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Saturday May 23, 2015

08:21 A lesson in Prince Edward Island Politics 101 »The Guardian - Opinion
Poor Tina, she didn’t even make it to Monday. Flying high on Wednesday as the newly-minted minister of education, Tina Mundy crashed to earth on Thursday when it became known she has financial problems serious enough for her to start down the path to personal bankruptcy. The question that must ...
08:17 Ethics objectivity might be lacking »The Guardian - Opinion
We recognize that Premier MacLauchlan might be sincere and well intentioned in his recent appointment of an ethics commissioner, but it does raise an obvious question. How can a bureaucratic insider, hand-picked by the premier, appointed by the premier, and reporting to the premier, be expected ...
08:16 Spoiler alert: old man rant »The Guardian - Opinion
Sometimes I think mankind reached its zenith with the Apollo landings on the moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s.We were bold, inventive and, like the great explorers of the past such as Leif Erikson, Marco Polo and Jacques Cartier, our goal was self-improvement on a personal and planetary ...
08:14 Atlantic Canadians display consistency in supporting status quo »The Guardian - Opinion
08:07 Heritage assigned more important role »The Guardian - Opinion
In the appointment of the new cabinet, a very encouraging development has taken place with assigning the responsibility for heritage to the Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture. This reorganization of ministerial responsibilities offers a refreshing direction for the promotion of ...
08:07 Messy egg facials could be avoided »The Guardian - Opinion
There should be some kind of egg-on-face prevention for people who may wind up in cabinet. Candidates for such a position should have all their possible conflicts of interest prepared, in advance, to present them to the premier before they are actually appointed. This could save both the ...
07:25 Pownal Street home of Charlottetown Legion up for sale »The Guardian - Local News
Three-storey building on Pownal Street has been bleeding red far too long, says Gilles Painchaud, president of the P.E.I. Command
07:24 Daily Specials for Saturday, May 23, 2015 »Casa Mia Daily Specials

The Daily Specials at Casa Mia Restaurant for Saturday, May 23, 2015 are:

  • Roasted Butternut Squash Soup $4.99
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Caramelized Bananas, Vanilla Custard Drizzle and Peppered Bacon...12.99

Casa Mia Restaurant
131 Queen Street
Charlottetown, PE
Telephone: (902) 367-4440

Friday May 22, 2015

22:30 Islanders play first game at Memorial Field today against Fredericton »The Guardian - Sports
Keith Craswell doesn't offer any magic formula for success today in a home-opening doubleheader against the Fredericton Royals. All he's got is a simple concoction. "Basically good pitching, good hitting and good defence," said Craswell, head coach of the Charlottetown Gaudet's Auto Body ...
22:00 A Peeking Purrl »justpictureit
photo - A Peeking Purrl

The video below is the answer to last week's song lyric question. It comes from an American sitcom called The Big Bang Theory.

21:44 [MUSIC] Taylor Swift, "Bad Blood" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
I would have blogged last night about Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood", but sleep interfered with my blogging schedule. No matter: It's still a pop-cultural event, breaking a Vevo record to accumulate 20.1 million views in just 24 hours, and featuring dozens of female stars starring as superhuman crime-fighters, only starting with Selena Gomez as Swift's enemy agent Arsyn. (Facebook's Andrew was quite fond of Lena Dunham as a cigar-chomping agent, while Tumblr has noted that Swift plays with so many images that she appeared both as Jean Grey and as Emma Frost.)

Musically, the song is catchy. Lyrically, it is to the point, if perhaps too much so. Betrayal has occurred, and it's irrevocable.

'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look what you've done
'Cause, baby, now we got bad blood
Now we got problems
And I don't think we can solve them
You made a really deep cut
And, baby, now we got bad blood

Still, it's a fun song and a compelling video. Writing at The Atlantic, Spencer Kornhuber argued in favour of its subtly feminist imagery.

As a work of audiovisual filmmaking, it’s kind of a flop. With so many co-stars, the editing becomes so hectic that even the barest bones story here is indiscernible and you’re never quite sure who’s doing what. But the point of the video was already made with those posters. This is a fun imagining of an action-movie universe where women rule, a corrective to the Smurfette syndrome that, for example, forces Black Widow into being defined almost entirely by her entire gender while the men of The Avengers enjoy a diverse set of storylines. All the “Bad Blood” women have their own signature powers, gear, and personas—imagine that!

The song “Bad Blood” has widely been interpreted as a middle finger to Katy Perry, the pop singer who Swift often seems to clash with in the press. This interpretation may or may not be true, but in either case it feeds into old stereotypes about women as inherently catty, and into the limiting idea that females must necessarily compete for the top spot in arenas from music to dating. Swift’s been countering that narrative lately by playing up her same-sex friendships in social media, making her Instagram feed into a real-life demonstration of what the point of the Bechdel test is. The video extends that mission to epic levels. But it also features women betraying each other and facing off, as if to say, “We’re humans. Some of us are going to get along, some of us aren’t.” Again, that shouldn’t be a point that needs to be made—except for the fact that society keeps showing that is is.

19:58 Vacant houses keep spirits, lives, loves and hopes of those who lived in them »The Guardian - Local News
Guardian photographer begins project to capture remaining homesteads
19:41 Premier had little choice but to dismiss Mundy: prof »Journal-Pioneer Local
Peter McKenna has been studying politics for a long time but he’s never seen a week quite like this one on P.E.I.
19:29 [URBAN NOTE] "How Toronto learned to love the patio" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Spacing Toronto's Chris Bateman notes how Toronto ended up embracing the summertime patio. Immigrants and hippies, naturally, started it.

For all the time Torontonians will spend sipping lager and pinot on patios this summer, it would be easy to conclude that the people of this city have always embraced eating and drinking al fresco. Not so. It wasn’t until the 1960s and Yorkville’s counter-cultural era that prudish diners were finally coaxed outdoors en masse.

In the 1920s, outdoor restaurant seating was an impossibly exotic concept confined to the evocative text of vacation adverts. Canadian Pacific’s “Parasol Cruise” to the West Indies promised “black boys diving for pennies” and “Paris-like boulevards [lined with] cool sidewalk cafes.”

The St. Moritz On-The-Park—”New York’s only truly continental cafe—opened its own European-style outdoor seating area in the 1950s, followed by numerous others, prompting the writers of the Globe and Mail‘s “over the teacups” society column to wonder why no-one has tried a similar concept in Toronto. “With all Toronto’s new bohemian eating places, there’s nary a sidewalk cafe in the lot. Wonder why not?”

The Globe‘s assertion that there were no outdoor cafes in Toronto wasn’t entirely correct. Ice cream and milk shake stands offered patrons outdoor seating (even during the winter) as far back as the 1920s, and there are pictures of bundled up men hunching over warm cups of coffee during the frigid winter in the city archives.
19:25 [URBAN NOTE] "Scarborough Civic Centre Gets a Library" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Torontoist's Jamie Bradburn looks at the Scarborough Civic Centre's exciting new library.

Many things strike you at once when you approach the new Scarborough Civic Centre library branch: the angles and curves designed to complement those on the surrounding 1970s civic buildings, designed by architect Raymond Moriyama; the extensive use of Quebec spruce for the beams; the scent of freshly baked cookies drifting in from the Mondelez factory to the northwest.

The finishing touches are still being applied as the Toronto Public Library’s 100th branch prepares for its public opening Wednesday, May 20 at 10 a.m. The building continues a tradition of library service in Scarborough stretching back to the dawn of the 19th century, when pioneers David and Mary Thomson loaned fellow settlers volumes from their private library.

While Moriyama and local officials envisioned a library branch as part of the Scarborough Civic Centre from the site’s construction during the 1970s, no funding was provided. A master plan developed by pre-amalgamation Scarborough in the early 1990s included a new central library, but it wasn’t until 2009 that city councillors approved the current site at 156 Borough Drive. At the time, library planning guidelines indicated that all residents should be within 1.6 kilometres of a library branch, but the closest to the civic centre, Bendale, was nearly 4 kilometres away. Public consultations were held throughout the first half of 2010, and construction began in April 2013.

As designed by LGA Architectural Partners, the branch is filled with natural light. Sightlines allow users to see both across the library and outside to the park across the road. A series of roof planes create a series of swooping layers supporting a green roof. Future exterior landscaping will include a reading garden under a grove of trees to the east and an open civic space to the west.

More, including pictures, at the link.
19:20 [ISL] "Sand disappears from popular Burin Peninsula beach" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC Newfoundland explains why and how all the sand disappeared off a beach on that island. Photos and more are at the link.

Despite concerns from locals, [Norm] Catto, head of the geography department at Memorial University, says the province's beaches are dynamic and constantly changing, and this is just an example of that process.

"This is a natural fluctuation," he says.

"It occurs in response to storm events, particularly storms out of the southwest."

So where did all that sand go? Catto believes it is just off the shore at the bottom of Shoal Cove, and will return over time as conditions change and the winds calm down.

Some residents say they can already see the sand slowly migrating back up the beach, especially at low tide.
19:16 [LINK] "Michigan pastor caught on Grindr told gay teen he was going to hell: report" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The New York Daily News reports on an infuriating event that reminds me that, sometimes, people need to be outed.

The anti-gay Michigan pastor at the center of a Grindr controversy told a young parishioner he would go to hell for being gay.

The discouraging hypocritical words, spoken by Matthew Makela before Queerty discovered his secret gay hook-up profile, nearly drove 17-year-old Tyler Kish to suicide, his mother revealed to WNEM-TV.

Pastor Matthew Makela, of St. John's Lutheran Church and School in Midland, Mich., was caught using the gay hook-up app known as Grindr.

“If he was going to go to hell for being gay, he might as well go to hell by committing suicide,” Jennifer Kish told the TV station.

The teen whose sexual orientation Makela labeled as wrong believed he needed to seek forgiveness for who he was as Makela increasingly vilified homosexuality and marriage equality.

“I needed to repent and hold on to the thought that God could change me,” Tyler recalled feeling, but now he feels sorry for Makela’s plight. “Everything he told me, in a way he was telling himself, too.”
19:11 [LINK] "Macedonia, the New U.S.-Russia Battlefield" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Leonid Bershidsky of Bloomberg View reports on Western-Russian competition in Macedonia, noting that a Russian policy that depends on weak and corrupt government is fragile.

Macedonia is a poor, landlocked Balkan country of about 2 million. To the Kremlin, it's also the newest front in an ideological battle, with the U.S. fomenting regime change to counter Russia's influence. As is often the case, that view is correct to the extent that Russian interests are aligned with those of a corrupt authoritarian ruler.

[. . .]

As for Macedonia, two months after the Turkish Stream plans were broached, the opposition leader Zoran Zaev started publishing secret recordings of officials' conversations. Zaev said the recordings, made by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski's government as part of a sweeping surveillance operation, were handed to him by a whistleblower. The frank, and sometimes coarse, conversations cover a lot of ground, from violence against political opponents and electoral fraud to the purchase of a Mercedes for Gruevski using the Interior Ministry as cover (the interior minister, who has since resigned, is heard discussing the massage function of the car's rear seats with the chief of intelligence, who has also quit in disgrace).

Macedonians were not amused, and even the country's Albanian minority, which had never made common cause with the Macedonian opposition, joined huge rallies in the capital, Skopje. Last weekend, tens of thousands of protesters turned out in the town center, which Gruevski recently decorated with kitschy neoclassical buildings and statues at a cost the tiny nation could ill afford. On Monday, the prime minister, who has been running Macedonia for almost 10 years, staged his own counter-rally. He called the intercepts "a great lesson" and denounced Zaev as a foreign puppet with a "script writer," and called on supporters to "imagine a prime minister brought to power by foreign services."

To Team Putin, this is familiar ground: Events are following the same course as in Ukraine in 2013 and 2014, when Viktor Yanukovych's corrupt regime was ousted by a popular uprising. The Kremlin believes the U.S. fomented similar revolutions in Georgia in 2003, in Ukraine in 2005 and in Moldova in 2009 and made several less successful attempts to bring down pro-Moscow regimes in former Soviet countries. Waves of regime change such as the Arab Spring also fall under Putin's definition of U.S.-engineered revolutions. The word he uses to describe them is, curiously, the same as Gruevski's description of the incriminating recordings: "a lesson" for Russia on what to avoid.
19:09 [ISL] "Liberal Alan McIsaac wins seat in coin toss after recount tie" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
CBC reports from Prince Edward Island.

Liberal candidate Alan McIsaac's seat in the P.E.I. legislature was affirmed by a coin toss on Tuesday, after a judicial recount of the votes in the May 4 provincial election revealed a tie.

Progressive Conservative candidate Mary Ellen McInnis lost the election by just two votes to incumbent McIsaac.

She officially filed for the recount in District 5, Vernon River-Stratford, on May 12.

Judge John Douglas performed the recount in a room at the Atlantic Technology Centre in Charlottetown.
19:06 PEIFA questions lobster prices »Journal-Pioneer Local
Claim prices for both canner and markets at least 75 cents behind NS
19:02 Capturing Canada »The Guardian - Living
Yukon artist Nicole Bauberger stops on Prince Edward Island as part of a cross-country road trip that sees her painting highway scenes every 50 km
18:59 RCMP Musical Ride rides into P.E.I. »Journal-Pioneer Local
ALBERTON - Officers of the RCMP Musial Ride lined up and took posesion of their horses as their were offloaded from horse trailers at the Prince County Exhibition Grounds Friday afternoon.
18:35 SoccerStop P.E.I. F.C. seeking strong start to season »The Guardian - Sports
The title defence begins Saturday for SoccerStop P.E.I. F.C. The McCain New Brunswick Premier Soccer League champions open play on the road with a game Saturday in Saint John and another Sunday in Fredericton. "Every weekend is big, especially the first one," said veteran striker Matt ...
18:21 P.E.I. woman raising concern over ER treatment following medical abortion »The Guardian - Local News
A P.E.I. woman suffering complications from a medically induced abortion says she was sent home from the emergency room at the Island’s main hospital Thursday after receiving no care or information. The woman, whose identity The Guardian has agreed to protect, was prescribed a legal abortion ...
18:02 Gahan / PEI Brewing Company 2015 Homebrewers' Contest »PEI Beer Guy
17:57 Cool and damp tonight and tomorrow across PEI.. »peistormchaser
Friday May 22nd 6:00pm.. A couple of system are effecting the Maritmes today.. First A low pressure system which developed off Cape  Hattaras yesterday is moving NE and tracking just east of Sable Island. This system is bringing some heavy … Continue reading
16:22 Charlottetown Airport Authority to pay federal government for use of land »The Guardian - Business
The days of the Charlottetown airport going rent-free are numbered as an exemption for the use of federal government owned land ends next year. Doug Newson, the Charlottetown Airport Authority’s CEO, said how much the airport pays is dependent on its revenues, with no rent charged on the first ...
16:18 One day in cabinet »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
It is incredible how so many angles have come in to play so soon after Premier Wade MacLauchlan announced his first post-election cabinet.
15:56 Adopted Islander »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Summerside’s new general manager, head professional no stranger to P.E.I.
15:54 [LINK] "Michael Sam first openly gay CFL player as he joins Alouettes" »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
The Toronto Star reported that out college football star Michael Sam will be playing for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

Friday morning the former U.S. college football star and NFL draftee signed with the Montreal Alouettes, becoming the CFL’s first openly gay player. Financial terms of the two-year deal weren’t released.

“I am very excited and proud to join the Montreal Alouettes,” Sam said in a statement released by the team. “I cannot wait to put on the pads, get back on the field and work hard each and every day with my teammates to bring a Grey Cup to the great fans here in Montreal.”

Sam arrives in Montreal after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, then spending the bulk of the 2014 season on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad.

And his signing comes two years into the CFL’s partnership with You Can Play, an advocacy group that works to foster inclusion for homosexuals in sport. Executive director Wade Davis says the agreement didn’t influence Sam’s signing, but thinks the relationship will help smooth Sam’s transition to the league.

“It speaks to the CFL being proactive and not reactive,” says Davis, a former NFL player who came out as gay after he retired. “The important thing now is that these conversations are being had. It’s really transformative.”
15:54 Summerside course came through winter “really well” »Journal-Pioneer Sports
LINKLETTER – General manager and head golf professional Brad Cook uses the term “really well” to describe how the Summerside Golf and Country Club course has come through the winter.
15:51 Harness racing returns »Journal-Pioneer Sports
With matinee program in Summerside on Sunday
15:26 Freak accident shows Islanders infielder how precious sight is »The Guardian - Sports
Jordan Duffy has broken his ankle and nose, suffered a pelvis injury and a bruised femur. None of those were as scary as what happened on the diamond a week ago. During the fourth inning of the Charlottetown Gaudet's Auto Body Islanders season opener Saturday in Saint John, N.B., Duffy ...
15:15 THE GREEN FILE: It’s May 24th weekend, a happy time in the gardening world »Journal-Pioneer Living
Welcome to the opening act of the planting season. This is the May 24th weekend and everybody is happy: cottagers, golfers, tennis players…but most of all, gardeners. They are grinning ear to ear. The plant material at retailers this weekend will be unmatched for selection and quality: when ...
14:54 Sea Dogs hire Flynn »The Guardian - Sports
Danny Flynn is the Saint John Sea Dogs new head coach. The team announced Flynn signed a three-year contract on Friday. Terms are not disclosed. The 57-year-old from Dartmouth, N.S., returns to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League after spending the 2014-15 season as an assistant coach with ...
14:46 Strange days »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Congratulations to Paul Biggar from central Prince County for being appointed cabinet minister.
14:44 Fishermen have right to know »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
Recent media reports tell us that federal scientists cannot speak about their work or their findings unless granted permission by the Conservative government’s communication control centre.
14:33 EASTERN PASSAGES: Gold-plated justice »Journal-Pioneer Opinion
I’ve touched on this before, but it’s not getting any better. At least, not at any great speed.
14:32 All Turain makes 2015 debut »Journal-Pioneer Sports
In Charlottetown feature on Saturday night
14:31 Open Letter from the PEI Abortion Rights Network »Women's Equality PEI
View as a PDF: FINAL-abortion-rights-letter-May-201 PEI Abortion Rights Network c/o Voluntary Resource Centre, 81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4R3 May 22, 2015 Premier H. Wade MacLauchlan Hon. Doug Currie Province of Prince Edward Island Dear Premier MacLauchlan and Minister Currie: We write collectively today from an emergency meeting of the PEI Abortion Rights Network, held […]
14:29 Sprint event at Mill River set for June 6 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Includes swim, bike and run disciplines
14:29 Sprint triathlon event at Mill River set for June 6 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Includes swim, bike and run disciplines
14:19 Acknowledgement of Hardworking Watershed Groups by MP Wayne Easter »sawig
What a great email to receive from the PEI Watershed Alliance; it’s wonderful to see a Member of Parliament recognize the hard work of volunteers and staff of local watershed groups.
14:03 DVD Decoder (45 Words) » | New Topics
I need to look at a dvd on a computer that is running Windows Vista. It says it needs a DVD decoder. Can anyone give me a link to download one? Easier the better as I'm not very techie!!! Thank you!...
13:30 Lennox Island becoming more prosperous »The Guardian - Local News
Soak in some Mi’kmaq culture and tradition, urges Lennox Island First Nation Chief Matilda Ramjattan. “A lot of people just love our culture,’’ says Ramjattan. “This is a unique place.’’ Lennox Island is a reserve that is home to about 450 residents. Visitors can make their way to this scenic ...
12:00 Holland College graduations underway »The Guardian - Local News
In total, almost 1,000 students will graduate Holland College programs in a series of graduation ceremonies being held across the province this week. On Thursday, the West Prince Campus held a graduation event at Westisle High School for 85 students from the Resident Care Worker, Administrative ...
11:59 Man arrested in terrorism case in P.E.I. signs peace bond »The Guardian - Local News
CHARLOTTETOWN - A man accused of having enough castor beans to produce a “substantial quantity” of the deadly toxin ricin signed a 12-month peace bond today in Charlottetown. Amir Raisolsadat was arrested last month after the Mounties applied for a peace bond under the Criminal Code. The peace ...
11:46 Summerside native cheering for former team at Memorial Cup »The Guardian - Sports
Ryan MacKinnon doesn't hesitate when asked who is cheering for to win the MasterCard Memorial Cup. The Summerside native spent the first three seasons of his major junior career in Rimouski and was the Oceanic's captain before the Charlottetown Islanders acquired him for his overage season. "I ...
11:40 Family of five loses home in Farmington fire »The Guardian - Local News
A family of five was unhurt after a fire destroyed their home in Farmington overnight. In a news release, the Canadian Red Cross said it was providing assistance to a woman, her daughter, her son-in-law and the couple’s two children ages 12 and 17. The Red Cross is providing emergency lodging, ...
11:02 Resignation only course for Mundy »The Guardian - Opinion
After an election campaign fought largely on ethics, accountability and transparency, it wasn’t the start to governing the province that Premier Wade MacLauchlan had ever envisioned. In a stunning flurry of announcements late Thursday afternoon, Tina Mundy was out, Hal Perry was in and a new ...
11:00 Spring planting day to be held Saturday in Lorne Valley »The Guardian - Local News
Those who love horses and antique tractors will have a field day on Saturday when the annual spring planting day is held. Horses and tractors will dot a 15-acre stretch for the great cause as farmers gather at the community hall, 922 Lorne Valley Road, to disc, fertilize, harrow, sow and roll ...
10:54 Abortion stops a beating heart »The Guardian - Opinion
Anyone who wants to know the truth about abortion I suggest you Google Stephanie Gray, co-founder of Bio-Ethical Reform. Also the Linda Gibbons story is very inspiring. Linda had an abortion when she was going to college. She now says, "You can always go back to school, but you can't always go ...
10:51 Amending P.E.I. Election Act only course »The Guardian - Opinion
Regarding the present legislated requirement to break a tie with a coin toss, while this may or may not be a fair way to decide, it does save the cost of a byelection. However, imagine if the results of the May 4 election, excluding the tied riding, were 13 - 13. Is it reasonable or fair to ...
10:49 Firing heckler correct course »The Guardian - Opinion
In response to the opinion of Rick MacLean, I agree with the company to cut this guy loose. This behavior is not acceptable anywhere else, so why is it behind a reporter's back. If Hydro One Shocker Boy wants to man up, he can apologize now. Apologizing under the threat of losing your job ...
10:45 Toss of a coin wrong solution in an election »The Guardian - Opinion
The Liberals have held a seat in the legislative by the toss of a coin. Sure, it’s OK to toss a coin to decide who buys the coffee, or who kicks off the game, but to elect a member to the provincial government? I don't think so. This clearly shows the need for urgent and immediate electoral ...
10:39 Busy downtown a good thing for Charlottetown »The Guardian - Opinion
I sit here watching police service vehicles driving by. Eventually, those vehicles will have to engage their sirens for a needed cause as the officers rush off to an emergency. No one will complain about the sounds of the sirens because it is acceptable in any city I've ever been too.Meanwhile, ...
10:39 [PHOTO] Streetcar selfie »A bit more detail (Randy MacDonald)
Streetcar selfie

I was riding 501 Queen streetcar westbound from The Beach when I realized that I hadn't set a profile pic for my Kobo Arc 7.

(Is this duckface?)
10:36 Advice to CUPE; build a bridge »The Guardian - Opinion
I note with interest a half page ad in the Guardian on May 21, 2015 from CUPE- PEI referring to the 7.5 pr cent rollback of wages imposed by the Callbeck government on provincial government workers over 20 years ago.My wife and I, although not CUPE members at the time, both had our wages ...
10:13 Running around at May Run Music Festival »The Guardian - Living
Plenty to enjoy as annual music celebration gets a new look and a new time for 2015
10:06 Pain management expert giving talk in Charlottetown »The Guardian - Local News
One of North America’s leading experts on pain management is in Charlottetown. Dr. Mary Lynch will be speaking at the Canadian Pain Society’s annual scientific meeting about alternative therapies — everything from art therapy to cannabinoids. There are hundreds of natural components found ...


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