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Tuesday September 1, 2015

22:25 Open house held on IWMC’s proposed height extension to East Prince landfill »Journal-Pioneer Local
About 20 people turned out for an open house Tuesday evening in Miscouche where Island Waste Management Commission (IWMC) detailed plans for a proposed height extension to its East Prince waste management facility.
21:08 New rules in place for varsity football teams »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Clippers adjusting to three-down ball
20:27 Royals tally eight runs in 14-hit attack to win P.E.I. midget title »The Guardian - Sports
The Charlottetown Royals jumped out to a 4-1 lead after three innings and went on to defeat Summerside One 8-3 to win the P.E.I. provincial midget division baseball championship Sunday in Charlottetown. Johnny Arsenault went the distance on the mound for the win, scattering nine hits and ...
20:21 P.E.I. Hooley season finale takes place Wednesday at Avonlea Village »Journal-Pioneer Living
The P.E.I. Hooley ceilidh season finale will be filled with lively music featuring special guest Kelley Mooney this week.
20:17 Stop dumping garbage in the woods and ditches »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Here’s a piece of information many Islanders need to know – ditches, shores and woods are not disposal sites.
19:30 Hamlet: A Very Palpable Hit by Kimberley Johnston »onrpei
Are you suffering from a Hamletian dilemma about whether to go or not to go to ACT ( a community theatre)’s latest Shakespearean offering?  You should most decidedly go. Director Terry Pratt’s vision of Hamlet is a very palpable hit. The show portrayed choices I had never seen but were exceedingly fun to watch. Pratt, […]
18:35 [BLOG] Some Tuesday links »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)

  • The Broadside Blog's Caitlin Kelly talks about the simple pleasures of her life.

  • Centauri Dreams discusses 2014 MU69.

  • The Dragon's Gaze links to a paper suggesting that less that 0.3% of galaxies could host Kardashev III civilizations.

  • Kieran Healy shares his paper "Fuck Nuance."

  • Joe. My. God. notes the unhappiness of one American conservative with the restoration of Denali's name.

  • Language Hat mourns poet Charles Tomlinson.

  • Marginal Revolution argues that China's 2008-era debt binge is now coming back to haunt it.

  • The New APPS Blog discusses the role of philosophy in making life decisions.

  • Personal Reflections' Jim Belshaw dislikes the rhetoric and institutions charged with guarding Australia's borders.

  • The Power and the Money's Noel Maurer notes that the reports of Russian losses in Donbas are likely false.

  • Torontoist is unimpressed by the satirical musical version of Full House.

  • Towleroad notes an American conservative who is going to continue participating in Scouting despite its new gay-friendliness.

  • The Volokh Conspiracy notes that secession rarely works out well for seceding entities.

  • Window on Eurasia notes a prediction that Ukraine is now on track to go west.

17:50 Reducing nutrient load would help: Raymond »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON -- Nutrient enrichment of water systems is largely responsible for the anoxic events that occur in Island rivers says the manager of the watershed and subdivision planning section of the Department of Communities, Land and Environment.
17:47 Captive eels succumb to anoxia, expert suggests »Journal-Pioneer Local
17:34 Islanders get opportunity to practice with Maple Leafs captain »The Guardian - Sports
Charlottetown Islanders right-winger Daniel Sprong cut to the middle with Toronto Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf standing between him and the net. He made a move and got a shot off that was stopped by the goalie during the recent Islanders practice. New London resident Phaneuf, as he has the ...
17:04 Wellington fire department concerned with IWMC plans to expand East Prince facility »Journal-Pioneer Local
The expansion of the East Prince Waste Management Facility is concerning to Desmond Arsenault.
16:45 Choices to make »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
As our country moves toward Election Day, early signs indicate that voters have had enough of the Harper cabal, and that is just fine with this writer. As time passes it becomes more and more obvious that Progressive Conservatives like myself no longer have a federal party to call their own.
16:44 Education: There’s still time »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
As a new school year draws closer, parents need to take a closer look at their school list. Top on the list should beadditional resourcesfor our Island schools. Please do not be fooled by this alleged reinstatement of teachers when the past few years have seen teachersgouged from our children’s ...
16:32 [LINK] "The world’s most famous gorilla is showing signs of early speech" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Jake Flanigin's Quartz article caught my attention.

Koko, a 44-year-old gorilla famous for her ability to communicate with keepers using sign language, is now showing signs of early speech. “Koko has developed vocal and breathing behaviors associated with the ability to talk, which were previously thought to be impossible in her species,” The Daily Mail reports. The new development could further blur the line between what distinguishes humans from some of our more hirsute cousins.

[. . .]

Primatologists have long believed in a limited “vocal repertoire” for each species of ape—rendering them unable to learn new sounds beyond a certain range. This theory suggests that development of verbal language is a uniquely human characteristic. Koko is perhaps on the verge of shattering scientific notion.

Marcus Perlman, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has been working at the Gorilla Foundation, which houses Koko, since 2011. “I went there with the idea of studying Koko’s gestures, but as I got into watching videos of her, I saw her performing all these amazing vocal behaviors,” he told The Daily Mail. These were learned behaviors, and not part of a “typical gorilla repertoire,” Perlman and fellow researchers found.

Though Koko’s command of sign language is indeed extraordinary, Perlman believes she is “no more gifted than other gorillas … The difference is just her environmental circumstances. You obviously don’t see things like this in wild populations.”
16:30 [LINK] "Two Big Winners From China's Big Slowdown" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Bloomberg View's William Pesek notes that despite China's slowdown, some other Asian economies are doing well. This is a consequence of more-informed investors.

How panicked were investors last week about China's stock market plunge? Enough to treat the Korean peninsula, a place that was teetering on the brink of war, as a safe haven. Even as policy makers braced for renewed military confrontation between North and South Korea, the won staged a rally.

That's made South Korean assets one of the few bright spots in a dark time for emerging markets. On Aug. 24 alone, investors yanked $2.7 trillion out of developing nations, with Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand especially hard hit. It matched the violent September 2008 selloff after Lehman Brothers collapsed.

[. . .]

It's not hard to explain why many Asian economies are suffering from China's slowdown. Exporters of commodities, who depended on a humming Chinese market, have especially suffered. But why are there such big outliers among battered emerging markets?

The answer is that investors are finally basing their decisions less on herd mentality than nuanced, case-by-case analyses. "Emerging market investors have become a lot savvier," says economist Frederic Neumann of HSBC in Hong Kong. "Gone are the days where emerging markets were all lumped into one bucket. Today, countries with stronger fundamentals are able to resist the spread of contagion washing over global financial markets." Along with South Korea and the Philippines, Neumann notes that even some frontier economies, like Vietnam, "have weathered global financial turmoil with apparent ease."
16:28 [LINK] "Armenia as a bridge to Iran? Russia won't like it" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
In an Al Jazeera opinion piece, Richard Gagosian argues that while Armenia is well-positioned to benefit from the opening up of post-sanctions Iran, Russia is not likely to welcome anything that could weaken Armenian dependence on Russia.

[I]n the wake of the recent Western-brokered nuclear deal with Iran, Armenia is now looking to position itself as a "bridge", or at least a platform, for engaging Iran. And it is geography - not geopolitics - that now counts the most in determining whether Armenia can exploit its position.

There are several advantages for Armenia, ranging from a cheap, educated workforce to low transport costs stemming from reliable infrastructure links. Perhaps most importantly, Armenia is one of the few stable neighbours of Iran, with a deep degree of stability and a long record of close and cooperative relations.

More recently, with several high-level visits of Armenian officials to Iran this year, and the planned visit to Armenia by the Iranian president, there is renewed interested in expanding trade and transport ties. The possible construction of a second twin gas pipeline has also resurfaced as a strategic priority for both countries as well.

On a smaller, yet more realistic scale, Armenia is also eager to expand its existing exports of surplus electricity to Iran. For years, as the only country in the region with a nuclear power plant, Armenia has sold electricity to neighbouring Georgia and Iran.

Iran is also keenly interested, as the planned expansion of the power grid would also link Iran to the Georgian network as well. This has also recently driven Iran to pledge to invest some $91m as its share in the $117m project. This is further supplemented by the development of hydroelectrical projects aimed at bolstering Armenian energy exports to Iranian consumers.
16:25 [LINK] Richard Warnica in the National Post on the insanity of Chiheb Esseghaier »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Richard Warnica looks at the issue of mental health. What does it mean--for the man, for his trial--if his attempt at terrorism is the product of a mental health issue?

Esseghaier was born on Sept. 19, 1982, in the Tunisian capital, Tunis, the oldest of four boys in a close, nominally Muslim but largely secular family. As a boy, he was quiet and studious, according to multiple published interviews with those who knew him back home. “He was an ordinary student,” his friend Meriam Sassi told Reuters in 2013. “There was no sign of religious militancy.”

The young man excelled academically and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees by his mid-’20s. In 2008, he moved to Quebec to pursue a PhD, first at the University of Sherbrooke and then later at the prestigious Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS.) “He was an excellent student of biology,” Samir Galouli, a former colleague, told Reuters in the same story.

Once in Canada, Esseghaier became increasingly devout and increasingly erratic. He grew out his beard for the first time. He began praying regularly and, according to what fellow students and members of the Muslim community told police, started veering toward extremism. He harangued one female colleague in 2012 about what she wore and how she behaved. He reproached a male colleague for kissing a girl on the cheek. He told a third he supported “jihad by sending money to countries that had jihad.”

At the same time, Esseghaier’s personal life was deteriorating. One former roommate told police Esseghaier would spend three to four hours at a time in the bathroom and woke up the neighbours regularly at 3 a.m. with his yelling and prayers. A colleague who shared a lab with him for 20 months said “he looked like a homeless person, smelled, slept in his clothes and was in the washroom for two hours at a time,” according to an interview summary published in Ramshaw’s report.

[. . .]

After his arrest, in 2013, news reports focused on Esseghaier’s religious fervour. He demanded to be tried by Qur’anic law and gave multiple interviews denouncing Canada’s presence in Afghanistan and refusing to deny the charges against him. He played, in other words, the perfect part of the Muslim extremist, bent, by fierce ideology, on killing Canadians.

But in her report, Ramshaw suggested an alternative narrative. Esseghaier’s descent into religious extremism, she wrote, likely coincided with the onset of his mental illness. In fact, the two may have been inextricably linked.
16:22 [LINK] "Rice farming in Ontario lake sparks fight over treaty and property rights" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Globe and Mail's Oliver Sachgau described a controversy surrounding the harvesting of wild rice in a southern Ontario lake.

For years, residents near Pigeon Lake in Southern Ontario were unhappy with a local wild rice harvester who was seeding the lake, filling their shorelines with the marshy plant. But when the locals decided to take action and cut down the plants, the simmering tension exploded into a fight over treaty and property rights.

The fight is raising fundamental questions over the balance of the rights of the residents, who see the lake as a recreational area and important waterway for their boats, with the rights of the First Nation community, who see the lake as an important source of food, protected by their treaty.

The issue revolves around the northern wild rice that grows on Pigeon Lake, in the Kawartha Lakes region, about 150 kilometres northeast of Toronto. The rice, which grows in tall, thick stalks, has always been a part of the lake’s ecosystem.

[. . .]

The rice has proliferated in recent years, and now covers an estimated 10 per cent to 15 per cent of the lake’s 57 square kilometres.

Larry Wood, a local, said he noticed a First Nations man spreading rice seeds across the lake a few years ago. It is that seeding he blames for the spread of the rice, which he says has now made the waterfront inaccessible for boats and is bringing down property values.
16:20 [URBAN NOTE] "Captain John’s coming apart at the last port" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star's Edward Keenan describes how Captain John's is being taken apart, being recycled.

On a sunny August afternoon, the mouth of the Welland Canal in Port Colborne at the shore of Lake Erie offers a picturesque lesson into the marine history of Ontario. In the waters where shipping traffic once travelled non-stop every day, a few children skinny dip off the steps of the pier; the impressive bulk and height of one of the canal’s few remaining lift bridges overlooks the fading footprint of the three earlier canals that flowed here and the stone abutments of retired bridges and locks; along West Street there are historical markers outlining the ongoing industrial history of the town straddling the now shuttered pilot’s cabin.

And from there, on the Promenade overlook, a familiar site becomes visible across the water: a red star on a white field, above the stylized seriffed letters “John’s Seafo.” Looking closer, there’s a familiar blue plank surrounded by light bulbs, with inoperable neon tubing spelling out “SEAFOOD.” It’s the old ship, alright, what’s left of it, the MS Jadran, which was anchored in the Toronto harbour at the foot of Yonge St. for 40 years, serving as Captain John’s restaurant. Before that it had spent two decades as a passenger ship in the Adriatic. Now it sits in pieces here, the recognizable upper half in pieces emerging from the earth and bush along the canal.

For a visitor from Toronto, it is a startling sight, like the sudden appearance of the beached tip of Statue of Liberty at the end of Planet of the Apes — the ruin of a familiar landmark in an unfamiliar place. What was for a couple generations an iconic fixture of Toronto’s waterfront has become, for the summer, a part of the view for Port Colborne’s residents and visitors.

More, including photos, at the site.
16:18 Firecrackers may lead to firearm charge »The Guardian - Local News
Police arrest man in Stratford
16:18 [URBAN NOTE] "How Glasgow's derelict land is limiting the city's ability to flourish" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
At Scottish site CommonSpace, Paul Sweeney writes about the surprising abundance of derelict land in the Scottish city of Glasgow, consequence of--most notably--poor post-war urban planning.

Glasgow is now only one of two cities in the western world – the other being Detroit – to have the ignominious title of being a former 'million city', which means a city that once achieved a population of over one million but has since declined below that threshold again.

The large-scale depopulation of the city over the last half century means that over 60 per cent of Glasgow’s population now lives within 500 metres of derelict land, and over 92 per cent live within 1,000 metres of a derelict land, with most of these sites situated within the city’s most deprived communities.

For example, 10 per cent of North East Glasgow consists of derelict land, relative to a mere 0.5 per cent in the adjacent suburban area of East Dunbartonshire.

This situation persists because the comprehensive manner in which the city was damaged in the decades after the Second World War has not been matched by anywhere near the scale of resources and intervention required to repair the huge damage wrought upon its urban fabric by that pernicious process.

Many districts of Glasgow have now become little more than areas of managed decline. In these areas the built fabric is so poor that in assessing priorities for urban planning, particularly in the context of limited resources, many planners simply consider it more appropriate to invest in areas already showing potential to be successful – such as in the Gorbals, in contrast to areas that are not deemed to hold that potential, such as Springburn, where the population is forecast to continue declining despite a city-wide increase.
16:06 Downriver Community Services Fired Counselor Because of Disability »NJN Network
EEOC files suit when breast feeding disabled woman fired
16:04 Buying used car in Ontario? (67 Words) » | New Topics
Will be heading to Ontario soon and have seen some decent deals online from dealerships there. Just wondering how it works. If I buy the vehicle in Ontario, and drive it home to PEI, will I have to pay HST twice (once when I buy it and then again when I register it here in PEI)? Looked online but did not find the answer....
15:40 Province increasing supports for children in care   »Journal-Pioneer Local
Room and board and clothing rates for children in the care of the province have increased by two per cent as of Sept. 1.
15:26 Hemp, not marijuana, was growing in P.E.I. borage fields »Journal-Pioneer Local
Testing of suspect plants complete; case closed, say RCMP
15:07 Provincial bantam AAA baseball championship this weekend »Journal-Pioneer Sports
15:03 Fisherman sustains serious hand injury »Journal-Pioneer Local
14:59 P.E.I. feature film “Kooperman” premiering at Atlantic Film Festival »Journal-Pioneer Living
Griffin Kooperman runs a struggling comic book store in a small town he has never left.
14:59 P.E.I. feature film “Kooperman” premiering at Atlantic Film Festival »Journal-Pioneer Local
Griffin Kooperman runs a struggling comic book store in a small town he has never left.
14:57 McInnis keys Cardigan’s offence vs. Chevys »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CARDIGAN – Connor McInnis batted 2-for-2, including a triple, to key the Cardigan Clippers’ 16-6 victory over the Summerside Chevys in a recent P.E.I. Mosquito AA Baseball League game.
14:30 P.E.I. government increases support rates for children in care »The Guardian - Local News
The provincial government is increasing room and board, and clothing rates by two per cent for children in the province’s care. That increase went into effect on Sept. 1. P.E.I. has about 225 children in care each year with the room and board allowance going to those who live with foster ...
14:00 Charlottetown man caught with two methamphetamine pills gets probation »The Guardian - Local News
Sentence has been suspended in the case of a 25-year-old Charlottetown man who pleaded guilty Thursday in provincial court to possession of methamphetamine. Mark George MacMillan was found to be in possession of two methamphetamine pills when he was arrested by police on another matter. Chief ...
13:48 Ford victorious at Oyster Bed Speedway »The Guardian - Sports
Duskey, MacEachern given black flag
13:37 UPEI Student Union takes part in national “Get Out The Vote” campaign »Journal-Pioneer Local
UPEI students are being encouraged to exercise their right to vote.
13:00 Maritime Electric files $30-million capital budget plan to IRAC »The Guardian - Local News
Maritime Electric’s plans for 2016 includes a $30-million capital budget. The utility has filed its capital budget with the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission. “It’s a very key part of our business,’’ said Kim Griffin, manager of corporation communications for Maritime Electric. “We file ...
12:56 NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Political foresight - or folly? »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
By embracing deficit financing as the modus operandi of a Liberal federal government Justin Trudeau has taken his biggest gamble to date.
12:55 Where Is The Stephen Harper 2007 Canadians With Disabilities Act? »NJN Network
Will either NDP Tom Mulcair NDP or Liberal Justin Trudeau restore justice for Canadians with disabilities keeping Stephen Harper's failed promise?
12:42 Phelan, Hughes lead Kensington under-12 girls »Journal-Pioneer Sports
KENSINGTON – Rachael Phelan and Brianna Hughes helped Kensington stay alive in the Subway P.E.I. Under-12 Girls Soccer League (First Division) playoffs on Monday evening.
12:35 Shooting Stars advance in playoffs »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – The Summerside Shooting Stars have advanced to the semifinal game of the Subway P.E.I. Under-12 Girls Soccer League (First Division).
12:31 Steadman drives in four runs to spark Cardigan »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CARDIGAN – Craig Steadman batted 2-for-3 and drove in four runs to lead Cardigan Team Two past Cornwall 16-13 in a P.E.I. Peewee AA Baseball League game recently.
12:29 Nichols ignites Sluggers’ attack »Journal-Pioneer Sports
In exhibition women's softball
12:00 Report of woman on Covehead Bridge remains a mystery »The Guardian - Local News
The case of the disappearing Covehead bridge woman remains a mystery. On July 21, a couple called 911 around 1 a.m. to report they saw a woman standing in the middle of the bridge. The couple told police that when they turned back to see if the woman needed help, the person was suddenly ...
11:51 UPDATE: Mountie in hospital after bridge incident »Journal-Pioneer Local
RCMP called to complaint of jumper on Confederation Bridge
11:50 Volleyball officials’ clinics scheduled »Journal-Pioneer Sports
In Charlottetown and Summerside
11:36 Mountie injured after being dragged along Confederation Bridge »The Guardian - Local News
Borden-Carleton man in custody
11:36 RCMP officer injured on Confederation Bridge by man driving stolen vehicle »The Guardian - Local News
An RCMP officer is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being dragged by a vehicle in a bizarre incident on the Confederation Bridge this morning. RCMP spokeswoman Sgt. Leanne Butler says police responded at 5:45 a.m. to a complaint of an individual contemplating jumping off the ...
11:27 Terry Fox Run stirs up debate on bridge closure »The Guardian - Opinion
It’s become a regular five-year anniversary event – annoying to some, welcomed by many, and vehemently opposed by others. But it’s going to happen on Sunday, Sept. 20, when an estimated 15,000 runners and walkers will converge on the Confederation Bridge. It means the Island’s major ...
11:25 Cults emanate from religions? »The Guardian - Opinion
In his recent letter, R.A. Jenkins dismisses "history, man, the church, secular society, pluralism, science, governments, etc. …" in a God-centered world. Fair enough. But conspicuous by its absence is any mention of money, the economy or an embedded market mindset. But I guess that comes with ...
11:22 Paramedics there when most needed »The Guardian - Opinion
I recently had a sudden, unexpected medical episode that required my family to call 911. When the paramedics arrived, they started work immediately and got things under control. The three of us were in a small bathroom but they did what needed to be done, even in a small space. They took ...
11:17 Writer misses point of letter »The Guardian - Opinion
Ivan Bulger’s letter (Guardian, Aug.31) misses the point. In a liberal democracy we all pay for some services that we may not agree with or like as a result of fiscal cross-subsidies, and for the greater collective good based on what economists call the neighbourhood effect.In a pluralistic ...
11:15 Kudos to Summerside Rotary Club for leadership »The Guardian - Opinion
Kudos to the Summerside Rotary Club for leadership in establishing a Summerside Learning Centre; also to Murphy’s Community Centre for the Stratford After-School Program. Both are worthwhile additions to the Island’s educational services. The Summerside initiative, at least as described in the ...
11:12 Be prepared to vote NDP »The Guardian - Opinion
As our country moves toward election day, early signs indicate that voters have had enough of the Harper cabal, and that is just fine with this writer. As more and more it becomes obvious that Progressive Conservatives like myself no longer have a federal party to call their own.However it ...
11:10 Hail to Chief Gerald Wood »The Guardian - Opinion
For months, he called me Wendel because he couldn’t be bothered to remember my first name. He insisted that “Wendel Wangersky” sounded better anyway, and that my parents should have named me that. When I got my first boots and firefighting turnout gear, he made fun of me because I had the ...
11:08 Gas prices on P.E.I. take another dip »Journal-Pioneer Local
Gas prices on P.E.I. dropped another four cents per litre overnight.
11:05 Barry Bartmann: in appreciation »The Guardian - Opinion
By Henry Srebrnik (guest opinion)
10:56 Economy shrinks again, pushing Canada into a recession »The Guardian - Business
Canada's economy recoiled for the second-straight quarter of 2015 - knocking the country backwards into a technical definition of recession, fresh Statistics Canada data revealed Tuesday. The federal agency said real gross domestic product contracted at an annual pace of 0.5 per cent in the ...
10:52 Parks Canada warns of dangerous surf conditions »The Guardian - Local News
Parks Canada is advising of dangerous surf conditions in P.E.I. National Park. Rip currents may be formed along the shores due to high winds and resulting surf conditions. To ensure visitor safety, entering the water is not recommended in these conditions and visitors are asked to follow ...
10:43 Thief thwarted in Charlottetown  »The Guardian - Local News
A thief looking to root through cars had his criminal activity cut short early this morning. A homeowner on Kensington Road in Charlottetown called police after spotting a person in his vehicle at about 1:45 a.m. The Charlottetown Police Services responded with the K-9 unit. Sgt. Dave Pound ...
10:16 Public Assistance Request - Motor Vehicle Collision »Charlottetown Police Police Reports
Charlottetown Police Services responded to a motor vehicle collision at University and Belvedere Ave., on Sunday, August 30th, at 4:05 pm. As a result of this collision two vehicles, a Nissan Sentra and Toyota Yaris, sustained extensive damage. Police are requesting any witnesses to this collision to contact police at 9026294172.
10:09 Calgary Flames president Brian Burke talks at mental health fundraiser »The Guardian - Local News
Brian Burke likes his National Hockey League teams tough and tenacious. He takes the same attitude with mental health issues. The president of hockey operations with the Calgary Flames was the keynote speaker on Monday at a Canadian Mental Health Association fundraising luncheon in ...
09:30 PEI’s Red Dirt Roads »Welcome PEI!
PEI is known for it’s iconic beauty; its wide-open skies, fresh salt water, singing sandy beaches, painted-sky sunsets, and rolling red potato fields make for a photographer’s dream. Perhaps the most iconic of all is PEI’s red dirt roads. The deep redness in the dirt comes from a high iron … More
08:34 Montague council supports Boys and Girls Club in unanimous vote »Journal-Pioneer Local
MONTAGUE – The battle over the location of a proposed youth club is over. In a unanimous decision Monday night, the town council approved a change of use application that will allow the boys and girls club to proceed on the current site on the Wood Islands Hill. Supporters at the meeting ...
08:16 Confederation Bridge closed to all traffic »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Confederation Bridge is temporarily closed to all traffic after a motor vehicle collision. The bridge issued an alert about the closure at about 7 a.m., saying it was due to weather conditions, but the RCMP in New Brunswick said it was due to an accident. We'll have more on the closure as ...
08:16 Confederation Bridge reopens to all traffic »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Confederation Bridge has reopened following a temporary closure to all traffic after a motor vehicle collision. The bridge issued an alert about the closure at about 7 a.m., saying it was due to weather conditions, but the RCMP in New Brunswick said it was due to an accident. We'll have ...
08:13 Confederation Bridge closed to all traffic »The Guardian - Local News
The Confederation Bridge is temporarily closed to all traffic after a motor vehicle collision. The bridge issued an alert about the closure at about 7 a.m., saying it was due to weather conditions, but the RCMP in New Brunswick said it was due to an accident. We'll have more on the closure as ...
07:57 City of Charlottetown cleans up illegal dump near airport »The Guardian - Local News
Colin McAulay says he was pleasantly surprised while he was on a stroll with his 14-year-old daughter, Katy, Friday to see that a road near his home that was littered with garbage had now been cleaned up. “Everything has been cleaned up, including the mattresses along the ditch all the way up ...


07:55 Daily Specials for Tuesday, September 1, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Tuesday, September 1, 2015 are:

  • Mango Chicken Curry Wrap..$11.99 Tender strips of chicken sauteed lightly.,.. mixed with mesclum greens, mandarin oanges, green onions and roasted red peppers...tossed with sweet mango curry dressing...wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla...grilled...served with house salad or fries
  • Broccoli,Cheddar&Bacon Soup $4.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

07:50 Gas prices drop overnight in P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
It keeps getting cheaper to fill up after gas prices dropped by four cents per litre overnight. In its latest scheduled price adjustment the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission lowered the price of regular self-serve gasoline to range from 102.9 cents per litre to 104.1 cents per ...
06:42 Becoming sunny today but cool across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Tuesday Sept 1st 6:40am..  Good morning and welcome to the first day of September and the 1st day of meteorological fall. A low pressure system tracked across the northern Gulf overnight and is now located just west of Newfoundland. A … Continue reading
00:00 Petroleum pricing »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission approved the following petroleum pricing decisions, effective 12:01 a.m., Tuesday, September 1, 2015: Gasoline prices will decrease by 4.0 cents per litre (cpl); There will be no change in furnace, stove oil or diesel prices at this time; and Propane prices will increase by 0.4 cpl for Superior Propane and by 0.7 cpl for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing. There will be no change in price for...
00:00 Province increasing supports for children in care »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
The room and board and clothing rates for children in the care of the province will be increased by two per cent on September 1, says Minister of Family and Human Services Doug Currie.'Government has a responsibility to ensure that it is continuing to meet the needs of children who are living in foster homes and group homes,' said Minister Currie. 'We are very pleased to provide this additional support for children in the care of the province.'There...

Monday August 31, 2015

23:29 Wytches Vol. 1 Book Club | The Missfits | Geek Girls Podcast »Misfortune Cookie

The Missfits Episode 59: Wytches Vol. 1 Book Club Download Directly From iTunes Feedburner Link This month’s Book Club features Wytches Vol. 1 by Scott Snyder, Jock and Matt Hollingsworth. Maria, Melissa and Mara discuss the first arc of the horror story complete with your thoughts from Twitter via the hashtag #MissfitsBC. Make sure you’ve […]

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