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Thursday April 9, 2020

22:01 New Haven »Pedaling PEI
22:01 Floral Friday Fun »justpictureit
photo - Floral Friday Fun

Yes, just hilarious....

20:32 Disney lowers the boom on Dana White. UFC 249 is cancelled! Events postponed indefinitely! »John Cairns Blog
Breaking news today is that UFC 249 set for April 18 at Tachi Palace has been cancelled. All future events are also postponed. Presumably, that means Fight Night in Saskatoon in June is also off. Dana White went on ESPN and confirmed it all, and he made it clear that it was the highest levels...
19:05 Folk On Foot Front Room Festival » from peter rukavina

Coming up on Monday, April 13, 2020, the Folk On Foot Front Room Festival:

Help us to stage an amazing virtual folk festival on Easter Bank Holiday Monday – and support musicians who’ve lost their livelihoods during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Lineup: Bella Hardy, Beth Porter plus the Bookshop Band, Jon Boden, Julie Fowlis and Éamon Doorley, Karine Polwart, Kerry Andrew (You Are Wolf), Kris Drever, Lisa Knapp and Gerry Diver, Martin Simpson, Nancy Kerr and James Fagan, Peggy Seeger, Rachel Newton, Sam Lee, Seth Lakeman and Steve Knightley — all playing sets of up to 30 minutes each in their front rooms.

When: Easter Bank Holiday Monday 13th April from 2pm for over six hours of unique music.

Where: from the Folk on Foot YouTube Channel and Facebook page – direct to your front room.

That’s 2:00 p.m. GMT, which is 11:00 a.m. Atlantic Time.

(via musician Karine Polwart’s email newsletter, which is worth a subscribe; she appears on an episode of the Folk on Foot podcast in 2018)

17:55 Sign Language Interpretation Now » from peter rukavina

When the PEI Council of People with Disabilities advises government of the utility of having sign language interpretation of government pandemic briefings, the correct response is to immediately secure the services of sign language interpreters.

17:51 Artifacts of the Pandemic » from peter rukavina

Sign at Maclauchlan's hotel

16:25 Neutron Bombs and Essential Services » from peter rukavina

Like Matt Webb, my childhood featured a bomb that would make the people disappear, but leave everything else intact:

I grew at the tail end of the Cold War. My unquestioned assumption was that I would probably live out my life in a nuclear wasteland.

One of the things we’d talk about was the neutron bomb. This type of bomb would leave cities buildings intact, and it had very little fallout so the city would be safe to occupy after it was dropped, but the people would all go. Not die, that wasn’t the myth of it, but somehow vapourised — raptured up to heaven, really. It was called the “clean” bomb. The mental image was of an urban Mary Celeste.

This wasn’t science fiction for me: I remember the stories on the news making it seem a very real possibility.

Webb goes on to ruminate on “key workers” and the “key economy”—what we call essential workers and essential services—and how they have been separated from the economy in a way that renders then distinct and as we could never see them before.

I’ve been wondering about what the long-term effects on those deemed non-essential of being furloughed will be: it’s bracing to be told that your role in society is a “nice to have” not a “need to have.”

12:37 Are we going to take a year off tourism? » from peter rukavina

Via the Institute of Island Studies newsletter, a link to the OTOK Podcast, “a podcast about and for islanders.”

The second episode features Nenad Starc discussing the impact of COVID-19 on the inhabited islands off the Croatian coast:

Nenad Starc is professor emeritus at the Institute of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia and one of Croatia’s most prominent island scholars. We talked about islands as places of refuge in the time of COVID-19; the shortcomings of public policy that doesn’t account for island specificities; and the impacts pandemic will have on tourism industry.

These are issues we on Prince Edward Island are going to confront in the weeks to come: are we going to bite the bullet and take a year off tourism? If so, what will this be like? (And what if we like it so much that we decide we don’t actually want the tourists to return after the all-clear?).