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Monday June 25, 2018

13:52 Impaired Drivers - Charges Laid - Kent Street »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
While on routine patrol early Sunday morning, Charlottetown Police noticed a vehicle travelling down Kent Street in the wrong direction. The vehicle was pulled over and officers determined that the driver was impaired. A 30 year old Charlottetown man was charged with refusing to provide a breath sample to Police. Shortly after this occurrence, Police intercepted another vehicle driving in the wrong direction on Kent Street again. Officers determined that this driver was also impaired and subsequently charged a 25 year old man with impaired operation of a motor vehicle. Both accused's will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date. Charlottetown Police Services encourage the public to report any instances of impaired driving...Call 911.
11:31 Handy man for hire »Island Musings
I needed someone to help with a job and responded to an ad in Kijiji. I was surprised when the guy responded, gave me a reasonable quote and showed up on time as promised. He did good work, was polite and respectful and thanked me numerous times for the work.
11:27 I could not stop laughing »Island Musings
I have an area in my back yard that is 350 square feet and it needs to be rehabbed. Being weak of knees and back I thought I might contract the job. The goal is a few hours with a skid steer, rough level what is there, add a truck load of gravel and level.&ellipsis;Read the full post »
11:02 A Hodge Podge of Happiness »Rose Chintz Cottage
11:01 Welcome Summer! »Aiken House & Gardens
07:09 Dog show, part 3 »Diary of a Squirrel

06:45 Cool, wet and windy conditions expected across PEI today.. »peistormchaser
Monday, June 25th 6:45am… A low pressure system developed near Cape Cod over the past few hours and will move ENE passing just south of NS later today. Rain at times heavy will continues across PEI as this system moves … Continue reading
00:03 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens to $150 million! »John Cairns Blog
Here is the story on the opening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the latest in the Jurassic franchise, which hauled in $150 million at the domestic box office. The worldwide haul is over $700 million. This haul is in spite of some very pronounced non-enthusiasm expressed by some critics, who are getting tired of all...

Sunday June 24, 2018

23:01 Winsloe area »Pedaling PEI
21:01 Gray Monday »justpictureit
photo - Gray Monday

New blue spruce

09:19 Few showers today, cold rain expected tomorrow across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Sunday, June 24th 9:15am.. Rain spread across the island overnight with the approach of a low pressure system from the west. This system is now crossing the island a will move east later this morning. A 2nd low pressure system … Continue reading
08:08 Amazing images »Island Musings

Saturday June 23, 2018

23:01 Snake »Pedaling PEI
21:01 A Bit of Fluff »justpictureit
photo - A Bit of Fluff

with some serious Moody Blues.

08:28 Enjoy today, cool and wet conditions expected tomorrow and Monday across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Saturday, June 23rd 8:30am..The area of high pressure which gave the sunshine to the island over the past couple days has moved east and is now located south of Newfoundland. High clouds are now beginning to invade the region now … Continue reading

Friday June 22, 2018

23:01 Colville road »Pedaling PEI
21:01 Dreaming »justpictureit
photo - Dreaming

Looks like Purrl is in another world thanks to a filter. Time to wake up.

20:06 Time to celebrate! »New Glasgow Lobster Suppers

The post Time to celebrate! appeared first on New Glasgow Lobster Suppers.

12:16 7 tons of pea stone »Island Musings
Over landscape fabric. No weeding required.
06:37 Dog show, part 2 »Diary of a Squirrel

06:26 Sunshine continues next couple days across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday, June 22nd 6:30am..  Clear skies and calm winds are being reported this morning thanks to an area of high pressure located in New England. This feature will drift just south of the Maritimes today. Clouds will begin to thicken … Continue reading

Thursday June 21, 2018

21:00 Friday Fishers »justpictureit
photo - Friday Fishers

11:19 Community Notices »Women's Equality PEI
Welcome to our Community Events and Notices E-News for Thursday, June 21, 2018 New listings this week: 1) Chairs Circle 2018/Cercle des présidentes 2018 2) PEIBWA Activities 3) Equality Report Card 2018 Launch Next Wednesday 4) Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! 5) Tonight – Film Screening in Summerside 6) Charlottetown Duck Day 7) PEI Youth Gatherings […]
06:38 Sunshine expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Thursday, June 21st 6:30am.. Welcome to summer. The Summer solstice officially occurs at 7:07am this morning… Clouds and showers effect ed the region overnight with the approach of a cold front sweeping across the island. This front is now located … Continue reading

Wednesday June 20, 2018

22:01 Trail bridge »Pedaling PEI
20:44 It’s official: Trump admin reverses itself on breaking up families »John Cairns Blog
The last few days really have been a brouhaha for President Donald Trump, with all the reports about his inhumane family separation policy, with children being ripped away from their parents seeking asylum in the USA and placed in separate detention facilities. This really was hard for even the family-values crowd to defend. So today,...
20:01 Lupins »Pedaling PEI
20:01 Blind Offering »justpictureit
photo - Blind Offering

It's Summer!

15:15 Eliot River Elementary Author Visit »In Other Words...
Today I had the pleasure of speaking with class 4A at Eliot River Elementary in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, and a pleasure it was!
12:08 ‘Affordable’ Rolex »Island Musings
My watch needs to be charged every 2 days so when I travel I prefer to wear a cheap watch that may wear out in a year but is a small investment. I bought a Jarvis watch for $28 on Amazon that from two feet distance looks much like this. I was not looking for&ellipsis;Read the full post »
11:57 She is still my little girl »Island Musings
11:55 Just something I read today »Island Musings
“In my work with the defendants (at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1949) I was searching for the nature of evil and I now think I have come close to defining it. A lack of empathy. It’s the one characteristic that connects all the defendants, a genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow men. Evil, I think,&ellipsis;Read the full post »
11:29 Chairs Circle 2018/Cercle des présidentes 2018 »Women's Equality PEI
  La version française suit. Past Chairs Recognize Community Sector Contributions to Equality Charlottetown, June 20, 2018 – Seven Chairpersons of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women met recently in Charlottetown for an annual Chairs Circle discussion about gender equality. “This was my first time meeting with the past Chairpersons,” said Yvonne […]
09:23 Waddyathink. »Island Musings
“Over-sentimentality, over-softness, in fact washiness and mushiness are the great dangers of this age and of this people. Unless we keep the barbarian virtues, gaining the civilized ones will be of little avail.” –Theodore Roosevelt
06:28 Sunshine expected today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Wednesday, June 20th 6:30am.. Skies cleared overnight as an area of high pressure slides by to the south. Clouds will redevelop later today as a cold front approaches from the NW. This feature will give a slight chance of a … Continue reading

Tuesday June 19, 2018

22:01 Heavy Cloud »justpictureit
photo - Heavy Cloud

A windy, cold day that I lightened up a bit.

19:01 You Just Knew This Woudn't End Well »Food Matters (Ian Petrie)
12:59 Karma »Island Musings
There is a special place for an individual who would do this. Hell would be to good. Disclaimer. I share my home with 4 dogs.
07:19 Love more, care less »Island Musings
I was speaking with someone who is struggling with difficulties in dealing with a teenage daughter. The caption, in context, is suggesting respond with more love and care less about the hurt you are feeling. It is easier to say than do, but when I think about it I realize it is good advice for&ellipsis;Read the full post »
06:30 Rain ending early followed by clearing skies today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Tuesday, June 19th 6:30am.. Rain currently falling across the island will come to an end shortly with the passage of a cold front. This front is lying in a NE-SW fashion across Prince county and will move east through the … Continue reading

Monday June 18, 2018

22:01 Victoria park »Pedaling PEI
22:01 Family and Friends »justpictureit
photo - Family and Friends

City pigeons again.

21:11 Big news for Pixar fans: Incredibles 2 is biggest animated opening ever! »John Cairns Blog
Here is some huge news for all of you Incredibles fans. Incredibles 2 has just opened to a $180 million weekend which is the biggest domestic animated opening box office of all time! This tops the previous animation record by 2016’s Finding Dory by some $45 million. It is also the eighth biggest domestic opening...
18:38 West Point Lighthouse at dusk »nathan rochford:blog

West Point Lighthouse at dusk

18:01 Lilac Tea at Ocean Song Cottage »Aiken House & Gardens