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Mocking Music - MP3 Blog with an emphasis on music news and idie acts. pop
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  • Is This What You Kids Mean By "Drop The Bass"?
    While I am still trying to figure out exactly how I want to go about this Mocking comeback I figure can just take the lazy road. How is that you ask? LISTS! That's right, it's time for a top ten. This is an idea I actually had while listening to the radio a couple of weeks ago but at the time had no way to express unwanted opinions. Then two days ago I had thrown a mix CD (compact disc...sort of like a blu-ray but generally holds audio. People used to use these archaic devices for music) into the car and the song the originally gave me the idea happened to be on their.  

    "Alright Geoff...we are getting bored already so just get one to it".

    Okay, okay, calm down. I wanted to make a list of my favourite bass intros for songs. The main criteria for this is that the song opens with a strong and instantly recognizable bass riff. I decided that I would not use a single band more than once. The reason for this is I could make an entire list out of Red Hot Chili Peppers but I can't give Flea all the glory...but I will throw some alternate songs and honorable mentions in at the end. I am going to format this in the same vein as my old theme blogs but instead of mp3 links I will link the youtube video for the song with a few embedded right into the blog. Let's get right into it!

    10) Queen - Under Pressure (video) / Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

    I'm going to be honest here. I am a big fan of Queen but every time I hear that intro to 'Under Pressure' come on the radio, I think I am about to hear 'Ice Ice Baby'. Every. Single. Time. That probably has more to do with the fact that I was enamored with Rob Vanwinkle's song which sampled Queen's classic. And for that reason I am including them both in the number 10 spot.

    9) Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (video)

    Being the youngest of 6 growing up in the 90's I was subjected to many different genres growing up. 80's rock was no exception and I got my my fair dose of Bon Jovi as a kid. My love for the band has always stuck with me though I haven't enjoyed anything since 2000's Crush. With that said, Slippery When Wet is pure nostalgia start to finish and I will never get sick of hearing it.

     8) Muse - Hysteria (video)

    Muse's 2003 album Absolution was my true entry point for the band. I had heard some songs here and there but it was this album that made me fall in love with them and there is no denying that 'Hysteria' is a high point of the album. It has an almost manic sounding bass intro that just pumps you up for what is to come.

    7) Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back

    I knew I wouldn't be able to make this list without this song. Rage was a staple of my high school years and 'Take the Power Back's funky bass intro just brings me back to walking to the bus stop with my discman in hand trying my hardest to not be noticed by anyone (which in hind sight probably was hard with hot pink hair and bright orange pants...).

    6)  Blink-182 - Carousel (video)

    This song is actually pretty far from one of my favourites from the band but there is something so instantly recognizable about the intro that I couldn't leave it off. Well, this makes to posts in a row where I talk about both Blink-182 and Green Day. Next time I swear I will talk about something a bit more current. Amusingly this entire blog could have been the same had I written in 10 years ago when we were last active.

    5)  Motörhead - Ace of Spades (video)

    Late last year we lost Lemmy Kilmister played his bass the same way he sung, fast and dirty. The sounds he could make with a bass were like no other. Lemmy's death late last December was the beginning of what has been a pretty terrible year in terms of influential deaths in music. 'Ace of Spades' is certainly the band's most well known song and it is well deserved.

    4) Nirvana - Sliver

    Krist Novoselic is an unfairly talented man and this shows in pretty much every Nirvana song ever. Here is another band that I could have chosen a few different songs to throw on the last but Incesticide's track 2 felt just too perfect to leave off. This song about about being abandoned at your grandparents while your mom and dad are out having fun just kills me every time. I think having kids now makes it even more poignant for me.

    3) Green Day - Longview (video)

    Ahhh, I feel like I was just talking about the golden years of Green Day. Oh wait, I was.  Dookie was a seminal record for me growing up and it is still the best the band has to offer. That's not to say I haven't liked them since but Dookie is just such a special album and Mike's sexy bass riff on Longview is a highlight.

    2) Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears (video)

    This is actually the song that inspired the whole countdown. I can't help but start bobbing my head whenever this song comes on. It's not my favourite Ozzy/Sabbath song by any means (that honor goes to 'Mr. Crowley' which would make my organ intro list if one ever gets made) but it certainly has the most memorable bass line to me.

    1) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around the World

    I had to give the top spot to Flea and the Chili Peppers. It was actually a bit hard to choose which song I wanted to use for this as they have so many great bass heavy songs but that opening of Around the World is easily one of the most recognizable of them all. It starts off with a couple of notes before Flea just absolutely shreds the bass and the than it keeps that funky sound going through each verse. Californication is by far my favourite Chili Peppers album and this song just shows why.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Of course there are tons of other songs that could be listed here but I wanted to give a special shout-out to a few that almost made the list but didn't make the cut:

    Pink Floyd's 'Money'. While this song does have a great bass intro, it is the sound of cash registers that I think of primary when I think of how this song begins. For that reason, I couldn't justify including it but wanted to throw it a mention. Then of course you have songs like 'Otherside' from Chili Peppers, Nirvana's 'Lounge Act' or Blink 182's 'Man Overboard' to name a VERY few alternatives I could have chosen for their entries. 'Otherside' in particular was a hard one to pass up as it is probably my favourite from the album. Violent Femmes' 'Blister in the Sun' and 'Jeremy' from Pearl Jam are a couple more that were on the short list but in the end got bumped.

    So I know there are hundreds of other songs I could have chosen and I'm sure I missed a few favourites so I want to know what songs you agree with and what you would have chosen different. Let me know down in the comments!

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
    Nirvana - Incesticide
    Muse - Absolution
  • 2016 Forgot What Year It's Supposed To Be
    While Mocking Music's revival is probably the most notable comeback in the music world this year it seems that lately there have been a lot of albums coming out that make me forget exactly what year we are in. 

    Even though Tom Delonge has decided he's better off chasing aliens, the rest of Blink-182 seems to have come back from the ashes of pop-punk history and released a new album. "Califonia", released this summer brings me right back to the early 2000's when Blink was relevant and the first single "Bored to Death" was a pleasant surprise. Check out the video below.


    Speaking of pop-punk from the early 2000s. A week after Blink-182 published the single from their new album their Canadian counterpart, Sum 41 released their own single "Fake My Own Death". When Dave "Brown Sound" Baksh left the band back in 2006 it felt like they just sort of fell apart. With Dave back they might just have found the life it needs to release their first truly great album since 2004's "Chuck".

    Well I can't talk about pop-punk without bringing up the once kings of the genre. Green Day was a very important band to me in the 90s. They, along with The Offspring, were the band which first introduced me to punk in general which has since become a very important part of my musical life. In the year of pop-punk revival it seems that Green Day couldn't be left out. They released "Bang Bang" from their upcoming "Revolution Radio". If this first single is any indication it will be the first Green Day album I love since "American Idiot" released in 2004. In certainly is better than anything off the Uno, Dos, Tre garbage that they released.

    If pop punk isn't your thing we can get a little harder. Two weeks ago Metallica released the first single for their upcoming album " Self-Destruct". While I've never been a huge Metallica fan in general, I do appreciate their older albums and I love Master of Puppets. The band hasn't really gone anywhere as it has been consistently pumping out albums but they have not been very well received in a long time. It looks like that might be about to change as "Hardwired" has that old 80s Metallica sound and a lot of people appear to get getting excited.

    Forget all of that though as it appears that we will be getting a new Tool albums sooner than later. If true 2016 is shaping up to be one of the best years for music revivals. What better year for Mocking Music to make a revival of its own?
  • Revival?
    Do I even remember how to do this? I have been thinking very seriously about bringing Mocking Music back but is it too late? Do I continue on here as if nothing has happened or do I start something fresh? I haven't done something like this alone in a long time but I feel the need to be writing again.

    Would anyone out there in Mocking world like to see a ressurection?

  • Bluesfest: Day 7
    Jon was working during the 7th day of Bluesfest (Thursday) and I couldn't be bothered to swing by - sorry for the gap in our coverage.

    YouTube footage:

    Etta James - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
    Elliott Brood - Second Son #2

    Bluesfest Tickets
  • Bluesfest: Day 6
    Bluesfest's sixth day was a weird one. I wasn't expecting to go at all because, once again, I was schedueled to work straight through the night. Strangely - though, I suppose, fortunately - circumstances instigated an argument with my boss which resulted in, well, me walking out.

    It's not every day I get to sponteniously quit my job. This was cause for celebration. I strolled over to Bluesfest (a mere block away from where I work - er, worked) and found Jon selling Mobile t-shirts at the Main Stage merch tent. Apparently I missed their absolutely incredible set (is it indeed difficult to pick up written sarcasm?), but I was lucky enough to make it in time for some unknown named Nelly Furtado. Hot.

    Nelly Furtado

    I once again took advantage of my little press pass, wandering beyond the lowly peons to that cozy nook between the crowd and the stage. My smug sense of superiority was quickly shot down, though: turns out Nelly specifically requested that no press be allowed in their usual special spot - the spot I was making myself comfortable in that very moment - and so I was cast back into the real world, forced to quite literally stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the "normals". Sigh.

    I was kind of impressed with that set. I'm not really a fan of Nelly's music, mind you, but she's a solid performer. I couldn't really tell if the crowd was overly into it, but it's tough to tell with these things: for the majority of the people there, this was probably the only concert they would see all year - which is fine and all, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm used to indie rock shows, where every kid present has a very specific sense of how he or she is supposed to act while there - it's kind of refreshing, then, to be at a concert free of empty bullshit facades. We music snobs could learn a thing or two about show etiquette from the soccer moms balancing atop their too-old lawn chairs.

    Jon finished work when Nelly finished her set. We grabbed a bite and then promptly headed for what has quickly become our favourite area, the Black Sheep Stage. It was there that we were fortunate enough to see:

    The Grande Mothers

    Now this was unexpected. It hadn't occurred to me, when I first read the fesitval guide, that this wasn't just some band playing Frank Zappa songs: this was fucking Frank Zappa's band. Thank God I quit my job.

    Though it wasn't the best show I've seen this week, it was easily the most pleasently surprising. There can be no replacement for a Frank Zappa show, but this came pretty damn close. The boys (who have all played with Zappa at various stages in his career) emboddied the very essence of the word "charasimatic" - and the crowd was eating it up. Five or six people would yell out various song titles between songs, hoping to hear their favourites - the band's response? "Requests cost ten Finnish marks - not dollars, not euros, not yen - just Finnish marks". Fair enough.

    Frank Zappa - Orange Colored Sky
    Nelly Furtado - Promiscous

    Bluesfest Tickets

Acts of Volition Radio - Archive of Podcasting pioneer Steve Garrity's AOV Radio Sessions
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Baba's Lounge MySpace Blog - Lots of photos of the acts who play at Baba's Lounge in Charlottetown/
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Catherine MacLellan - With her expressive guitar playing, beautiful melodies, and evocative vocals, Catherine MacLellan pulls the listener into her world of song. She is the daughter of famed songwriter Gene (Snowbird, Put Your Hand in the Hand)
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command video podcast - Web. Tech. Tips, Trends. - command-N is a weekly Web video show hosted by Amber MacArthur (formerly from Charlottetown) and Mike Lazazzera.
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EdTechTalk - Educational Technology That Talks - EdTechTalk is a community of educators interested in discussing and learning about the uses of educational technology. We webcast several live shows each week. Our 'main' show, hosted by Dave Cormier & Jeff Lebow, features the latest news from the world of edtech and the edublogosphere.
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Live from the Formosa Tea House - Peter Rukavina's radio sessions from the Formosa Tea House.
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Mark Hemphill - Just Audio - Podcasts from Mark Hemphill, an assistant professor at the University of Prince Edward Island. He joined the faculty at UPEI after a ten year career in enterprise software and B2B ecommerce. He is currently working on his phd through the European Graduate School of Media and Communications. His research interests though broad consist especially of the social and commercial forces of the Internet.
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Moe Gorman Sings Songs of Slander and Libel - Fans of Sketch 22 will know Moe Gorman, a modern-day relative of famed Island folksinger Larry Gorman.
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Nikkie - Nikkie's music is a diverse blend of folk, pop and rock. She has been writing songs since grade five. Although she has lived as far away as Calgary, Alberta, Nikkie once again calls PEI her home.
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Patty and Eugene do UPEI - In this video documentary, follow Patty, a loud-mouthed party animal, and Eugene, his uber-academic roommate, through their days at UPEI.
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  • Episode 6: The Hair Flip
    It's St. Patrick's Day, and time to party. Patty finally convinces Eugene to accompany him to the campus pub to celebrate, but not before Eugene gets a few pointers from Derek on how to be a smooth operator. This is the final installment of the adventures of Patty and Eugene.

  • Episode 5: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    After approximately six weeks of no Patty & Eugene to entertain you, the newest installment of everyone's favorite campus duo is back. Episode 5: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun comes in at a whopping 15 minutes of pure Patty and Eugene entertainment. Since it's too big for YouTube, you'll either have to subscribe to it in iTunes (recommended... use the link on the right) or check it out on

    Check it out on or get the original video file

    You might be thinking that 15 minutes is just too long... We say "suck it up." Lets just say we've been making up for all these weeks of no P&E. Hope it was worth the wait!
  • Deleted Scene: Room Sectioning

    Another scene that didn't make the cut while we were editing Patty and Eugene Do UPEI. This time, Patty gets a little upset when Eugene decides that they should have sides to the room.
  • Deleted Scene: Mr. Fish
  • Episode 4: Boys Will Be Boys
    Eugene starts to work up the courage to talk to his secret crush as Patty grows more and more frustrated with that "guy from the library."

Rock Snob Radio Podcast - A radio show featuring Al and Jussy and friends as we talk about the tunes that catch our attention and the local music scene around Charlottetown, PEI.
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  • Rock Snob Radio Episode 5 - The Return
    OK, so Jussy is still in the hospital, and we're all waiting impatiently for his triumphant return, but until then I've recruited Taylor to co-host the show with me and we recorded a new episode last night as we goofed around the Queen St. Commons before heading over to Indie Dance Night. Doing our best to lower the standard of discourse in every medium we can.

    Rock Snob Radio: Episode 5 (audio/mp3)

    Today's show is all indie rock all the time, because we evidently have something to prove. Here are the bands:

    Dinosaur, Jr.
    Bear vs. Shark
    North of America

    Remember that you can subscribe to this podcast in iTunes by going to the Advanced menu and choosing 'Subscribe to Podcast' and pasting this URL into the box: .
  • Show Review: The Dean Malenkos and Officer Girl
    (cross-posted to The Hallway: Link.)

    It's a good thing I've adopted the strategy of spending only a small amount of cash when I go out or this week would have killed me, between trivia / karaoke on Tuesday, OFU / Pat Deighan on Wednesday, Walter Shreifels / Bucket Truck on Thursday and tonight's show this week has been pretty much solidly ferocious.

    Tonight I was staring down the barrel of an evening shared with a programming book and my NES emulator, which gave me another good reason to leave the house even if I was on my own. I walked past one of those uniquely hilarious displays of rage outside of Myron's, the choice quote was "Oh yeah? Well I'll find the back door then I'm gonna burn this fucking place to the ground!" Apparently he was from Montague so he didn't give a shit. Good to know.

    Fortunately Gonzo got into Hunter's right after I did so I wasn't alone for very long. Also, my deciding to stay home and watch a Futurama episode I hadn't seen before ended up leading to near perfect timing as the Officer Girls started sound checking about right when I got there.

    Officer Girl (I don't honour novelty capitalizations, sorry, rusty.) started off playing my favourite song of their's from their first batch of songs that they played all over town this Summer.
    They started off pretty well, playing my favourite song of theirs, "Wreck Rip" I think it's called. (actually you can hear this one by going to and clicking on the big poster image thing.)

    The crowd that stood up as soon as they started knew all the songs and were familiar enough with the band to really get up and bop along. These girls are definitely still the hot band in town.

    The thing that keeps me listening to Officer Girl is that they seem to have a nack for throwing in very familiar-sounding chunks of some melody or riff lifted from some rock or pop song, and run through a rock tumbler to be punched around enough to fit with their off-cambre style. So your ears keep getting tingly feelings of familiarity while the rhythms keep on changing up and sneaking around to tap you on the other shoulder. There were a bunch of times when I was sure the song was over and they just switch right up into another time signature and keep on playing the same song. Unpredictable in a way that keeps my brain on its toes. These guys have some great talent, and by now everyone who cares about good, original music around here knows it.

    That was just the appetizer, though. I have to admit right here that I really didn't know much about the Dean Malenkos. I sort of ignored the PEILocals message board threads pimping their new website or what-have-you. I just figured they were some bar rock band by the sounds of the name. Good thing I stuck around to be proven a complete and utter idiot.

    Gonzo's description when I asked him what they were like was "twitchy punk" which I took to mean that they had a drummer who liked to think he was in charge of things. Usually that can be pretty cool, as long as I'm not in the band, in which case the drummer should simmer down and stop getting uppity. But if it's not me having to follow along to the crazy time changes and bizarre stops and starts then it can be pretty damn excellent to listen to. My interest was piqued.

    I knew things would be good when the drummer (Jon Empworth, the only member I really had ever heard of before) did his warmup and drilled the shit out of the drum kit like it was just sitting in his way. Before they started they began to taunt the crowd a little, like any good 'fighting against all odds' punk rock outfit should. They complimented Officer Girl, saying if they knew the opening band were going to be that good they would have practiced.

    As the Dean Malenkos started the people taking up the little area in front of the "stage" suddenly switched from being a friendly-looking crowd of mostly regulars to a rather more uniformly male and uniformly less sociable bunch, obviously people who had arrived just for them. That's usually not a bad thing except for the guy who thought that hardcore dancing on a 9 foot x 6 foot stage was a totally dope idea.

    ... behind the scenes as al cobbles together his review...

    al says:
    I'm listening to the songs on the malenkos' website and can't figure out if they played any given one or not
    al says:
    stupid punk rock

    ... that was your exclusive look behind the scenes of al's review embellishing magic.

    They did the make fun of PEI thing pretty consistently for most of their set, something I've heard enough times before to not find it all that ironic anymore, but they totally pwned our entire province when they actually played part of a Haywire song. There as absolutely nothing one can say to that. The closest anyone came was when the guy next to me pointed out that Dartmouth didn't really count as Halifax. A nice try, but didn't phase them, natch.

    As for the songs, punk rock is punk rock is loud and quick and punchy and not at all constructed to stay in your head. I remember the excellent drumming, and the pretty hilarious lyrics, but they didn't really cohesively form themselves into discrete units in my memory that I would remember as songs.

    Anyway, here are links to the songs on their website, to make up for my not being able to slip in names of songs into this review to try and sound like I know what I'm talking about:

    Norwegian Punk Song
    Bad Western Starring LL Cool J
    The Song About Eating Pussy
    Not My Problem
    I don't Wanna Cum On Your Face
    Christian Right

    Definitely the kind of thing I can never get enough of live but really
    can't sit down and listen to at home. The lyrics are chuckle-worthy and the energy is there, but it's not quite my thing in that environment, I suppose. Same goes for dance-y techno stuff, really. Gotta be in the right setting. But as live acts go, these guys gave me everything I wanted, and also THEY PLAYED CRAZY TRAIN. And didn't throw in any of that Sum 41 'we're too cool for this' bullshit, either. They played a hard song, showed that it was hard, and played it pretty well. Then later on they played "Panama", and even as the singer did the David Lee Roth "raach down between my legs" bit, you weren't made to feel like a loser for enjoying it. This also put them solidly in the camp of punk rock musicians who can really play their instruments well, for what it's worth.

    They seemed to have a good time, the way the stage was set up it didn't really give a lot of people a chance to move around, but then again it can often look pretty barren at a bigger stage like Myron's if it's not totally packed, and I got up as close as I wanted, so I can't really complain. The sound was certainly good. If they keep booking bills like this one Hunter's could really rise to the top of the local venues all on its own.
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  • Show Review: Pat Deighan & the Orb Weavers, Out From Under and Andrea
    (Cross-posted to The Hallway: Link.)

    This was a really great show tonight. I wasn't really planning on going anywhere or doing anything tonight, had a nice slow day, and was kind of kicking around the house just waiting to get tired enough to go to bed for the night. It's nights like that when wandering off by yourself to see a show really becomes appealing.

    Hunter's is big enough that the place can seem a little empty if it isn't brimming with people. That's how it looked when I got there around 10:30.

    I had some good conversations with a couple of dudes from Out From Under, especially the extremely attractive Jeff Cameron. We had to cut my diatribe about the PEI electoral system short because they needed to go set up the sound system, I almost said "Oh, good, it's about time." but I kept my mouth shut.

    First up was Andrea playing solo. Normally she's the MC for Baba's Open Mic Night, where she's been steadily and humbly doing her thing for quite a while now, playing a few songs each night before the rest of the performers come on. Normally she'll do a few of her own songs and a few covers, her version of “Basement Apartment” left her voice in my head when I think of that song instead of Sarah Harmer's, and I've only seen her do it once. But tonight was a bit of a coming out event for her, and she did all her own songs. Unfortunately her guitar pickup was causing a bit of a buzzing in the sound system (my little guitar does the same thing, a pain I know all too well.) but as long as she was playing it it wasn't very noticeable.

    Andrea's singing is very powerful, her voice reminds me a lot of Dar Williams, one of my favourite folk singers. They both have a voice that projects confidence and seriousness without being at all shrill or too high-pitched. Her playing is standard acoustic pop/folk fair, with steady rhythm and lots of interesting quick little chord changes, and her playing never took a back seat while she was singing, she can balance the two very nicely.

    And her lyrics are worth paying attention to as well, mostly little sad songs but the few happy ones she has make you really smile. Even the sad songs have their poignant moments that bring a smile to your face. She writes intelligent lyrics that aren't just about boys. One funny moment came when she had written a new verse to one of her songs but didn't have it memorized, so she wrote it out on her arm and had to roll up her sleeve before playing the song. I hope she gets to play more shows in front of more poeple, she's got something good going on to be sure.

    Out From Under came on next. The last couple of times I've seen them they've opened for some other band. In my opinion I'd have put them at the end each time, but maybe they're too humble or generous for that. It's OK, though, they still get their groove on very nicely. OFU's country sound storms out of the gates and dominates their other influences enough that I really don't hesitate to call them a country band anymore.

    The singing style is pretty similar to the Corb Lund Band, if you've ever heard them. Beefy but lighthearted lyrics about sometimes bizarre subjects. You can tell that they have a total blast writing and performing music, and there's no reason why it shouldn't be all about having fun.

    They're all about the shuffle rhythm, really great for getting people dancing, which a few eventually did even though it was a bit of a slow night at Hunter's. Their new bass player could really hold down the fort with his playing, he fit in perfectly with the rest. And their guitar playing is always superb with extended melodic playing through most of a song that is of the skill of most people's guitar solos.

    The drumming was nice and lively as well, with the bass and the guitars there was always a bit of a blur between the rhythm and lead sections, with one melting into the other really nicely the way a good jam band is able to.

    Last up was Pat Deighan and the Orb Weavers. I've always enjoyed these guys when I've seen them, which was always to open for some other act, most recently they opened for Mark Bragg and did an excellent job of getting people warmed up.

    Now that I've seen them about 3 times or so it's to the point where I know their songs well enough to remember a few snatches of verses and remember how the riffs and solos go. They're rather less adventurous than OFU are, perhaps because of the nature of the makeup of the band and the fact that it's much less of a melee.

    The drummer kept kind of quiet most of the set, just keeping time and not really making himself noticed. Then in the second-last song he really let loose and pounded out some pretty rapid-fire sequences. I don't know why he saved himself up like that, he could have really been a lot less pedestrian for the whole show. The last song had some more skilled drumming as well with a few tight time signature changes, not something that the band does very much of right now.

    The guitar playing is the strongest part of their sound, very aggressive and tight with good interplay between rhythm and lead. You can tell that the creative force behind the band is nearly all in the guitar playing. That leaves the bass to just take up following the melodic line and not really mark its own territory.

    If I was a manager and this band played a tryout in front of me the first thing I would do is match them up with some little guy who's completely off his nut crazy to sing for them. Someone who could really let loose and show some real feeling in his singing. The singer seems like he's concentrating more on his playing and almost doesn't have it in him to really put the same punchiness into his vocals as he so naturally does in the guitar playing.

    I think they'd do a great job backing up some unhinged maniac singer. If anything it would grab people's attention and be a real stage presence to be reckoned with. That's not to say that they're not enjoyable to watch now, but right now it's more an exercise in watching a great guitar player show off his stuff with a band and try to sing at the same time than to really watch a group of players flourish to their full potential.
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  • Pull Your Pants Up
    from Jamie Davie... (some of you who get this might already know..)

    (17:34:05) Can't Keep A Good Pants Down: Just got a call from
    Nick(Justin's Brother). Justin woke up today, is recognizing
    everybody. Trying to talk, but they still have a tube in his throat.
    They're hoping to take that out and put him on a mask tomorrow, so we
    all may be able to see him in a few days, hopefully

    also... just in case some don't know Justin is suffering from ards..

    more info here...

    Yippie Justin is improving!!!!
    tell whoever should know.. :)
  • (no subject)
    this is an audio post - click to play

Roy Johnstone, musician - Roy Johnstone has been a vital force in the East Coast musical community for the past twenty seven years. Not only is he one of the most accomplished fiddle players in Atlantic Canada but he has also received accolades for both his music compositions and his studio production.
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  • Mon., February 5th, Irish session at the Old Triangle Alehouse

    Roy and friends at the Sunday session at the Old Triangle Alehouse in Charlottetown.


    Photographer Lorne Miller caught a nice shot of Steve and I performing at the PEI Music Industry showcase.

  • Wed., August 17th, special 4 tellers concert in Summerside
    Aug 27 2016 - 8:00pm
    Aug 27 2016 - 10:00pm

    4 tellers will be bringing their stories and music to the Harbour front theater in Summerside.

  • Mon., September 28th, Live Irish Hall Concert with Cian O'Morain 

    Here's some polkas that Cian and I played at the recent Irish Hall concert.

  • Tue., August 25th, Savour Victoria
    Sep 19 2015 - 5:30am
    Sep 19 2015 - 7:29am

    Roy will be performing at the pre dinner event in Victoria. Come out and sample the fine foods from the fishers and farmers around Victoria.

Sandbar Music Gig Calendar - The Little Music Company That Could
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The 3LA Podcast - Every episode a new three-letter acronym uncovered - On every episode of The 3LA Podcast, Peter Rukavina ( will take 2 minutes to shed light on the meaning of one "three letter acronym." In the dark about RSS, GSM, GPS, or XML? Stay tuned.
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