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Monday September 1, 2014

21:00 Mystery Drops »justpictureit
photo - Mystery Drops

Neither my sister or I could imagine where these water drops came from on a deserted beach. There were no footprints to be found. Perhaps I could maket them as Tears From God or something like that and make a fortune!

20:30 Carrera Angel upsets field to win Labour Day feature in Summerside »The Guardian - Sports
Carrera Angel, under the command of owner-driver Rocky Schurman, converted a pocket ride into a winning score when they claimed the Labour Day pace in a dazzling 1:57.2 Monday at Red Shores at the Summerside Raceway.Leaving from Post 5, Schurman placed the nine-year-old gelding behind ...
20:28 Spirit of Chautauqua coming to three Island communities »Journal-Pioneer Living
For one week this past July the community of Summerside once again experienced the excitement of a Chautauqua in its midst. In celebration of 2014, Wyatt Heritage Properties Inc. and La Belle Alliance presented In the Spirit of Chautauqua, a five-day festival of diverse entertainment under the ...
19:44 Robert Morrissey wants Egmont Liberal nomination »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- An 18-year veteran of P.E.I. provincial politics, Robert Morrissey, has confirmed he has submitted his papers seeking to be a candidate for the Egmont Liberal nomination.
19:39 Dunn wants to be Mayor of Alberton »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- The mayoralty race in the Town of Alberton is unofficially underway. Incumbent councilor Natasha Dunn announced Monday that in the November municipal election she will be seeking the seat currently held by Mayor Michael Murphy.
19:39 A little long weekend home improvement: new duvet/pillow covers,... »

A little long weekend home improvement: new duvet/pillow covers, a new lamp I’ve rigged from the ceiling over the table, and two new floor lamps flanking the couch. Not pictured: my new bedside table lamp, and the mountain of Ikea boxes whence all this new decor sprang. (at 26 Nepean)

19:25 Keeping the ball game alive »Journal-Pioneer Local
Monument and renamed field honour legends of baseball in Summerside
19:11 [PHOTO] Three photos from Let's Your Fandom Flag Fly, CNE »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I went to the Canadian National Exhibition for the first time yesterday evening. It was an amusing outing, though I'm not sure I'd pay $C 18 again.

One of the exhibitions I liked was Let's Your Fandom Flag Fly!, an exhibition of fan art from all kinds of different fandoms, in all kinds of different media. The three below stuck with me.

Game of Thrones character postcards, Vanessa Stefaniuk #toronto #torontophotos #cne #cneblogto #postcards #grofthr#

Vanessa Stefaniuk's postcards of characters from Game of Thrones were effective.

Helm's Deep, by Eric Leis #cne #cneblogto #toronto #Torontophotos #lego #ericleis #thelordoftherings #helmsdeep

Eric Leis had assembled from Lego a very nice Helm's Deep.

"You Maniacs", by Sean Jensen #toronto #Torontophotos #cne #youmaniacs #planetoftheapes #seanjensen #cneblogto

Sean Jensen's recreation in Lego of the iconic final scene from Planet of the Apes is amazing.
19:05 Chevies defeat Royals in KCBL playoff opener »The Guardian - Sports
The Morell Chevies drew first blood in their first round Kings County Baseball League playoff series with the Freetown Royals on Monday, picking up an 11-1 win behind the four-hit pitching of Grant Doyle. Doyle also struck out 10 batters in the five inning contest. Kyle Doucette took the loss, ...
19:00 World War 1 - Harold E Cooper, Driver 41058 - Alec's Groom »Robert Paterson's Weblog
The men riding in this picture are called "Drivers". They would have to be excellent horsemen. They are guiding the 6 horses as they pull tons of steel. I mentioned earlier that many of the grooms of Montreal followed the...
18:36 Provincial governments to blame for P.E.I.'s reliance on EI »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
18:10 Police charge three impaired driversin Prince District »Journal-Pioneer Local
On the night of Saturday, Aug. 30, Prince District RCMP were focused on impaired driving enforcement. They charged four people in three different incidents on Saturday night and early Sunday morning.
17:13 Samsung Tab S vs iPad Air But Really! »NJN Network
Samsung's new ad disses the iPad Air but it does not hold up to scrutiny
17:04 Bank fishing spots (118 Words) » | New Topics
Hi there!

I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death here but still can please someone recommend a good place to fish from bank. There a bunch of offers to go to deep sea but next to nothing about rivers/lakes fishing.

Also, I've spent fair amount of time searching for a web-site for local anglers and could not find anything. I'm talking about a recreational fishing message board where people share info about good spots, trade angler's stuff, post fishing reports, etc. These are pretty common things in other areas but I could find anything for PEI specifically. If some could give a hint that would be greatly appreciated.

17:04 St. James Gate closed indefinitely (36 Words) » | New Topics
Someone posted a photo on Twitter of a sign on St. James Gate that says they are going to be closed indefinitely. They thank everyone for the years of support. Sounds like it must be closing?...
16:38 Islanders should vote for better social climate, says union leader »The Guardian - Local News
The head of a large union in P.E.I. is urging Islanders to hit the polling stations in the next federal election to vote for a better social climate. Lori MacKay, president of P.E.I. division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), says the big issue for most is the downward pressure ...
15:10 Tall ships leave Charlottetown in grand style »The Guardian - Local News
There was a time when ships of sail were a common sight and the Charlottetown harbour, along with all the wharfs that dotted its shoreline and shorelines all over P.E.I., played host to hundreds of ships at a time. They were the work horses that brought the goods to Prince Edward Island and ...
14:53 Richmond team too much for host Amherst in Maltby tourney finale »Journal-Pioneer Sports
14:16 Tonight's NBSBL playoff game postponed to Tuesday »The Guardian - Sports
Due to unplayable field conditions, the third game in the best-of-five New Brunswick Senior Baseball League playoffs series between the Charlottetown Gaudet's Auto Body Islanders and the Hub City Brewers has been postponed. It will be played Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. at Memorial Field in ...
13:36 Robinson returning to Storm for upcoming season »The Guardian - Sports
Coach Salerno calls him the "most prolific scorer I have seen" in three years in NBL
13:36 Robinson returning to Storm for upcoming season »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Coach Salerno calls him the "most prolific scorer I have seen" in three years in NBL
11:42 Gasoline, furnace oil and diesel prices remain unchanged »The Guardian - Local News
The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission has announced there will be no change in the price of gasoline, furnace oil or diesel effective today. Propane prices will decrease by 2.7 cpl for Superior Propane, by 0.7 cpl for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing and by 2.5 cpl for Kenmac ...
11:27 RCMP find children in back seat of car stopped for speeding, drunk driver »The Guardian - Local News
When East Prince RCMP stopped a motorist in Wellington Sunday night on suspicion of speeding and impaired driving they discovered two children in the back seat of his car. The children were under 10 years of age and were given to their mother to take home. The RCMP news release did not say if ...
11:26 Cast and Crew of Much Ado, ‘I thank you for your pains’ by Kimberley Johnston »onrpei
William Shakespeare would have been proud to partake in his 450th birthday celebration from the cast and crew of Much Ado About Nothing in Robert Cotton Park this summer. This is the third foray into Shakespeare in Stratford by ACT (a community theatre) and they have most assuredly risen to the occasion. Director Richard Haines […]
09:35 Showers should continue today across PEI. »peistormchaser
Monday Sept 1st 9:30am.. Heavy rain and some thunder occurred last night across PEI ahead of a cold front approaching from the west. This frontal boundary is oriented east-west and basally stretches across southern PEI this morning and is expected … Continue reading
09:21 Scotiabank “Has No Face” Ethics Could Be Tough On Banks Asian Growth Plans »
Scotiabank is losing “face” or perhaps, “has no face”, as they say, Losing face or having no face in either individuals and corporations, refers to measures of shame and disgust which eliminate any trust or further relationship. The measure of … Continue reading
09:01 Crushers sweep pre-season games »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Caps now down to 21 players in training camp
08:58 Premiers Half Million Dollars of Corporate Payola Ignored by CBC Evan Solomon »
The Premiers meeting in Charlottetown solicited one half million dollars in sponsorship donations from Canadian Corporations for their annual meeting. The meeting was hosted by PEI Premier Robert Ghiz who solicited and defended the funds. The Premiers meeting was for … Continue reading
03:04 Septic Tank ! (262 Words) » | New Topics
Septic systems are still being used today among locales where an association with the principle sewerage can't be secured. It has been accounted for that in any event a quarter of the British crowd is reliant on these systems that fundamentally make utilization of a septic tank for treating human waste. As a sewage treatment system, it must be put underground where it can deal with the waste water completely through the channel field. What's more much the same as another instruments, a general septic tank forethought is obliged to guarantee the productivity of this system.
Over the time, the septic tank may get to be full and wasteful unless looked at for sewage issues. Understanding the entire process that happens in this sewerage system will provide for you the thought regarding the potential outcomes of septic tank glitch. Initially, the waste water enters the tank through a bay channel. Robust squanders are settled at the base of the tank while the water streams above. At the point when an alternate surge of waste water comes in, the tank discharges the substance that has been there into the channel field. In any case, because of clogging around the channels, the entire methodology of sewage treatment is influenced. The tank may decline to hold approaching waste water and the abundance spout of water into the channel field may offer path to its insanitary flood. Intermittent septic tank forethought and support is in this way required to keep this thing from happening.One should be aware how the [url=]septic drain field restoration[/url] is being done....
00:00 Petroleum Pricing »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission approved the following petroleum pricing decisions, effective 12:01 a.m., Monday, September 1, 2014: There will be no change in the price of gasoline, furnace oil or diesel; Propane prices will decrease by 2.7 cpl for Superior Propane, by 0.7 cpl for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing and by 2.5 cpl for Kenmac Energy Inc.Pump prices for regular unleaded gasoline at self-serve outlets will continue...

Sunday August 31, 2014

23:28 Silver for Crusaders »The Guardian - Sports
St. John’s Capitals go undefeated
23:28 Silver for Crusaders »Journal-Pioneer Sports
St. John’s Capitals go undefeated
23:03 FOOD QUALITY (17 Words) » | New Topics
23:03 THE PIT STOP IN STRATFOD (9 Words) » | New Topics


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