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Monday February 8, 2016

00:17 SUPER BOWL: Broncos defeat Panthers 24-10 »The Guardian - Sports
If this was the final game of his magnificent career, what a Super way to go out for Peyton Manning. He can thank Von Miller and the Broncos' swarming, big-play defence for his second NFL championship. Adding another ring to his five MVP awards, Manning certainly can be satisfied and ...
00:17 SUPER BOWL: Broncos defeat Panthers 24-10 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
If this was the final game of his magnificent career, what a Super way to go out for Peyton Manning. He can thank Von Miller and the Broncos' swarming, big-play defence for his second NFL championship. Adding another ring to his five MVP awards, Manning certainly can be satisfied and ...
00:00 SUPER BOWL: Advertising winners and losers »The Guardian - Sports
The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers during Super Bowl 50 - and there were clear winners and losers off the field, too. Advertisers pulled out all the stops to woo the 114 million-plus viewers during the Big Game. With 30-second ads costing up $5 million, it's a huge gamble to ...

Sunday February 7, 2016

22:19 Dalhousie eliminates Panthers from playoff contention with 3-2 win »The Guardian - Sports
Fifth-year players Sweet, Bradley both record points, play big games for UPEI
22:19 Dalhousie eliminates Panthers from playoff contention with 3-2 win »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Fifth-year players Sweet, Bradley both record points, play big games for UPEI
21:52 Injuries minor in West Prince collisions »The Guardian - Local News
ROSEBANK – RCMP believe that poor weather conditions contributed to at least three vehicles being involved in minor collisions in West Prince on Sunday afternoon. The accidents occurred between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. in Rosebank, which is west of Bloomfield. RCMP Cpl. Al Vincent, with West Prince ...
21:39 Storm loses 101-92 to Miracles in Moncton »The Guardian - Sports
Thomas has double-double for Storm
21:39 Storm loses 101-92 to Miracles in Moncton »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Thomas has double-double for Storm
21:00 Saturday Snow 2 »justpictureit
photo - Saturday Snow 2

On Saturday, 30 January morning, we awoke to quite a strange sight. A storm had been forecast and happened with some areas of the Maritimes getting rain while other got snow. Everywhere else (PEI) it was inbetween. All places got Northeast winds, a Nor'easter. I lost a large branch off my wonderful pine tree in this storm. It was defeated by the plowman as it was so laden it was in the way. This is full colour but appears almost black and white , good enough I hope for Black Mondag.

19:46 SUPER BOWL: Manning last game? Newton's finest moment? We'll see »The Guardian - Sports
Peyton Manning's last game? Cam Newton's finest moment? For all the golden tinge the NFL is placing on Super Bowl 50, this one just might come down to how the two star quarterbacks deal with the dynamic defences bent on humbling them. There can't be a better storyline than a five-time MVP ...
19:39 What happened to Arab Spring? »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Five years after the Arab Spring raised so many hopes for a new dawn in the Middle East, Libya, Syria and Yemen have descended into chaos and civil war.
19:38 Injuries minimal in accidents »Journal-Pioneer Local
RCMP believe poor weather conditions contributed to at least three vehicles being involved in minor collisions in West Prince on Sunday afternoon.
19:32 Food for thought   »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
THUMBS UP To Summerside Presbyterian Church for being good neighbours to the students at nearby Three Oaks Senior High School.
19:27 Regals blank Caps »Journal-Pioneer Sports
19:25 Williams sees action with Sea Dogs »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Caps goaltender called up to QMJHL for weekend
19:09 Brookvale Ski Patrol always prepared for the worst »The Guardian - Local News
Patrollers performs mock rescue in preparation for regional competition
19:00 SUPER BOWL: Champions haven't always been super »The Guardian - Sports
They have the gaudy rings and the rest of the swag that comes with being a Super Bowl champion. The prism of history, however, isn't so kind. Some years, the team that rampaged through the fall doesn't celebrate on a confetti-strewn field in winter, Lombardi Trophy thrust aloft in giddy ...
18:54 Summerside Rotary Library hosts Chinese New Year celebration »Journal-Pioneer Local
Lucy Zhang wants her two young boys to stay connected to their Chinese roots.
18:40 Harbourfront Players are back with a new comedy that runs in March »Journal-Pioneer Local
Stephanie Betts has looked out into a crowd many times while on stage, but this will be the first time she’s in the spotlight with her daughter.
18:38 SUPER BOWL: Here come the ads – upbeat and safe »The Guardian - Sports
Game on. On advertising's biggest night, Super Bowl ads are aiming for optimism. An Audi ad will show an aging astronaut getting reinvigorated by driving an Audi to the tune of David Bowie's “Starman.” Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan will try to unit Americans with the “Bud Light Party.” And Axe ...
18:34 [URBAN NOTE] "Metrolinx Fare Integration: Get Ready to Pay More For Subway Trips" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Steve Munro describes an upsetting future for me, and many other transit users. I need to make long commutes to get to my job: making me pay more is infuriating. I feel like I am being shut out of the city, and Metrolinx's dishonesty is upsetting.

One of the great mysteries surrounding the roll out of Presto on the TTC has been the whole debate about “Regional Fare Integration”. Now and then, discussion papers surface at Metrolinx, but folks at the TTC, especially the politicians, are strangely silent on the subject. “Wait and see” is the order of the day.

Well, folks, we have waited and now we are beginning to see the direction Metrolinx is heading in for a consolidated GTHA-wide fare structure. The results will not please folks in suburban Toronto or the inner 905 for whom long subway trips are a routine part of their commutes.

The Metrolinx Board will consider an update on this subject at its meeting on February 10.

The presentation is in a sadly familiar Metrolinx format: lots of wonderful talk about consultation and fairness, and philosophical musings about what a fare system should look like. One big omission is any evaluation of the relative numbers of riders who would be affected by various schemes, and even worse of any sense of calibration of the fares to produce different results.

This comes at a time when we know from SmartTrack demand studies the importance of fare levels in attracting ridership. It is important here to remember that we are not talking the relatively small differences between types of TTC fares, or year-by-year increments, but the much larger deltas between TTC fares and those on GO Transit.
18:33 SUPER BOWL: The best teams to not win the final game »The Guardian - Sports
They had the stars, the swagger and the sparkling record to prove it. Then, poof, it was gone. No Super Bowl ring, no parade, no trip to the White House. Nothing but a long off-season - or a lifetime in some cases - of what might have been. Cam Newton and the rest of his “Dabbin”' dancing, ...
18:31 [URBAN NOTE] "How Do We Solve a Problem Like UPX?" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
James Bow considers the question of what is to be done with the Union Pearson Express.

Metrolinx, the provincial agency charged with upgrading public transit across the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton, has a problem, and its letters are U.P.

The Union Pearson Express is a seriously odd-duck — a major transit improvement that neither the City of Toronto nor the province of Ontario initially asked for, but one which Ontario ended up building. It was launched as a legacy project by the federal transport minister in the dying months of Jean Chretien’s government, but it somehow survived the election of Stephen Harper. It’s a line that actually got built among a sea of transit expansion proposals that went exactly nowhere. It’s supposed to make back all its costs from the farebox. And it’s carrying fewer passengers per day than the 192 AIPORT ROCKET TTC bus to Kipling station.

This is a problem, because while Metrolinx is labouring mightily on a number of important and worthy transit projects, including the Eglinton-Crosstown LRT, this is the first really noticeable piece of new transit infrastructure to bear Metrolinx’s name. And as the media reports on every story of low ridership and warms up a “white elephant” narrative on the line, the project risks tarnishing the credibility of Metrolinx.

I don’t think it’s entirely fair to Metrolinx, although the Union-Perason project is an indictment of the entire transit planning process within the Greater Toronto Area and politicians from every level of government (municipal, provincial and especially federal) that allowed this to happen. I wrote about the whole bizarre history of the Union Pearson Express in Transit Toronto, and the process does deserve a thorough post-mortem to ensure that similar mistakes don’t happen again. However, we are still left with the question of what to do with what we’ve done.
18:31 MacDougall earns all-star award »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Axemen post 2-2 record at Coal Bowl
18:29 [URBAN NOTE] "Historicist: Public History and William Peyton Hubbard" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Torontoist's Kevin Plummer looks at the legacy of William Peyton Hubbard, Toronto's first black elected official, and how he is remembered.

In 2008, a local resident discovered that the historical plaque near 660 Broadview Avenue—erected 30 years ago by the Toronto Historical Board to honour William Peyton Hubbard, the city’s first municipal politician of African descent—was damaged. They returned the pieces to Heritage Toronto, which unveiled a replacement marker in February 2009 with a ceremony for students at Montcrest School. Over the years, Hubbard has been commemorated in public ceremony, newspaper retrospectives, a biography, and now a second historical plaque. And his story offers insight into the ways the lives of prominent citizens can become entangled with the politics of commemoration.

There is a common narrative shared between them all. The Toronto-born son of a Virginian freed slave, Hubbard worked for 16 years as a cake baker before becoming a cab driver. As he was driving one wintry night, he saved another cab from nearly plummeting into the Don River. A friendship blossomed between Hubbard and the grateful occupant of that cab, newspaperman George Brown, who later encouraged him to seek elected office at the age of 51. He was narrowly defeated in the municipal election of 1893, but made a strong impression with the public and the press. In 1894, Hubbard was elected alderman, the first of 14 consecutive (and 15 total) terms in office. Over the course of his career, he also served on the Board of Control from 1898 and served as acting mayor on a number of occasions.

The present day is always exerting pressure in public commemoration. As Thomas Symons, then-chair of the Canadian Historic Sites and Monuments Board, said in the introduction to his The Place of History (1997): “Heritage is…the aspirations of the people who made it, and one might add, the aspirations of the people who have chosen to preserve it.” Often it’s an act that celebrates more than it engages critiques or controversies surrounding historical questions. Looking at a few instances of public commemoration of Hubbard—each of which highlight different points of emphasis—we can see how each reveals or obscures different aspects of character and gain a fuller picture of Hubbard.
18:28 Getting some air »Journal-Pioneer Local
Four-year-old Logan Gallant hits a jump on his sled as he goes down the hill at Greenfield Elementary School on Sunday afternoon.
18:28 Jay scores for Commandos »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Freetown native now has 15 points in MHL this season
18:03 UPDATE: Blowing snow advisory issued for Prince Edward Island »The Guardian - Local News
Traffic restrictions on Confederation Bridge could begin Monday evening
17:36 SUPER BOWL: How the Broncos were built »The Guardian - Sports
Draft 2010 - WR Demaryius Thomas, 1st-A. 2011 - LB Von Miller, 1st; TE Virgil Green, 7th-A. 2012 - DE Derek Wolfe, 2nd-A; QB Brock Osweiler, 2nd-B; RB Ronnie Hillman, 3rd; DE Malik Jackson, 5th; LB Danny Trevathan, 6th. 2013 - NT Sylvester Williams, 1st; CB Kayvon Webster, 3rd. 2014 - CB ...
17:30 AFC sells lobster plant »Journal-Pioneer Local
Co-op will continue to supply plant with product
17:29 SUPER BOWL: A look at some memorable meltdowns »The Guardian - Sports
Getting to the Super Bowl takes years of hard work and sweat for the players who reach the game. Surviving the week of lead-up before the game proved too challenging for a handful of players. Off-field transgressions led to Stanley Wilson and Barret Robbins missing the biggest games of their ...
17:25 Pond hockey ch'ship goes ahead after the storm »Journal-Pioneer Sports
17:25 SUPER BOWL: The most memorable trick plays »The Guardian - Sports
The appetite for gadgets and gimmicks at the Super Bowl is typically low. Surprising the other team with a safety blitz or deep pass, sure, but the risk of true trickery can often seem too steep with a title on the line. Mess up a clever play in a game of this magnitude and lose a close one in ...
17:10 SUPER BOWL: How the Panthers were built »The Guardian - Sports
Draft 2005 - LB Thomas Davis, 1st. 2007 - C Ryan Kalil, 2nd-B; DE Charles Johnson, 3rd. 2008 - RB Jonathan Stewart, 1st-A. 2011 - QB Cam Newton, 1st; 2012 - LB Luke Kuechly, 1st; P Brad Nortman, 6th; CB Josh Norman, 5th. 2013 - DT Star Lotulelei, 1st; DT Kawann Short, 2nd; LB A.J. Klein, ...
16:47 Red Wings win in N.B. »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Smallman takes over IJHL scoring lead
16:21 SUPER BOWL: From Montana to Manning, superb finishes »The Guardian - Sports
Every Super Bowl kicks off with the hopes of a thrilling game, capped by a dramatic drive in which the champion seizes control to capture the Lombardi Trophy. Often, quarterbacks earn their moment in history, from Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana to Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning. Russell ...
16:20 [LINK] "BlackBerry lays off 200 employees in Waterloo, Ont., and Sunrise, Fla." »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC notes the continued decline of BlackBerry.

BlackBerry has confirmed it is laying off 200 employees, in Waterloo, Ont., where the company is headquartered, and at a manufacturing facility in Sunrise, Fla.

The company filed a worker adjustment and retraining notification with the state of Florida on Thursday to lay off 75 manufacturing workers between Feb. 4 and Feb. 26. The other 125 jobs, part of the 200 overall, would be cut from Waterloo.

BlackBerry denied reports in the tech blog Mobile Syrup, which suggested the number of layoffs at BlackBerry's Waterloo headquarters could be as high as 1,000 people, or 35 per cent of the company's estimated workforce.

[. . .]

The company has also parted ways with Gary Klassen, creator of BlackBerry Messenger.

"We can confirm that Gary Klassen has left BlackBerry. The company is grateful for his many contributions during his tenure and we wish him the best in his future endeavours," said BlackBerry in a statement.
16:18 [LINK] "Colombia's Unconquered, Empty Half Can Be Developed, Santos Says" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's Christine Jenkins has a brief article about a push for development in Amazonian Colombia that has obvious potential environmental repercussions.

Remote, sparsely-populated regions of Colombia will see “spectacular growth” when they become open for development following a peace deal with Marxist rebels, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said.

“Half of our country is unconquered, unoccupied; there’s nothing there,” Santos said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “These are productive lands. There’s a lot of interest from private companies and we are establishing private-public initiatives to develop this half of the country.”

A peace deal would boost economic growth by 1.5-to-2 percentage points per year, with remote regions growing as fast as 9 percent, he said. Santos has set a March deadline for talks with the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, to wrap up.

Most of Colombia’s 49 million inhabitants live in the Andes mountains and on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. The vast plains and rain forests east of the Andes, which make up about half of the national territory, are very thinly inhabited. Vichada province, a territory about the size of Kentucky that borders Venezuela, has a population of 72,000.
16:18 SUPER BOWL: From O'Brien to Vinatieri, big game's most crucial kicks »The Guardian - Sports
When the Super Bowl comes down to the kicker, all eyes are on the smallest, least athletic guy on the field. There's only been one win-or-lose field-goal attempt in the first 49 years. Three other tie games were decided by a kicker who had the protection of overtime in case he missed. Many NFL ...
16:17 [LINK] "How cheap oil could bring down the Saudi royal family" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Adnan R. Khan of MacLean's notes the precarity of the Saudi monarchy.

The execution of Sheik Nimr al-Nimr and 46 other people in Saudi Arabia’s capital of Riyadh last month was a curious bit of cruelty, even by Saudi standards. Nimr, a political activist and leading figure in the Shia reformist community, opposed the Iranian regime and considered the Assads in Syria “oppressors,” sentiments shared by the Saudi government.

His killing seemed to serve no purpose at a time when regional rivals Saudi Arabia, a Sunni power, and Shia Iran are locked in one of their worst cold-war flare-ups. The fallout was predictable, too: Iranian protesters took to the streets, storming the Saudi embassy and other consulates throughout Iran. Diplomatic relations, already on a knife’s-edge, all but collapsed.

“With the recent execution of Sheik Nimr, it looks like the door to a more cordial diplomatic resolution may have been all but closed by Saudi Arabia,” says Payam Mohseni, Iran project director and a fellow for Iran studies at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. “The risk is now that tit-for-tat retaliations between the two countries may further raise the stakes and escalate conflict.”

So why did Saudi Arabia invite this trouble? The answer can partly be found in the fast-falling price of oil. With oil prices down 70 per cent in the past year and a half, and Iran on the verge of breaking out on the international stage after a nuclear limitation deal that led to a lifting of international sanctions, Saudi Arabia suddenly finds itself on the losing end of Middle Eastern petro-politics.

With some experts predicting oil prices could remain low for the foreseeable future—prices are currently around $30 a barrel (all prices in US$) and falling this week—Saudi Arabia faces the challenge of maintaining an expensive economic system based on patronage and almost entirely reliant on oil revenues.
16:15 [LINK] "In the Fastest-Growing African Economy, Government is the Fuel" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg's William Davison notes how Chinese investment and government spending are driving Ethiopia's booming economy.

Ethiopia is the new flavor of the month for Africa watchers.

The East African nation led the pack of fastest-growing economies — not just in Africa, but in the world — in 2015. While many African nations are struggling to cope with plunging currencies and falling revenue from commodities, Ethiopia’s economy grew 8.7 percent last year and is set to expand 8.1 percent in 2016, according to International Monetary Fund estimates. Globally, only Papua New Guinea grew faster last year, at 12.3 percent.

Much of Ethiopia’s success is due to the dominance of the state in the economy. The nation exports very little compared to its African peers and capital controls mean the currency, the birr, has retained its value despite the global downturn.

"The fact that much of the spending is on capital projects, especially infrastructure, means that government spending has been the key driver of the boom," said Getachew Teklemariam, an independent economist based in the capital, Addis Ababa. "It is unimaginable to think of Ethiopia as one of the fast-growing countries in the world without government spending."

It’s that spending by state-owned companies such as the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom and Ethiopia Electric Power that’s led to a 70 percent boost in capital investment in the past three fiscal years to 155.2 billion birr ($7.3 billion). The government is building everything from industrial parks to sugar factories and power lines.
16:12 [LINK] "One of Africa’s Biggest Dams Is Falling Apart" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
In The New Yorker, Jacques Leslie examines how the Kariba Dam on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border is one predictable disaster away from collapse.

The new year has not been kind to the hydroelectric-dam industry. On January 11th, the New York Times reported that Mosul Dam, the largest such structure in Iraq, urgently requires maintenance to prevent its collapse, a disaster that could drown as many as five hundred thousand people downstream and leave a million homeless. Four days earlier, the energy minister of Zambia declared that Kariba Dam, which straddles the border between his country and Zimbabwe, holding back the world’s largest reservoir, was in “dire” condition. An unprecedented drought threatens to shut down the dam’s power production, which supplies nearly half the nation’s electricity.

The news comes as more and more of the biggest hydroelectric-dam projects around the world are being cancelled or postponed. In 2014, researchers at Oxford University reviewed the financial performance of two hundred and forty-five dams and concluded that the “construction costs of large dams are too high to yield a positive return.” Other forms of energy generation—wind, solar, and miniature hydropower units that can be installed inside irrigation canals—are becoming competitive, and they cause far less social and environmental damage. And dams are particularly ill-suited to climate change, which simultaneously requires that they be larger (to accommodate the anticipated floods) and smaller (to be cost-effective during the anticipated droughts).

[ . . . Kariba] has been nearly incapacitated by ongoing drought, which has lowered the reservoir’s volume to twelve per cent of its usual capacity. But if the reservoir is refilled, the dam faces the possibility of collapse. It was built in the late nineteen-fifties, and in the years since water flowing through the dam’s six floodgates has carved a three-hundred-foot-deep pit, or plunge pool, at its base. The plunge pool extends to within a hundred and thirty feet of the dam’s foundation; if it reaches the foundation, the dam will collapse. That seems hard to imagine now, with the reservoir at a record-low level. But the Zambezi River Basin, on which the dam sits, is the most susceptible of Africa’s thirteen basins to exceptional droughts and floods, and climate change is intensifying both.

Kariba’s collapse, like Mosul’s, would constitute an epochal event in the history of energy development—the dam industry’s Chernobyl. The ensuing torrent would be four times bigger than the Zambezi’s biggest recorded flood, in 1958, and would release enough water to knock over another major dam three hundred miles downstream, in Mozambique. At least three million people live in the flood’s path; most would die or lose their crops or possessions. About forty per cent of the electricity-generating capacity of twelve southern African nations would be eliminated.

The dam, four hundred and twenty feet tall and nearly two thousand feet wide, was built with financing from the World Bank to provide power for the copper mines of what was then Northern Rhodesia. The designers intended to make the dam impervious to a one-in-ten-thousand-year flood, but their calculations were based on only three decades of Zambezi flow data—a period too short to permit credible forecasting. This flaw became apparent in 1957, when the site, still under construction, was hit with a flood bigger than the designers’ worst-case projection. The planners hurriedly enlarged the spillway, but in 1958 the project was hit by another flood, twice as big as the previous one, so the spillway was expanded again. More recent projections, cited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, indicate that the Zambezi River Basin will experience still drier and more prolonged droughts and even bigger floods in years to come.
16:10 [ISL] "'Ash to cash': Montserrat gambles future on the volcano that nearly destroyed it" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Writing for The Guardian, Ryan Schuessler examines how the Caribbean island of Montserrat is trying to capitalize on its excessive volcanism.

It’s still a grim sight, but 20 years after the first eruption, Montserratians are beginning to reconsider Soufrière Hills. The nation’s government, elected at the end of 2014, is now betting the country’s future, in part, on the very volcano that almost destroyed it. The eruption is the past, they argue; geothermal energy, sand mining and tourism are the future.

“We have learned to live with the volcano,” said the island’s premier, Donaldson Romeo. The “long, hopeless period” that began with the eruptions is over. “Ash to cash,” he said with a grin.

“Before the volcano, we were standing on our own two feet,” Romeo added. “Here we are 20 years later, with lots of money spent, but we don’t have the programs that will assist us in achieving [self-sufficiency].”

The majority of Montserrat’s annual budget comes from the United Kingdom: since the crisis, British taxpayers have invested more than £400m in aid to the island. A new airport and housing for displaced residents are among the improvements made possible through those funds.

But “ash to cash” has been slow to materialize. Talk of geothermal development, like many projects on the island, has been going on for more than a decade amid concerns, both in Montserrat and the UK, of local mismanagement of aid money.

Yet Romeo says the island is poised to finally spring forward with a refreshed relationship with London.

“British taxpayers’ money will now be spent in the way where the people of Montserrat will be developed, and the infrastructure will be developed,” he said. “We are actually in a place to fix several hundred years of history.”
16:07 [PHOTO] Revealed wall, Yonge and Eglinton »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Revealed wall, Yonge and Eglinton #toronto #condos #yongeandeglinton #construction

The construction on the northeast corner of Yonge and Eglinton has torn a gap in the city. Walls once hidden are now revealed.
16:05 Lynx, Aces victorious »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Doyle’s two goals lead Tignish
16:01 SUPER BOWL: Montana tops list of best passing performances »The Guardian - Sports
The face of most successful NFL teams nowadays is the quarterback, so it should come as no surprise that seven of the past eight league MVPs played that position. Most people figure Carolina's Cam Newton will make that eight of the past nine on Sunday. Similarly, seven of the past nine Super ...
15:51 SUPER BOWL: Lady Gaga to sing national anthem »The Guardian - Sports
Lady Gaga is set to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday. The NFL told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Gaga will sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where the Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos. Academy Award winning ...
15:42 SUPER BOWL: Little-known receivers help Panthers get to Super Bowl »The Guardian - Sports
Cam Newton throws passes to a bunch of no-name receivers. The Carolina Panthers have a group of wideouts who've embraced their roles, checked their egos and do whatever it takes to win. “We know we suck,” Corey (Philly) Brown said sarcastically. “We're just going to continue to make plays and ...
15:33 SUPER BOWL: 'Madden 16' video game predicts Carolina beats Denver »The Guardian - Sports
The Carolina Panthers are headed for one more win this season, according to Electronic Arts' “Madden NFL 16” Super Bowl prediction. The video game has the Panthers defeating the Denver Broncos 24-20. EA says its prediction has been accurate in nine of the last 12 championships. Patting itself ...
15:31 UPDATED: Drive for first »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Wild stay in the hunt with one-goal win over league-leading Vitos
15:25 Caps awarded two points »The Guardian - Sports
It is ruled Amherst used ineligible player
15:25 Caps awarded two points »Journal-Pioneer Sports
It is ruled Amherst used ineligible player
15:25 UPDATED: Caps awarded two points »The Guardian - Sports
It is ruled Amherst used ineligible player
15:25 UPDATED: Caps awarded two points »Journal-Pioneer Sports
It is ruled Amherst used ineligible player
15:10 SUPER BOWL: 'What If' moments that defined legacies »The Guardian - Sports
Imagine a world where the name Scott Norwood evokes awe in Buffalo, not “aww, dude.” A world where David Tyree is just another former NFL player with a two-sentence Wikipedia entry, not the guy who seemingly magnetized a ball to his helmet and helped spoil New England's shot at perfection. A ...
15:07 iCanSoccer’s Player of the Day »Journal-Pioneer Sports
14:56 SUPER BOWL: Newton heads fully 'Lokai'd' into the championship game »The Guardian - Sports
Cam Newton isn't taking any chances. He's been fully “Lokai'd” for weeks heading into the Super Bowl. Exactly what do we mean by Lokai'd? We're talking bracelets, specifically those silicone bead bracelets the Carolina Panthers quarterback has been stacking five deep on one wrist. Their maker, ...
14:00 New Charlottetown apartment has taken five years to complete »The Guardian - Business
Only two apartments left to rent in Philip O'Halloran's 21-unit building corner of Prince, Grafton streets
13:58 SUPER BOWL: Five of the most memorable halftimes »The Guardian - Sports
Coldplay tries to make its mark before 100 million people Sunday at halftime of the Super Bowl. Here are five of the most memorable shows, for different reasons. -MICHAEL JACKSON, 1993: Gave birth to the spectacle of today, relegating the marching bands and Rockettes to Super Bowl history. ...
13:56 SUPER BOWL: Losing haunts some players »The Guardian - Sports
The pain of losing a Super Bowl never really disappears. It drives players who have experienced it to get back and get it right. Ricky Proehl has been to four Super Bowls as a player, going 2-2. He won and lost with the Rams, lost with the Panthers, and got the second ring in his final NFL ...
13:51 SUPER BOWL: Profiles of key players »The Guardian - Sports
Projected starters and key players for the Super Bowl at Santa Clara, California: CAROLINA PANTHERS Offence Cam Newton, QB (1), 6-5, 245, 5th season, Auburn A front-runner for MVP honours, passed for 35 TDs and ran for 10 ... Has been dynamic in playoffs with three TD passes and two runs ... ...
13:50 From Riggins to Allen to Elway, the best Super Bowl runs »The Guardian - Sports
Last year's Super Bowl is best remembered for a team's unsuccessful decision to throw on what appeared to be an obvious running down near the goal line, the sort of thing that maybe shouldn't surprise anyone, given the emphasis on passing in today's NFL. Instead of handing the football to ...
12:27 SUPER BOWL OPINION: Denver brings dominant defence into Super Bowl 50 »The Guardian - Sports
Peyton Manning wanted to make one thing perfectly clear when he arrived in the Golden Gate City for the golden anniversary of the Super Bowl: “Our defence is what got us here.” Von Miller, Chris Harris Jr., Derek Wolfe, all sideline spectators last time, leading the way. His boss, John Elway, ...
12:24 SUPER BOWL OPINION: Panthers too good, versatile for Broncos No. 1 defence »The Guardian - Sports
The Denver Broncos and their top defence haven't seen anything quite like Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, the No. 1 scoring offence in the league. The Panthers (17-1) are on a roll, jumping on playoff opponents early. The primary question on Sunday might not be whether they'll win the ...
12:22 SUPER BOWL: Mike Tolbert is a rare, old-school fullback in today's NFL »The Guardian - Sports
Mike Tolbert is the best at a position that's going out of style. Fullbacks are a dying breed in the pass-happy NFL. Ten teams didn't even have one on their rosters this season. Tolbert plays for a club that uses its fullback more than anyone else and he's a big part of Carolina's success. The ...
11:45 I'm Peter Rukavina, and I Approved this Message » from peter rukavina

By dint of my role with the PEI Home and School Federation, I’ve become a member of the PEI Learning Partners Advisory Council, a new body conjured by Premier MacLauchlan to provide counsel on all matters of learning.

The first meeting of the Council is this week, and I’ll be away in New Hampshire so I’ll not be there. As the subject of the first meeting is for the members to get to know each other and to set broad priorities, I offered to make a video-of-introduction and my offer was accepted. I started off thinking this would be a simple talking-head video of me introducing myself, but as I started down that path it seemed much too boring, and so I went in another direction. And thus I ended up with this:

My imaginative son Oliver, on seeing this, and after several weeks of working on an ArtSmarts project where he and his classmates were tasked with taking a similar sort of personal inventory, spent the morning yesterday making his own video-of-introduction. I love his video much more than mine and I suspect that he was a lot more successful at capturing his true self.

11:24 New Hampshire Bound » from peter rukavina

Yankee Publishing Trip Email FoldersI’m New Hampshire-bound this afternoon, flying down through Boston to spend a week with my longtime colleagues at Yankee Publishing in Dublin.

I’ve been visiting Dublin for 20 years, 3 or 4 times a year.

In 2003 I started creating an email folder containing all the travel-related emails for each trip; there are 34 of them now, and this trip will be number 35. With the trips that happened between 1996 and 2003 I suspect I’m coming up on 50 trips south.

Most of those trips have been by myself, but sometimes they were with my brother Johnny, and, especially in the early days, in the summer, they were with Catherine and, later, with Oliver too. We once spent a week in Dublin, NH and then drove to Boston and got on a plane and landed, the next morning, in Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve been working remotely with Yankee for so long that it’s second-nature now; these occasional visits are an important part of why we work so well together. It’s important to put faces to new names at the company. And it’s important to sit around a real, physical table with folks I otherwise only see on the other end of a weekly Skype conference call.

It’s also important to go out to lunch and supper together, so that we can remind ourselves that, outside of work, we have other lives and interests. It helps to make us whole people to each other.

So this afternoon I’ll get on Air Canada 7753 from Charlottetown to Halifax, then, an hour later, Air Canada 8895 from Halifax to Boston. When I land in Boston I’ll pick up a car from Hertz and drive the 90 minutes north – along Route 93, Route 95, Route 3 and Route 101 – to the Jack Daniels Motor Inn in Peterborough, NH a place I’ve been staying for years and years and years.

And tomorrow morning I’ll get up, have breakfast at Aesop’s Tables, and then drive up to Dublin, NH to start my workday.

As a special bonus, I’ll be in New Hampshire for Primary Day on Tuesday, as I was 12 years ago, and I plan to take in a variety of campaign rallies on Tuesday night in Nashua and Manchester; I’ll report in to Island Morning with a post-Primary review on Wednesday morning.

11:21 Impaired Driver Arrested - Water Street »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services stopped a suspected impaired driver early Sunday morning at 2:41am on Water Street. Police determined the driver, a 31 year old female resident of Stratford, was impaired. Accused female had in excess of twice the legal amount of alcohol in her blood; accused will be appearing in Provincial Court at a later date.
11:20 OPINION: Goodell riding high, and so is the unstoppable NFL »The Guardian - Sports
Roger Goodell might as well mail this one in. Just before noon on Friday, the NFL commissioner will stand before a gaggle of media and deliver his annual State of the NFL address. It's a tradition born by the late Pete Rozelle in the early days of the Super Bowl, and every commissioner since ...
11:15 Stolen Vehicle - Grey 2009 Honda Civic 593PI »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services received a complaint of a stolen vehicle Saturday morning at 9:02am. Vehicle was parked on Oak Dr., and was stolen sometime during the early morning hours. vehicle is described as a grey 4dr 2009 Honda Civic Plate# 593PI and VIN# 2HGFA166X9H101212. Anyone with any information concerning this incident is asked to contact Charlottetown Police at 902-629-4172.
11:00 Man stuffs meat in partners purse, she gets court fine »The Guardian - Local News
Angela Ella Jane Lannigan, 29, pleads guilty to stealinghot dogs, ground beef from No Frills in Stratford
10:59 Stolen School Bus Recovered »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services report the recovery of a school bus early Saturday morning at 2:35am abandoned in a ditch on the Norwood Road. Bus was stolen sometime late Friday night or early Saturday morning from an address in Pleasant Grove. Anyone with any information concerning this incident is asked to contact Charlottetown Police at 902-629-4172.
10:16 Super Bowl 50 capsules »The Guardian - Sports
A capsule look at the Super Bowl matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers: DENVER (14-4) vs. CAROLINA (17-1) Sunday, 6:30 p.m. ET, CBS OPENING LINE - Panthers by 3 1/2 RECORD VS. SPREAD - Broncos 9-7-2; Panthers 13-5 SERIES RECORD - Broncos lead 3-1 LAST MEETING - Broncos ...
10:00 Trade HERizons promotes trades and technology occupations to women »The Guardian - Business
Designed for Island women who are unemployed or underemployed look for a new career
09:34 Turning colder today across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Sunday February 7th 9:30am.. A weak low pressure system located near Gaspe Bay this morning continues to track eastward. This system has a cold front extending to the SSW which will sweep across the island this afternoon. Temperatures are mild … Continue reading
09:00 P.E.I. leads Canada in wage growth »The Guardian - Local News
Healthy economy helped province enjoy largest wage growth countrywide
08:00 Court challenge of seatbelt ticket gets unbuckled »The Guardian - Local News
Ryan Bennett Young decideds to pay ticket after being told he get more than twice the fine after trial
07:00 Charlottetown woman has baby early to allow for her leukemia treatment »The Guardian - Local News
Benefit organized forJenn McInnis who had baby prematurely so she could get stem cell transplant
06:44 Daily Specials for Sunday, February 7, 2016 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Sunday, February 7, 2016 are:

  • Potato-Leek Soup...$4.99
  • Triple Threat Breakfast Skillet $14.99 Our signature hash pan fried with 3 vegetables (red and green peppers, and onions) 3 meats (sausage, bacon and ham) and topped with 3 eggs over easy and a 3 cheese blend. Comes with a side of holly and 3 and a half pieces of toast.

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440



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