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Sunday May 31, 2020

15:45 No doubt about it, “U.S.A.” stands for “Upset States of America.” Violence, protests and mayhem are still on all over the country. »John Cairns Blog
I understand there were more violent protests in America’s big cities last night, as there have been throughout the week in places like New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and of course the epicentre of it all, Minneapolis. What they were saying in Minneapolis is that the people causing the violence there were folks coming in...
09:05 Parakh: BLOSSOM, BUD, SPROUT, FLOURISH »Hebrew Word Lessons
BLOSSOM, BUD, SPROUT, FLOURISH: parakh/farakh. verb. (Strong’s 6524) & perakh/ferakh. masculine noun. (Strong’s 6525). Root: פָרַח Sounds like: pa-rawk or fa-rawk This past week Jewish, Messianic Jewish and some Christian congregations celebrated Shavuot (the Feast of Weeks). Shavuot celebrates the first fruits of the harvest, given to us from God (in particular, the wheat harvest).… Continue reading Parakh: BLOSSOM, BUD, SPROUT, FLOURISH

Saturday May 30, 2020

22:40 Patched » from peter rukavina

The duvet cover on my bed had a couple of holes in it that were only getting bigger with time. Duvet covers are expensive, and I kind of like this one, so I decided to see if I could patch it.

The most frequent suggestion you run into online for patching things like this is to use fusible interfacing, essentially an iron-on patch. Seemed reasonable but for Charlottetown being sold out of it (now that all the pandemic bread has been baked, are we turning to pandemic patching en masse?).

At Walmart, however, I did find some fabric-patching glue, and decided to try that.

I cut out a piece of similar-looking fabric about an inch larger than each hole, tucked them inside the duvet, and then applied a thin layer of glue. I managed to make something of a mess of things, but, in the end, it all held.

I wasn’t content to leave my patch in the hands of chemistry, so I supplemented the glue with some hand-sewing around the edges. I managed to make something of a mess of things, but, in the end, it all held (I should become a better sewer).

The result isn’t elegant or invisible, but the holes are patched.

20:21 Liftoff! Today’s big SpaceX-NASA launch couldn’t have come at a better time in America »John Cairns Blog
Boy, did America ever need this. Today, the big SpaceX-NASA launch took place sending astronauts into space from American soil for the first time in nine years. I was excited for this; it reminded me of the early Shuttle launches. Even the major networks were breaking into their sports reruns to cover today’s launch from...