision - Male Charged with Impaired Driving »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services responded to a complaint of a single vehicle collision on Capital Drive last night at 10:25pm. The vehicle collided with a lamp pole at the intersection of Capital Drive and Sandstone Road. The impact caused the vehicle air bags to deploy and caused significant front end damage. No injuries were reported. Investigators determined that the driver was impaired. An 18 year old Crapaud man has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle. The male was lodged in jail for the night and will be released today with a pending court appearance in Provincial Court at a later date. Charlottetown Police Services encourage the public to report any instances of impaired driving...Call 911.
06:44 Cloud and showers expected today/tonight across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Wednesday, August 15th 6:45am..  A few interesting things in the surface analysis this morning. First a band of slow moving thunderstorms is tracking across northern NB this morning ans has prompted severe thunderstorms watches and warnings for that part of … Continue reading

Tuesday August 14, 2018

21:01 Happy Acadian Day »justpictureit
photo - Happy Acadian Day

Next year the Acadian Congress will take place in PEI and New Brunswick. I will be attending activities for sure but for this year on National Acadian Day, I celebrate. I had Google Translate the words to the first song. I know the real story behing the lyrics but the translation leaves much to be desired. It's Marie Caissie Bi Bi Biten What went to watch Bi Bi Biten Alaway She went to watch Bi Bi Biten At Bi Henery Bi Biten Alaway At midnight of the Bi Bi Biten party It's set to snow Bi Bi Biten Alaway Wanted to leave Bi Bi Biten From Henery Bi Bi Biten Alaway Behind Bi Bi Biten's Steam She Moored Bi Bi Biten Alaway She Screamed Fayelle Bi Bi Biten Take Me Shovels Bi Bi Biten Alaway She Shouted Fayelle Bi Bi Biten Take me shovels Bi Bi Biten Alaway They ran towards her Bi Bi Biten With all their shovels Bi Bi Biten Alaway They took it by the legs Bi Bi Biten There was no big meat Bi Bi Biten Alaway But there was ice Bi Bi Biten At the heels of Bi Bi Biten Alaway heels They put him to bed Bi Bi Biten Three days and three nights Bi Bi Biten Alaway She will no longer watch Bi Bi Biten At Henery Bi Bi Biten Alaway

14:53 Lots of bad news from Genoa, London, Fredericton etc. »John Cairns Blog
This week’s edition of Bad News Roundup has lots of bad news to tell you about today: Today, a motorway collapsed in Genoa, Italy and the latest report is that it has killed 35 people. Also, a vehicle ran into people in London outside Parliament in what is described as a terrorist attack. People in...
12:01 Summer Time Relaxation at Ocean Song Cottage »Aiken House & Gardens
06:47 Sunny and warm conditions expected again today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Tuesday, August 14th 6:45am.. High pressure over the Maritimes will give another sunny hot day to the Island today. An area of low pressure has been stalled near Cape Cod past few days and will begin to lift north passing … Continue reading

Monday August 13, 2018

22:01 Extreme Twiddle »justpictureit
photo - Extreme Twiddle

Happy Birthday wishes are extended to my daughter-in- law today. Patrushka's Poppy's Annual Appearance

17:08 3 Fun & Educational Family-Friendly Podcasts »AmberMac
For families whose summers involve a lot of travel time, having interesting and entertaining audio podcasts to listen to together can make a long car ride go by faster — and give you lots to  talk about as you learn together! To make it easy to find appropriate content for my school-aged travelling companions in […]
17:02 Wow such emptiness (25 Words) » | New Topics
I think this place needs a reckoning, bring it back to its former glory. Who is still around from years ago? What’s happened to everyone?...
15:11 Sunny and warm conditions expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Monday, August 13th 6:10am.. An area of high pressure located east of NS will continues to warm sunshine to the region today, A low pressure system that has been stalled off the mid Atlantic states will begin to lift NE … Continue reading
12:02 Royal Albert Roses »Rose Chintz Cottage
07:45 Might be old news to others »Island Musings
But new to me. In the past week I required customer support for two tech related products. To my surprise they did not offer email nor telephone support. Support was only available via an app named Telegram. I installed the app and asked my questions. I had answers in both cases in under 5 minutes.&ellipsis;Read the full post »
06:45 Peaches's conquest »Diary of a Squirrel