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Saturday January 18, 2020

21:01 Smoke Signals? »justpictureit
photo - Smoke Signals?

20:41 Thank God for the UFC! McGregor-Cerrone goes tonight »John Cairns Blog
Well, folks, we are still technically in football season, but with college football now officially done (with LSU winning it all on Monday) and with the two NFL conference titles games happening Sunday, we are starting to run out of decent football games to watch. The Saturday TV schedule is already full-tilt into its usual...
20:02 A Cream Tea to Celebrate 8th Blogiversary »My Island Bistro Kitchen

Today marks my 8th Blogiversary. Eight years since I began My Island Bistro Kitchen food blog.  My, how time does fly! In previous years, I marked this day with some kind of special sweet treat.  You can check those out by clicking on the links at the end of this posting.  It has occurred to … Continue reading A Cream Tea to Celebrate 8th Blogiversary

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20:01 Snowshoe repair »Pedaling PEI
19:22 How are you enjoying the winter? Newfoundland is absolutely buried in snow!! »John Cairns Blog
Hi. Chances are good that if you live in North America, you are covered in snow right now. Well, to make you feel less bad about it, whatever snow there is where you are is nothing compared to what slammed into Newfoundland yesterday. Some 75 cm of the white stuff fell, burying cars and blocking...
10:34 »The Annekenstein Monster
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09:00 Snow returns tonight/tomorrow across PEI. »peistormchaser
Saturday, January 18th 9:00am... The storm system that gave the wind and flurrie activity to the island yesterday is now located east of Newfoundland and will continue to move away to the east. An area of high pressure centered over … Continue reading

Friday January 17, 2020

21:01 Blast from the Past »justpictureit
photo - Blast from the Past

Some snow photos from years and years ago, first, Clarke and then Bella and lastly, Kenz. RIP all.

14:46 A Celebration of Catherine's Life » from peter rukavina

We are holding a celebration of Catherine’s life on Monday, January 20, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in St. Paul’s Anglican Church in downtown Charlottetown, with time for a cup of tea, a bite to eat, a chat, and perhaps some tunes, afterwards in the Parish Hall next door.

All are welcome to attend; St. Paul’s is a progressive, welcoming parish, and although the celebration, flowing from Catherine’s wishes, will be a secular event inside a sacred space, pastoral support will be available to those who seek it.

The entrance to St. Paul’s is on Church Street, next to the Coles Building; there is step-free access through the main entrance.

If you are capable of getting yourself to the celebration by foot, bicycle, wheelchair, or public transit (all Charlottetown bus routes stop at Confederation Centre of the Arts, one block away), we would appreciate it; parking for those who need it is available on Church Street, on Grafton Street and on Prince Street.

If we can make it work, we’ll also livestream the celebration, for those from away, here on my website (this is subject to the ability of the tenuous wifi in the church being up to the task!).

Catherine Miller

07:31 Strong north winds expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Friday, January 17th 7:30am… An area of low pressure moves off the coast of southern Maine yesterday morning and intensified rapidly as it tracked ENE. This system is now located south of Newfoundland and continues to intensify. Light snow developed … Continue reading
00:10 Catherine has died. » from peter rukavina

Catherine died tonight at 9:20 p.m.

I was at her side, joined, a few minutes later, by Oliver, my brother Mike and my mother.

Catherine died gently and peacefully, and on her own terms.

As she lived.

Thursday January 16, 2020

21:01 Flowery Friday »justpictureit
photo - Flowery Friday

Evening Primrose is very popular with insects of all kinds.

16:43 A video from Annekenstagram »The Annekenstein Monster
[iframe width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true” src=””%5D%5B/iframe%5D
15:00 The Best of Winter Fun in PEI »Welcome PEI!
Is there anything dreamier and more fun than a fresh blanket of snow, clear skies, and the day still ahead of you? PEI transforms into a white winter wonderland every year and we can’t lie… we love it! Summer fun through the trails and to the beach turns into a … More
13:51 Community Notices »Women's Equality PEI
Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, January 16, 2020 New listings this week: 1) PEERS ALLIANCE – Your Voice Matters – Survey deadline is tomorrow 2) World Religion Day 2020 3) The Magic of Story: A Writing Workshop with Julie Pellissier-Lush 4) PEI CMHA’s Family Program 5) Federal Government Questionnaire re […]
11:02 New Glasgow c. 1960s »P.E.I. Heritage Buildings
07:42 Snow redevelops later today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Thursday, January 16th 7:45am… A low pressure system located just east of Lake Ontario will continue to intensify and track east emerging in the Gulf Of Maine near noon today. The system then tracks just south of southern tip of … Continue reading

Wednesday January 15, 2020

22:43 Honeymoon is over in Vegas: Golden Knights have fired Gerard Gallant! »John Cairns Blog
Today the Vegas Golden Knights fired head coach Gerard Gallant, on the heels of bad losses to lousy teams like LA, Columbus, and last night to Buffalo. Fans in Vegas are stunned. They are even more stunned that he was replaced by Peter DeBoer, formerly of the hated Sharks. People are actually mad down there...
21:01 Fluffy and Puffy »justpictureit
photo - Fluffy and Puffy

08:23 Light snow expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Wednesday, January 15th 8:15am… A weak area of low pressure will cross the Maritimes today giving some light snow with generally less than 5 cms expected followed by a weak ridge of high pressure will then move across the region … Continue reading

Tuesday January 14, 2020

21:01 Winter Watery Wednesday »justpictureit
photo - Winter Watery Wednesday

Thanks, Dan!

20:02 The Magic of Winter »Aiken House & Gardens
18:08 Hand Milled Face Soap »Goats' Notes
We have been making Hand Milled Face Soap since the start of GCSC in 2003. At first is was a way to use the ends of the blocks that were not sellable. In 2007, Anna a summer student made Supersoap … Continue reading
13:56 Call – Holman’s Guarantee Satifaction – a DXers delight »Straitpost - PEI Postcards
Summerside’s first radio station went on the air in 1925 using the callsign CHLC, later changed to CHGS which reportedly stood for Holmans Guarantee Satisfaction, and with a signal strength of 25 watts. The operation was owned by the R.T. Holman company, a wholesale and retail business with stores in Summerside and Charlottetown. A short … Continue reading "Call – Holman’s Guarantee Satifaction – a DXers delight"
11:49 #TheFeed: Sexual Wellness; Remote Rehab; & Biometric Security »AmberMac
TF200: We talk to Lora DiCarlo about her sexual wellness company and her challenges with being recognized at CES. We also break down three products on our wishlist that were highlighted at this year’s CES. Plus, we chat with Davide Vigano from Sensoria Health about their new remote patient rehab system, including the smart knee […]
11:06 Time for a break »Diary of a Squirrel
Squirrel and the gang are taking a break. Thanks for your readership!

09:34 Periods of snow next couple days across PEI. »peistormchaser
Tuesday, January 14th 9:30am… A weak area of low pressure will cross the region today giving some cloud and periods of light snow. Another weak area of low pressure crosses the Maritimes tomorrow giving more cloud and light snow but … Continue reading

Monday January 13, 2020

22:01 Winter Scenes »justpictureit
photo - Winter Scenes

Different days, different scenes. Engineered with two speakers POV.

06:14 Light snow expected later today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Monday, January 13th 6:15am… A low pressure system crosses southern NS yesterday afternoon bringing ice  pellets and snow to the island. This system is now located well SE of Newfoundland. A weak trough of low pressure crosses the region overnight … Continue reading

Sunday January 12, 2020

22:22 »The Annekenstein Monster
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22:01 Dock and Bindweed »justpictureit
photo - Dock and Bindweed

This is the same photo and in my files and in my unassigned bin they are the same orientation. However when the file is open, the green copy is in landscape mode. This has happened several times recently. The photo is originally in portrait mode.

19:39 Gluten-free Blueberry Zucchini Muffins »My Island Bistro Kitchen

I am not a fan of muffins that have a cake-type texture.  I like the muffins, whether wheat-based or gluten-free, to be deli-or café-style, hearty, and generously sized.  That’s exactly how I have created these tasty Gluten-free Blueberry Zucchini Muffins to be! Gluten-free baked goods can be a challenge to have them turn out replicating, … Continue reading Gluten-free Blueberry Zucchini Muffins

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19:05 I'm an Expert on Your Breath » from peter rukavina

I was chatting with Catherine’s doctor about changes in her breathing—it seemed like it was slowing, and changing cadence and, to be honest, I was panicking 5 or 6 times a minute when it seemed like the next breath wasn’t going to come.

I’m kind of an expert on Catherine’s breath,” I joked.

It’s okay,” the doctor told me.

These breathes may be different but, it seems, they are not typical of final breathes. So I relaxed. A little.

Later on I did the calculation: 15 breathes a minute over 28 years is about 13 billion breathes since we met.

So I am an expert.

I’ve missed a lot of them—work, travel, grocery shopping, watching The Office.

But I’ve never had a more intimate relationship with someone’s breath. I know its sound and its shape and its feel. I’ve been inside her breath and outside her breath and joined with her breath. Annoyed by her snoring, delighted by her singing.

As I write I am listening to her breathing beside me. If I knew drum notation I could write it down: it’s new music; she is not struggling, but the breath also doesn’t come easily.

This time after treatment ends remained a mystery that nobody would talk about over these five years that Catherine’s been living with cancer

We’ll cross that bridge…”

It’s different for every person…”

How many times have I googled “how do you die from breast cancer,” with hopes that some kind soul had written a helpful play by play. I found lots of Mayo Clinic bulleted lists about dry lips, but not very much written by humans, for humans.

Which is no surprise: who wants to dwell here. There are precious few epic poems written about the Frankfurt Airport transfer lounge. For much the same reason.

Conservation of dignity gets in the way, too. I spoon-fed Catherine fish chowder for supper tonight; even telling you that seems like revealing a confidence. After all, this is, not really, my sorry to tell.

But there is a reason that cancer memoirs end prematurely. Or with a “before she could finish this manuscript….” epilogue written by the partner.

And so the story of this time seldom gets told.

And perhaps we don’t have the language to do it justice: the time for battle-words is done (if it ever had a place at all). There are no villans or heroes. Everyone knows the ending.

It is a slow and unusual story that we’re uniquely untrained to hear: familiar breath becomes unfamiliar breath becomes familiar breath again, for a moment, and then.

13:02 Webster's Mills of Marie »P.E.I. Heritage Buildings
10:56 En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator »Hebrew Word Lessons
UNEXPLAINABLE/UNSEARCHABLE/UNFATHOMABLE/CANNOT EXAMINE: En kheqer. (Strong’s 2714). From verb khaqar (to examine/to search). (Strong’s 2713). Root: חֵקֶר Sounds like: (awn) kheh-ker Last week we looked at two words meaning to search. There is another word often translated as “search”, but perhaps more accurately means “to examine”. Kheqer is to examine or look at something in detail…… Continue reading En Kheqer: Examining the UNEXPLAINABLE Creator
09:31 Snow and ice pellets expected today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Sunday, January 13  9:30am… A frontal boundary which was north of the island yesterday was responsible for the mild rain we had yesterday but this front started to move south yesterday evening  and is now oriented E-W and  located across … Continue reading
06:43 DAMN, YOU THE UDON »Made by Tracey Leigh
Winter months are here, and therefore all I EVER want to eat is warm noodle soups or noodle dishes. (Such a classic Canadian hibernation move.) The health benefits of this are amazing. Miso is such a cool food. During the fermentation process it brings phytonutrients that help to reduce risk of cancer, improve heart health, […]