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Eastern Graphic, West Prince Graphic - Weekly newspapers. Also Island Farmer, Fish Farming, PEI Car Guide. pop
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  • Wed., July 22nd, Resident opposes spray, not farmers
    By Stephen Brun A Murray Harbour North woman wants better communication between farmers and the public when it comes to spraying fields near homes after chemicals used near her residence caused her health problems that have lasted almost a month. Gail Creed, 62, noticed vapors from a chemical spray hanging in the air over a neighbouring potato field, roughly 70 feet from her home while she was mowing her lawn about three weeks ago. Ms Creed, who is asthmatic, woke up the...(read more)
  • Wed., July 22nd, Beach tradition proves costly
    By Jean Kenny Just because you don?t know you?re breaking the law in PEI is no excuse for committing the offense. A Christopher?s Cross family found that out the hard way last summer while enjoying a visit to Phee Shore. ?I have never in my life seen a sign saying you couldn?t drive on the beach at Phee Shore or on any other beach,? said Paula Gavin. ?It?s a fourth generation family tradition. I have been going to that area of the beach for more than 50 years and that?s what we were doing the day we were fined. ?We weren?t damaging the beach. There are no sand dunes or piping plovers. The bank gradually ends and then you drive along on the rocks a little way to the stream where we always go. We had no food or liquor and we weren?t doing any harm.? Paula and her husband Kenny, their daughter, son and grandchildren had driven to the exact same spot on the beach the family has used for generations. A small streams running to the salt water from an inland pool offers warm and safe swimming for toddlers. ?That is what we were doing. Carrying on a family tradition with our grandchildren.? While they were sitting watching their children play in the stream, two Dept of Environment trucks drove up behind them and three conservation officers got out of the trucks. ?We didn?t know what was going on. They told us we were not allowed to drive our vehicles on the beach and wrote out three fines without any warning at all.? recalled Ms Gavin. ?I was totally dumbfounded.? Kenny, his son and daughter each received a $200 fine for driving a motorized vehicle on the beach without a permit. With court costs the total of $660 was owed to the provincial treasury for the fines. ?That?s just unbelievable,? said Ms Gavin. ?We couldn?t believe it. We were stunned.? She said at the time they explained to the officers that they were unaware that they were breaking the law. They had no previous records and had no prior tickets. ?We have always driven down here. The bank stops and then we just follow along here on the rocks. My father used to bring us here in the tractor and wagon and then the truck. I took my own children and now they bring their children. When did we start breaking the law?? she asks. According to John Clements, PEI?s chief conservation officer the law prohibiting driving on Island beaches came into effect in the 1980s with the Environmental Protection Act. He said you cannot get a permit to drive on the beach. That has the Gavin?s wondering how they can be fined for not having a permit to drive their vehicle on the beach when there is no such thing as a permit. Mr Clements contends that it is a well known fact that you can?t drive your vehicle on any Island beaches and there are signs posted. ?The law applies to everyone,? he said. ?Vehicles driving on the beach is a massive problem in West Prince,? said Mr Clements. ?More problems are reported there than anywhere else on the Island. When we post signs they are torn down almost as fast as they go up.? He said conservation officers can make allowances and first time offenders are often given warnings. He agreed that three fines in the same family, at the same time, was a bit excessive. ?We have travelled the beaches all our lives and we make a living on the beach,? said Ms Gavin. Mr Clements said the law allows for people driving on the beach to collect moss and he believes most Islanders are aware of the rules and follow them. Ms Gavin said she and her family never for a minute thought they were breaking the law and asked the conservation officers where they were allowed to park their vehicles, but they were not given any information. ?How can we be breaking the law. My father used to drive down to this spot to get cleaned up when he?d be finished taking in the hay. We have been driving here for more than 50 years.? ?Our family tradition has now been ruined,? she said. ?I don?t even feel like coming here any more because the whole thing has made me so upset.? She said people using the beach along the Phee Shore area are very respectful. They have been on the beach all their lives and she has never seen a problem. ?If the department of environment says people are breaking the law then they should be educating people as to what they can and cannot do. ?I?m sure 90 per cent of the people in the community don?t know what they can or cannot do on the beach. I still can?t believe we were fined for sitting on the beach with our children,? she said. ?If we had known the rules and regulations we would not have driven on the beach and gotten $660 in fines. I want other people to know so it won?t happen to them.? Mr Clements said more education might be a good idea and he would check to see what might be done.
  • Wed., July 22nd, Turnout for first Seaglass Fest overwhelms organizers
    By Stephen Brun Organizers of the Seaglass festival in Wood Islands say they were overwhelmed with the turnout last weekend and are already looking ahead to next year because of the success of the inaugural event. Members of the Keepers of the Light committee, who organized the festival, estimated about 2,500 people visited the grounds at the Wood Islands lighthouse from July 17-18 to see artisans who turn pieces of seaglass into jewelry or incorporate them into paintings...(read more)
  • Wed., July 22nd, West Prince woman still missing
    The investigation into missing person, Nicole Lee Gallant of Tyne Valley is continuing, according to RCMP spokesperson Sgt Dennis Morin. A missing person?s alert was issued Thursday, July 16, by Prince District RCMP. Police are seeking the public?s assistance in locating the 29-year-old woman who has not been in contact with her family since July 4, 2009. She is believed to be travelling with Michael Scott, 38 years of age. The two are believed to be driving a black 2009 Pontiac G-5 rental vehicle, bearing PEI licence plate RZ781. The car was rented on June 30 and is overdue for return to the rental company. Ms Gallant was scheduled to return to her place of employment on July 13 but she has yet to return. The young woman, who is formally from Fortune Cove is described as 5?10? tall, weighing approximately 175 pounds. She has brown eyes and brown shoulder length hair. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ms Gallant is asked to contact the nearest RCMP detachment.
  • Wed., July 22nd, Details of settlement are secret
    By David MacDonald The Town of Georgetown and the Eastern School Board have reached a settlement in the legal challenge related to the school closure report, but the public may never know the details. Town council voted 5-0 to approve a motion authorizing acting Mayor Lewis Lavandier to reach a settlement between the town and the school district. The town lost its challenge over the legality of Superintendent Sandy MacDonald?s school closure report, which recommended...(read more)

67 Lots - In 1767 Prince Edward Island was split into 67 lots. The lots were given to military officers who were owed favors. The officers encouraged settlers to cross the ocean and settle the new world. These are the stories of those settlers. Everyday, 67 Lots takes a look at a news story from PEI.
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  • Contraband Quadruples in Prince County
    RCMP are reporting that drug seizures in Western Prince Edward Island were up 400% in 2007.

    Officials attribute the rise to an increased police presence. Provincial funds were allocated to add a third officer to the RCMP Prince District and Summerside Police Service drug unit.

    Team leader Sgt. George was encouraged by the numbers, " As always, we were rolling in native smokes and Tig numb-arm hash. The increase came in coke mules and crack rock."

    When asked about the increase in manpower, George said, "At first we were worried the new guy was a bit fruity, being from the big city and all, but man oh man, every time we needed a body cavity search he's on the scene. That fairy's all right in my book."
  • We Should Have Fucking Shotguns
    On Monday, Prince Edward Island's hired goons paid a visit to the Natural and Organic Food Group, demanding the 1.5 million owed to the Province. The Honorable Wesley Sheridan, Minister of Treasury said, "The Group only borrowed 1 million, but with the vig, these boys are into my boss for 1.5."

    Plant owners were forthcoming, commenting that they were really sorry that things had gotten so fucked up between them and Mr. Ghiz. They also said that, if called, they would've happily come to Province House to discuss the matter.

    To this Sheridan said: "My boss prefers the personal touch that you only get with hired goons." The mill point five was borrowed last month, to keep the Group's hog plant running. Thanks to the loan, the plant avoided sliding in to receivership.

    Keeping with government policy to fight free markets and chase archaic industries with taxpayer money, the Liberals announced they would guarantee payment for all farmers delivering hogs in the coming weeks.
  • Ghiz taps Microphone, "Is This On?"
    The federal Conservatives plan on doling out over a billion dollars, with 13.7 million headed to PEI, as part of a package to alleviate economic pressure as a result of the strong Canadian dollar.

    Today, proving once again that his is the voice of the people, Prince Edward Island premier Robert Ghiz demanded free money from the government.

    Ghiz insisted that the aid can not wait for the federal budget, in case the budget happens to tumble the minority Conservative government. Shockingly, as of press time, the Premier's request had gone unanswered from Ottawa. This writer remains hopeful that Ghiz has chosen to hold his breath.

    If not, Ghiz will take his concerns to this weekend's meeting of the nation's premiers, at which he hopes to guarantee the right to spend the money any way he sees fit.

    No official word yet on what the Premier has earmarked the money for. The Town of Georgetown is hoping some of it will find its way there to counter the loss of Irving Timber. Sources inside the government say it is more likely the money will be blown on strippers and chach.
  • Seaman's Flavours in Trouble
    Yesterday, the unsure future of Seaman's brand of soda flavours was made public. It came as a footnote to the announcement that Pepsi would be closing the Island bottling plant.

    It's easy to take things for granted in this world of modern convenience, but a good cream soda is something Islanders can not let fall by the wayside. Downgrading from Seaman's Orange to the C Plus's of the world means more than loss of jobs, it's a quality of life issue.

    Will I be expected to brew my own ginger beer? Are you fucking kidding me?

    It took the liberals twelve years to overcome the 7.5% wage rollback, a mere drop in the bucket if they allow the demise of readily available lime rickey.
  • Status Quo Prevails
    This afternoon PEI's Conflict of Interest Commissioner Neil Robinson delivered his report, clearing Transportation Minister Ron MacKinley of any wrong doing. The complaint had been brought by Conservative MLA Mike Currie. It raised questions over the approval of traffic lights at a busy Cornwall intersection adjacent to a piece of property owned by MacKinley.

    Calling Currie's charges of conflict,"...based on an incorrect premise." Robinson allowed Islanders to feel safe knowing that some things will never change. MacKinley has been getting the better of an ill-informed Currie since his days as a Liberal one man gang in the PEI legislature; essentially paving Premier Robert Ghiz's path to the Island's highest office with fodder from Currie's various debacles.

    Premier Ghiz issued a statement assuring us that MacKinley's motives were never in doubt, and was then overheard ordering a lovely array of fruits and cheeses to Mr. Currie's place of residence. When asked if he wanted the 'Polar Foods Special', Ghiz responded, "Send over something a little smaller. Remember the one they did up that time he blew all the Paki dough at the track? It had the aged cheddar and the pomegranate. That seems about right."

Blogging for Democracy - Blog of Mark Greenan, Island political science M.A. student
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  • Conservative dissent (and hypocrisy) on Copyright
    Via Saskboy, a interesting guest blog on Small Dead Animals. Looks like lance is hopefully one of many Tories now reconsidering their support for the freedom-hating Conservatives (as NDP candidate Dana Larsen notes, the NDP is definitely the most libertarian of Canada's major parties).

    This is good to see. Hopefully, some of those voters will consider looking at the NDP in their ridings, who will no doubt be the party that pushes back hardest on this horrible legislation.

    And this all reminded me of a little display of Conservative hypocrisy on this issue I observed this weekend. On the bus back from Kingston, there was a guy in front of me a couple of rows which a black Macbook. I was checking out its beautiful design when I noticed that his background was a picture of Harper and his white male caucus. So I'm assuming this guy is a Conservative staffer of some sort, because who else has a Conservative background for their Mac?

    So I can resist, I have to trail my eyes lower to see what programs he has in the Dock at the bottom of the screen. And what do I find, icons for Limewire and Transmission (a Mac bittorrent client)!?!

    I suppose I could've asked the guy, but I wonder if he is happy with Prentice trying to turn him into a criminal? Because I doubt he has those programs for sharing materials he owns the copyright for.
  • NOW the Cons care about meeting international treaty obligations
    I just had to pop back in to comment on the new Copyright law, Bill C-61, as I can see myself blogging about it regularly as it grinds its way through the legislative process. Yes, Jim Prentice is right that the new law will bring Canada into compliance with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) treaty signed by the previous Liberal government over a decade ago.

    Can any remember another international treaty, signed by the Liberal government about a decade ago, that the Tories have had no compunctions about breaking or even really trying to meet its goals?

    Hint - it has the same name as Stephane Dion's dog.

    And I think everyone, on all points of the political spectrum, can agree that climate change is more important an issue than internet piracy.

    This C-61 is many things, but it's probably most frustrating as a gross misuse of the time and attention of our legislators, who should be solving, you know, problems that actually negatively impact Canadians, not multinational media conglomerates.
  • Abstaining from blogging
    Hi blogosphere, I missed you. I finally submitted the thesis (Electoral Reform in PEI: A case study in deliberative democracy, a future classic) last month. Now that I'm looking for honest employment, I suppose I could blog on a more regular basis, but I'm really enjoying the laziness lately.

    Just had to come back to hype up this brilliant idea. In that spirit, I may have to abstain from washing the rest of the dishes piling up near the kitchen sink ;)

    I've got some thoughts on the Irish referendum, so I'll probably be back with those sometime next week. Over the weekend, I'll be going to this event at Queen's. I understand there still might be spots, so if your in the area and a political dork, maybe I'll see you there!

    Confidential to IP, congrats, I think you'll do a stellar job. Let me know if you need any help!
  • Vote Liberal - if you want a Harper majority!
    As I walked around the nation's capital today, I couldn't help but notice a great story and accompanying graphic on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen.

    The article
    , by Glen McGregor (who's not only a great journalist but was really nice to this kid when I was Ottawa bureau chief for CUP), does a great job of highlighting the Liberal record - which clearly shows that they aren't standing up to Harper and, as such, are effectively giving him a majority.

    As the article tells us:

    "The Official Opposition supported the government on extending the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, motions on its centrepiece crime bill, and on other parliamentary arcana, such as a bill regarding the settlement of international investment disputes ? The voting records support the growing contention that the Liberals are not truly functioning as an official Opposition as they seek to avoid running an election behind struggling leader Stéphane Dion.?

    In the last election, the Liberals desperately asked Canadians to forget their record of failed promises, forget that inconvenient money laundering scam in Quebec and vote Liberal so they could "stop Harper's hidden agenda".

    And what did those Liberal MPs go to Ottawa and do? Well, first they were distracted by organizing for their leadership race. And then once Dion got in and, once it became clear he'd wasn't going to have an office in Langevin Block anytime soon, they're now giving Harper a de facto majority so they can avoid facing the voters.

    So I would think voters will be asking themselves, why vote Liberal?

    Because it's now clear that, after the next election, your Liberal MP will be going back to Ottawa to organize for the next leadership race and stay in their seats when it comes time to stand up for the things they said they would fight for on the campaign trail.

    Thankfully Canadians can vote for another party with a record of standing up for their beliefs - and against the Harper agenda.
  • Liberal blogfather: "how dare you disparage the family"
    Just had to comment on Liblog founder and charter member of the Dionistas Jason Cherniak's blog post from earlier today where he begs Liberal bloggers to not take out their well-justified frustration over their party's parliamentary caucuses decision to give Stephen Harper the majority he wants so badly.

    Other bloggers have chimed in on the absurdity of this far better than I, like my friend Idealistic Pragmatist who points out that Jason is the progressive blogsophere's top partisan bloggers.

    Even prominent Libloggers seem taken aback by Jason's call to just shut up and smallow Dion's bitter abstention medicine silently. My friend Scott Tribe has a great post talking about the role of bloggers in the US Democratic Pary and how they should be seen by parties as windows on what the grassroots thinks. Dion seems to be deaf to their pleas, so I'll simplify it for him, your blogging supporters think you need to grow a pair.

    All Politics is Local has a good post where he talks about the yawning gap between Liberal rhetoric and action:

    If the government is destroying our country, then we need an election. If M. Dion doesn't want an election, fine. Then let's work with the Tories on the budget to try to find some middle ground. Let's drop the fire and brimstone rhetoric. If this government is terrible, M. Dion should be able as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada to convince the Canadian people of this fact and win an election. If the government is bad but workable, let's make it work. M. Dion could demonstrate leadership by working for a better compromise.

    But really, after telling Liberal supporters hysterically for years that a Conservative government would be the end of Canada as we know it, is anyone surprised that their activists are upset that the party leadership is now propping up Harper?

    Liberal leadership are now choking on the bitter fruit of what their rhetoric has produced. Who wants to bet that's it's not so easy to recruit Liberal volunteers when Dion finally decides to face voters?

CairnsOnPolitics - John Cairns, formerly from Freetown, now lives in Toronto.
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  • (no subject)

    As you can tell this blog is pretty much out of business. See you at my regular site THE CAIRNS BLOG, located at -- where you'll still get your political fix. In fact I've had plenty of coverage of American politics lately. I'll keep this site up, just in case I ever decide to revive it.
  • (no subject)

    I don't think anyone in Wyoming ever thought in a million years that these would count for much in the presidential race when these were scheduled. Usually these Democratic races are over and done with long before this point, but here we are.

    Looks like Barack Obama will win these things and blunt Hillary Clinton's recent momentum -- especially after a staffer had to resign after calling Clinton a "monster". Next up is Mississippi which ought to be Obama territory again.

    Coverage from and I'd blog more, but frankly I'm trying to recuperate from a bad cold, and so I'm quite zonked.
  • (no subject)

    Just a reminder that around 10PM EST will be live coverage of the Alberta vote. Here are the links to election night coverage:
    Edmonton Journal -- Alberta Votes
    Global Calgary - Alberta Votes

    Also, here's Colby Cosh with his view of the election and his own voting plans.

    I notice CBC going on about how this is a historic election and some of those folks seem to be implying there could be a change of government tonight. Somehow, I doubt it. But we shall see what happens. I'll say this for Alberta, at least they have NHL teams in the playoffs and an open-wheel auto race --unlike Toronto.

    (Of course, Manitoba has neither, but I'm not that impressed with Manitoba anyway these days.)
  • (no subject)

    I posted this on Saturday over on the other site (The CAIRNS BLOG), but thought I would move it over here to the politics site since, well, absolutely nothing happened as you can tell.

    (Saturday, Feb 23, late afternoon, around 5 p.m. Central time.)

    Been listening to CFRB and it appears to be very bad news for John Tory at the PC convention in London. He's cancelled his media availability after the end of the vote and word is leaking out that the news for him is bad. They have also delayed the official announcement of the results. Never a good sign.

    UPDATE: They are going to announce the results in two minutes.

    ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, it's not as bad a result as I had feared moments ago but --- 66.87 per cent voted in favor of keeping Tory on.

    Ouch. Joe Clark received 66.9 per cent, and decided it wasn't enough and called a convention. Tory says he will think things over, but this is not a very good result at all.

    YET ANOTHER UPDATE (late evening): Now Tory says he will stay on after all.

    It is now Monday, and all I have to say about what happened this weekend is that this is just nuts. How does Tory expect to keep a lid on all these dissidents?! The dissidents are not going to go away. In fact they are even more emboldened by this 2/3rds vote.

    Yes, I've supported Tory before and had I been at the convention I would have voted no to a convention. But this is not a good result for the party at all. The Tory supporters and these dissidents threaten to tear the PCs apart for the next three-and-a-half years. I have said this before and I will say it again: the Ontario PCs are a mess.
  • (no subject)

    Fidel Castro has resigned as president of Cuba.

    I guess it would have been more fun if Fidel had died, or been toppled in a revolution, but the Cubans stuck in Miami will take it. It's party time in Miami for the Cubans. And look on the bright side -- once Castro dies, they can have a second party.

CBC PEI News - CBC PEI news is updated throughout the day (except on weekends).
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Cory Thomas, City Councillor- Ward 8-Wilmot - Cory Thomas is a councillor with the City of Summerside. Working for you at City Hall; Chair of City Police Services; Vice Chair Community Services.
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  • Two years after my last post

    I haven?t really been active on my blog since I announced I was retiring from city politics. I do miss helping residents and working with many of the great people in our not for profit sector, city business community, and city staff. I really enjoy having more time to spend with my family. I am around a lot more and enjoying every minute of it. I decided I would revamp so to speak and continue on with my blog. I am currently enrolled in the University of Victoria Diploma in Public Relations program (I love life long learning) where we are required, as you can imagine in public relations, to write quite a bit. I am currently taking a course in Social Media and Public Relations so I thought I would start blogging again. What will I blog about now that I am not a city councillor? I don?t know; Life? PEI politics? Anything Summerside and Prince County? Montreal Canadiens? Halloween?  I am not sure yet? I have been busy, teaching, and currently the Vice President of the PEI Home and School Federation. My main priority is being a dad. Also spending more time doing things I like to do- reading lots of history, folklore, politics, and sports books. I would like to get into coaching again as well. We will see where this goes.
  • Thank You
    Just announced to Mayor and Summerside City Council last week that I will not to running
     for re-election this fall in the municipal election. I want to spend more time with my children and get more involved in their activities. I want to thank the residents of Wilmot and all residents of the City for their support over the last 8 years. Hard to believe how quickly it went by.
    I would also like to thank City staff, Mayor and Council for supporting me in various initiatives I brought forward. I especially want to thank my wife My Linh, my children and family for their support. I will continue to work hard until the end of October when my term comes to an end.
  • (no subject)
    I have been silent lately but intend to get active once again on this blog. A combination of a busy work and family schedule have caused me to put the blog on hold. I intend to start writing more. Stay tuned!
  • Public Transit

    Public Transit

    Great news for Summerside. Will benefit people with disabilities, college students and residents.  Recognize some will be against as with any initiative but pros outweigh the cons.  

    Hop on the bus Nancy MacPhee/Journal Pioneer

    Mike Cassidy (left) of Trius Transit, transit driver Chris Melanson and Summerside Mayor Basil Stewart stand in front of the city?s new public transit bus. A citywide pilot public transit service will begin this Tuesday and run five days a week. The...

     Published on June 29, 2012

    Published on June 29, 2012

    Nancy MacPhee    Send to a friend

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      Last name*  Email*  Your name*  Your email*  Comments    City of Summerside, Trius Tours announce T3

    SUMMERSIDE ? ?All aboard!?

    Topics : Prince County Hospital , Union Place , Shoppers Drug Mart , Summerside , Fair Mall , Charlottetown

    Those words, from bus driver Chris Melanson, echoed through the air as he rounded up passengers Friday for the unofficial first ride on the city?s new transit system.

    The City of Summerside and Trius Transit announced that, beginning Tuesday, a pilot citywide transit system would be available five days a week.

    T3 Transit has been months in the making, said Mayor Basil Stewart.

    ?We got a call from Trius, from Mr. Melanson, and we moved on from there and held a meeting of council,? said Stewart of how the idea was born. ?There were a number of discussions with management and council decided they would support a pilot project for a year to see how it works out.?

    The city is providing a $2,500-a-month subsidy towards the one-year pilot project.

    There will be two routes ? from Reads Corner and downtown to County Fair Mall, Prince County Hospital and Slemon Park Plaza and one from Slemon Park Plaza, Prince County Hospital, County Fair Mall to downtown and Reads Corner.

    Pickups begin at 6:20 a.m. in the area of the former Waterfront Mall ending with final drop offs and pickups before 7:30 p.m. Fares are $2, exact change, each way.

    ?We feel that a number of people within the community are requesting this service,? said Stewart. ?Hopefully, it will grow. We?re going to try it for a year.?

    With the public in-city transit system, the mayor hopes to keep more people who work or study in the capital living in Summerside since the new route will be connected to the existing County Line Express to and from Charlottetown.

    Trius Transit?s Mike Cassidy said the whole idea of public transit is to provide affordable and accessible transportation for all citizens. He?s been operating the City of Charlottetown?s public transit system since its introduction in 2005.

    ?When you look at our major route, within 20 minutes we can take a resident, a customer, a passenger fare from Granville Street North right to the waterfront area.?

    Passengers are being encouraged to ?flag? down the bus along the route, as stops signs and intersections will essentially become bus stops, added Cassidy.

    ?That?s how we?re going to start next Tuesday,? he said. ?Many different types of people need public transit for a number of reasons.?

    After the system?s first 30 to 60 days, Cassidy hopes to have a minimum of 300 passenger fares a day. That, with the city?s subsidy, should result in a break-even situation or small profit for his company.

    ?It?s now my responsibility to drive the ridership because the ridership is the fare box,? he added. ?Now the onus is on the operator. Let?s market, let?s push this.?

    When asked how the service would impact the city?s two taxi firms, Cassidy had this to say: ?Based on experience, we have found in the greater area of Charlottetown we are compatible with the taxi service. Initially, there?s a fear that the bus service comes into play at $2 a passenger fare and business is going to be lost.

    ?Honestly, for many, many people that get on public transit, you have to ask the question, is it affordable and accessible. Many times, that demographic, that target market, is not using taxis.?

    Signage has yet to be erected for the system and the Cassidy?s business ? OK Tire on Greenwood Drive ? will act as the depot.

    With the system running almost 70 hours a week, almost two full-time positions will be created, with Melanson as the main driver.

    The full transit schedule is available at, at City Hall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Reads Corner Esso, Credit Union Place, Rotary Regional Library, Prince County Hospital and Slemon Park Plaza.

    The schedule shows approximate bus times at certain points along the route.


    -       Known as T3 Take Transit Today for the City of Summerside

    -       One-way fare $2 exact change

    -       Monday to Friday, holidays excluded

    -       Begins Tuesday, July 3

    -       Buses follow a 20-minute route down North Granville Street, along Notre Dame Street to Credit Union Place and to Waterfront Mall.

    -       Scheduled service will also be provided to Read?s Corner, St. Eleanor?s and Slemon Park

    -       Bus is equipped with WIFI and is wheelchair accessible.

    -       For more information, call 566-9962.

  • (no subject)
    No offence to Phaneuf and Reda, but Congratulations to my good buddy Paul Phillips. Well deserved and great job Paul. Proud of you Pal.

    Special Olympics P.E.I. Festival announces Hall of Fame

    Jason Simmonds/Journal Pioneer

    Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman and captain Dion Phaneuf applauds at a comment by co-emcee Paul Phillips during the Special Olympics P.E.I. Festival Luncheon in Summerside earlier this week.

    Published on June 29, 2012

    Phillips, Phaneuf, Reda inaugural inductees

    CHARLOTTETOWN ? One of the highlights of the 25th anniversary of the Special Olympics P.E.I. Festival earlier this week was the introduction of the Festival Hall of Fame.

    Topics :

    The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who have selflessly donated their time and talents for more than five years to the largest fundraising event for Special Olympics P.E.I.

    The first three inductees were announced at a dinner in Charlottetown. They are Special Olympics athlete Paul Phillips, Gino Reda of The Sports Network (TSN) and Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman and captain Dion Phaneuf.


    Phillips has served as co-master of ceremonies for the Festival for 16 years. He has partnered with both Reda and Paul Hollingsworth.

    Phillips has made great friendships with his co-hosts over the years, and has served as a role model and inspiration to his fellow athletes.

    Phillips takes his master-of-ceremonies? role very seriously. He exemplifies the goals of the movement in his personal life by enriching lives, both in Special Olympics and in his community.


    Phaneuf is described as a marquee guest and sponsor of the Festival for five years.

    Phaneuf has donated his time in his role as celebrity guest to attend events in Summerside and Charlottetown. He has also helped enhance the Festival by generously donating one-of-a-kind packages to be auctioned off each year, and has spread his love of the event to others by inviting his sports friends as Festival celebrities.

    Phaneuf has become a friend of Special Olympics P.E.I., and his many admirers on P.E.I. look forward to his return each year.


    This was the 14th year that Reda has served as co-emcee of the Festival.

    Reda brings his grace as a sportscaster, and his passion and commitment to Special Olympics to his emcee role on P.E.I.

    Under his leadership, Festival attendees have been entertained, informed and amused. Thanks to his warmth and sincerity, audiences have gained a sense of community and a spirit of inclusion.

    Reda has given generously of his time and talents, and the example of his unselfish devotion to Special Olympics P.E.I. is an inspiration to all.

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