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Friday July 31, 2015

18:30 Testament of Youth at Friday, July 31, 2015 at 6:30 »Tonight at City Cinema
Only 9 days left to see this film.

Rated: Parental Guidance (Mature Theme)
Runs: 129 minutes
Director: James Kent
Country: UK
Released: 2015
Starring: Alicia Vikander, Kit Harington, Taron Egerton, Emily Watson

“The tragedy of World War One and how it robbed England of a generation of bright young men is recreated from a woman’s point of view in The Testament of Youth. Based on a best-selling memoir by Vera Brittain, published in 1933 and dramatized for British television in 1979, it’s fresh fodder for an American audience and presented in a manner that is forthright without ever lapsing into cliché... Brittain’s story offers substance and surprise... the story is solid and especially well cast. Alicia Vikander is an earnest and credible heroine, and Kit Harington is equally effective as one of the male leads. With actors like Dominic West, Emily Watson, and Miranda Richardson filling out the supporting cast, it’s hard to go wrong Brittain is an independent-minded young woman who struggles to make a place for herself in a man’s world. She battles her father’s old-fashioned ideas and manages to be accepted to Oxford, where her professor cuts her no slack. Then war erupts. With the men nearest and dearest to her (including her brother) volunteering for what everyone agrees will be a quick assignment, she abandons her academic career to be of use behind the lines - even though there is no guarantee that she will be able to resume her academic career later on.Vera Brittain is not a plaster saint: she’s a modern woman who wants to be of use and can’t justify burying herself in books when men are fighting and dying just across the Channel. This singular story makes The Testament of Youth immediate and relevant... I enjoyed watching this handsome production, which provides timely reminders of the extraordinary sacrifices men and women made during the ‘war to end all wars,’ exactly one century ago.” - Leonard Maltin. “Handsomely mounted, skillfully acted, exquisitely photographed and genuinely touching, Testament of Youth is one of those rare film experiences that is just about perfect.” - Rex Reed, The New York Observer

Advance Tickets ~ IMDB on Film ~

10:29 Ontario woman completes three-province swim of the Northumberland Strait »The Guardian - Local News
Convincing herself to keep going was the hardest part for Marilyn Korzekwa who successfully completed the three province swim of the Northumberland Strait over the weekend.Korzekwa swam 47 kilometres in just under 17 hours from Nova Scotia to New Brunswick and then to P.E.I. on July ...
09:42 Election Advertising Benefits For the ‘Party’ Serve to Gag Disparaging News in PEI Media »
In the PEI spring election the PEI Liberal ‘Party’ raised and spent an astounding 1 million dollars, over 250,000 dollars was spent at the Guardian newspaper. No wonder how the newspaper has become a Liberal ‘Party’ rag. The Guardian does not investigate anything that may be disparaging to the almighty ‘Party’. The Charlottetown Guardian and … Continue reading Election Advertising Benefits For the ‘Party’ Serve to Gag Disparaging News in PEI Media
09:13 Red Like Me Challenge! Scotia MacLeod Broker Moved to Research, Win 5oo Dollars »
Scotiabank and Scotia McLeod are going to great lengths to bury misdeeds of Yousef Hashmi in Charlottetown. The big problem is that misdeeds of Yousef Hashmi are rolling out regularly. Scotia McLeod claims they moved Hashmi to the research. Red Like Me will pay 500 dollars to an example of Hashmi research. Hashmi69 as he … Continue reading Red Like Me Challenge! Scotia MacLeod Broker Moved to Research, Win 5oo Dollars
09:02 Expanded Souris dialysis clinic open »The Guardian - Local News
SOURIS - Trying to fight his way through snow and ice to get to Charlottetown last winter drained dialysis patient Tom Eldershaw. “It’s a long haul and even worse when you have to battle the weather,” he said. “It pretty well zaps your entire energy.” It’s a two hour drive there and back from ...


07:54 Summerside food bank shelves almost empty »Journal-Pioneer Local
Four jars of peanut butter. It’s shocking to see, admitted the Salvation Army’s Karen Mallett. As she surveys the Summerside food bank, she comments that, in her years as the organization’s community and family services co-ordinator, she’s never seen so few bottles of the pantry staple on its ...
07:46 Belcourt Centre group sends plea to P.E.I. bishop »The Guardian - Local News
A citizen group is asking Islanders to add their voice in a final desperate plea to Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Grecco. The group wants to save the Belcourt Centre in South Rustico, the final element in what the National Trust of Canada calls “an extraordinary cultural landscape.” The group ...
07:41 P.E.I. man with history of violence gets release to halfway house »Journal-Pioneer Local
A P.E.I. man who has a history of killing animals and said he would feel no distress killing a person was recently granted a statutory release from prison. Bradley Orville Perry was serving a two-year, four-month and twenty-seven day sentence for several offences, including using a firearm to ...
07:35 P.E.I. man with history of violence gets release to halfway house »The Guardian - Local News
A P.E.I. man who has a history of killing animals and said he would feel no distress killing a person was recently granted a statutory release from prison. Bradley Orville Perry was serving a two-year, four-month and twenty-seven day sentence for several offences, including using a firearm to ...
07:29 Rayner, Montgomery spark Mariners to bounce-back win vs. N.L. »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Host team takes .500 record into final day of round-robin play
07:25 Quebec perfect »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Rebelles outscore Alberta in battle of undefeated teams
07:01 Lucas Oil 100 goes Saturday »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Vincent to receive award in pre-race ceremony at Oyster Bed Speedway
06:53 Another gold for Smith »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Ellerslie native wins third event in two days at 2015 Special Olympics World Games
06:48 Paynter back on the track Friday »Journal-Pioneer Sports
For 100-metre final at 2015 Special Olympics World Games
00:00 Minister Currie welcomes 10 new physicians to Prince Edward Island »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Islanders have more access to physician services with the addition of ten new physicians who started practice in Prince Edward Island this summer, says Health and Wellness Minister Doug Currie. 'Good access to physicians is important to Islanders and our concerted efforts are paying off in this priority area,' said the minister. 'We are pleased to welcome seven new specialists and three new family physicians to our health system.' The new specialists...
00:00 Ministers attend meeting with Maritime Seafood Coalition »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Richard Brown and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac said they were very pleased with the information provided to federal and provincial government officials during the recent Maritime Fisheries Forum in Moncton. 'The Maritime Seafood Coalition did a very good job bringing together harvesters, processors, and government stakeholders from the Maritime provinces to discuss the issues critical...
00:00 Ministers attend meeting with Maritime Seafood Coalition »Government of Prince Edward top news stories
Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Richard Brown and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Alan McIsaac said they were very pleased with the information provided to federal and provincial government officials during the recent Maritime Fisheries Forum in Moncton. 'The Maritime Seafood Coalition did a very good job bringing together harvesters, processors, and government stakeholders from the Maritime provinces to discuss the issues critical...

Thursday July 30, 2015

22:00 Boat Friday Birds »justpictureit
photo - Boat Friday Birds

Last Sunday's annual Poker Run was held again to great delight. My dirty lens and I got plenty of photos but all are unedited due to the busy time with my family. Someone on another boat saw me taking photos so fed the birds so there are plenty of gull shots, this being one of them.

18:03 Family Matinee: The Magic Flute @ India River (297 Words) » | New Topics
Calling all parents and grandparents!

The Indian River Festival invites you to this special family matinee of "The Magic Flute" on Sunday, August 2nd @ 3:00pm. This is your opportunity to introduce the children in your life to one of the Western World's favourite live performance traditions - opera!

Special pricing includes:
$20 for adults/seniors
$10 for students
Children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult!
* Please note: HST and service charge will apply to ticket prices

The Indian River Festival is pleased provide audiences with the unique opportunity to watch a semi-staged opera performance. This new version of "The Magic Flute" was conceived by director Brent Krysa with musical director Peter Tiefenbach, as a streamlined adaptation of the beloved Mozart original, retaining all the best music, and designed in the style of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. A tale of love, magic, dragons, evil queens and heroic deeds, a new English version of the libretto will bring the story to life in an amusing and contemporary way. This same production will be performed at the prestigious Stratford Summer Music Festival later in the month.

Cast members include sopranos Jennifer Krabbe and Whitney Mather, mezzo soprano Shauna Yarnell, tenor Asitha Tennekoon and baritone Janaka Welihinda.

The first half of this concert will include a performance by the Indian River Festival Chorus singing works by Mozart, followed by "The Magic Flute" in the second half.

There will be a pre-concert talk at 2:30pm - join musical director Peter in conversation with director Brent, as they discuss the process of reimagining one of Mozart’s beloved operas.

The Magic Flute will also be performed on Saturday, August 1st at 7:30pm; regular ticket prices will apply....
16:42 The Island Fringe Festival » from peter rukavina

When I moved to Prince Edward Island, in the early 1990s, I was 27 years old.

And as near as I could tell, every other person on the Island was older than 50 or younger than 15. It was as if a reverse-Logan’s Run-like event had occurred, sucking all the cool young rockers out of the city.

If there’s any demographic change that’s happened in the intervening 20 years, it’s that the young, creative minds are, more and more, choosing to stay here at home. And you can see the result in the art, the food, the film, the music, the theatre, the coffee, the fashion. It’s a change that makes the city, and the Island, ever-more-liveable.

One of the events that’s an obvious expression of this demographic retention is The Island Fringe Festival, which runs next week here in Charlottetown, from August 6 to 9, 2015.

Apparently I was a sponsor of the festival in a previous year – all memory of this has escaped me – which prompted Josh Coles (one of the selfsame didn’t-leave-the-Island-for-Toronto young) to snag me on the street this afternoon and as if I was willing to re-up.

How could I say no.

And so we of Reinvented Inc. are now officially (re)minted corporate sponsors of the festival. Not at Maritime Electric-level “Rising Star” level, I imagine. Perhaps at “Muddled Star in Deep Space” level?

As a result, I doubly-encourage you to attend all of the events under the festival’s banner that you can: you will enjoy yourself, and you’ll be sending a clear signal to the teetering youth that the Island is the place to stay to make interesting fringyness of all sorts.

Island Fringe Festival

16:26 Lucy Angus Dives Deep into Samuel Holland's Map » from peter rukavina

You might think, pressing “play” on this video of conservator Lucy Angus, speaking at the Confederation Centre of the Arts on July 6, 2015, that you’ve missed a bit at the beginning.

But you haven’t: she just dove right in, without any of the “I had an uncle who grew up in Tryon” pleasantries that an Island speaker would spend the first 15 minutes of their talk on.

It was a pleasant change from the everyday.

Angus has a compelling enthusiasm about her project – the restoration of Samuel Holland’s 1765 map of Prince Edward Island for The National Archives, United Kingdom. Perhaps no person since 1765 has been on such an intimate basis with the map over an extended period. The result is a stunning restoration, involving the removal of years worth of grunge, some simply related to time, some the result of bad restorations-past.

I encourage you to watch the video through, and then to visit the map itself, on display in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery until January 2016.

15:53 Council to Host Public Meeting Relating to Angus Drive Traffic Flow »City of Charlottetown
2015-07-30 Charlottetown City Council will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, August 12
15:48 Missed opportunities cost Mariners vs. Saint John »Journal-Pioneer Sports
Host team back in action Thursday night
15:33 Hornets improve to 3-0 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
At Canadian under-21 women's softball championship
15:00 Dirt bike rider charged with drunk driving in eastern P.E.I. »The Guardian - Local News
A 34-year-old Victoria Cross man is facing a court date after he was allegedly caught riding a dirt bike while drunk. On July 29 at 9:40 p.m. Kings District RCMP received a report of an impaired driver on a dirt bike in the Greenfield area. When officers made a patrol to the area they found and ...
14:38 McCloskey’s three-goal effort keys win »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CORNWALL – Caitlyn McCloskey’s hat trick was all the offence RC United would require on Wednesday night.
14:36 Tignish Initiatives to unveil plans for Stompin’ Tom tribute »Journal-Pioneer Local
14:35 MacKinnon lifts Ramblers past Summerside »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CORNWALL – Sam MacKinnon lifted the Eliot River Ramblers to a 2-1 victory over the Summerside United in a Subway P.E.I. Under-12 Boys Soccer League (Premier Division) contest on Wednesday evening.
14:33 Somers, Clark lead Summerside under-12 girls »Journal-Pioneer Sports
SUMMERSIDE – Gracie Somers sparked the offence and Lauren Clark was perfect in goal as the Summerside United recorded a solid victory on Wednesday night.
14:30 Kelly nets hat trick in Royals’ win »Journal-Pioneer Sports
WINSLOE – Reese Kelly held the hot foot for the Winsloe/Charlottetown Team One Royals on Wednesday night.
14:30 Dickieson sympathizes with fish plants »Journal-Pioneer Local
Suggests solutions to labour concerns
14:29 Under-16 girls’ game ends in tie »Journal-Pioneer Sports
CORNWALL – The Hillsborough United and RC United exchanged goals in each half as they battled to a 2-2 tie recently.
14:28 Hebert sparks North Shore Sharks »Journal-Pioneer Sports
STRATFORD – Dallas Hebert scored both goals for the North Shore Sharks in a 2-1 road win over Stratford in Subway P.E.I. Under-14 Boys Soccer League (First Division) play here recently.
14:27 Stratford gets by Morell 2-1 »Journal-Pioneer Sports
STRATFORD – Stratford Team One never trailed en route to a 2-1 win over Morell in recent play here in the Subway P.E.I. Under-14 Girls Soccer League (First Division).
13:55 Ottawa announces funding for P.E.I. lighthouses, fuel tanks »The Guardian - Local News
Some of P.E.I. lighthouses will be getting repairs thanks to funding from the federal government announced today. The Fisheries and Oceans Department will spend about $500,000 on five lighthouses around the province and for the installation of fuel storage tanks at the Charlottetown ...
13:00 Summer Slam car show this weekend in Dunstaffnage »The Guardian - Local News
DUNSTAFFNAGE - Car owners wishing to show off their antiques, muscle cars, hot rods and more are invited to assemble at the Burger King parking lot on University Avenue in Charlottetown on Saturday evening. On Sunday, some of those same cars will be on display at the 19th annual Summer Slam ...
12:50 Concert series continues in Mont-Carmel »Journal-Pioneer Living
TheMont-Carmel Summer Concert Series is currently in full swing with the fifth show of the season set for this Sunday.
12:46 Ashley Condon comes to Northport »Journal-Pioneer Living
Award-winning singer/songwriter to perform Saturday
12:28 Summerside Chamber's ‘Way Forward’ conference set for September »Journal-Pioneer Local
The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce has announced the initiallineup of guest speakers for its second Way Forward Conference.
12:10 Island Fringe Festival coming to Charlottetown »The Guardian - Living
Even though the Island Fringe is just turning four years old, it's very mature for its age, and this year the festival shows take a step towards heavier themes like sex, existentialism and, darkest of all, romantic films. That's just a taste from the fourth annual Island Fringe Festival, ...
12:05 A treasure turns 50 »The Guardian - Living
The birthplace oIsland literary legend Lucy Maud Montgomery marks a half century of telling her story
12:00 My own fairy tale ending. »Shizamo FEED
My daughter, Vaeda Zo was born June 6, 2011. She was diagnosed with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy in her first year of life. Hemiplegia is similar to a stroke and in Vaeda's case the left side of her body was affected. As I learned about Cerebral Palsy what more at
12:00 Montague council byelection has five candidates »The Guardian - Local News
MONTAGUE - Five town residents will be vying for the vacant seat on the town council. Nominations closed Friday and two former councillors are seeking the job along with three newcomers. RELATED: Montague looking for byelection candidates for town council A council seat was made vacant with the ...
11:55 Wilde’s clever words still resonate today at the Watermark »The Guardian - Living
Oh, to live in Oscar Wilde’s world, where you always know exactly what to say, even when you’re in the wrong.His penchant for flowery, yet somehow equally succinct statements is on display at the Watermark Theatre in North Rustico now. That’s up from where the co-op isn’t anymore.“An Ideal ...
11:50 Electoral reform once again rears its head »The Guardian - Opinion
Islanders to be asked how they want to choose their government  
11:46 Texting drivers are impaired drivers »The Guardian - Opinion
Punishment should reflect the seriousness of the crime
11:35 Cycling fatality suggests safety be re-examined »The Guardian - Opinion
For tens of thousands of Canadians cycling is an enjoyable activity. You can travel at a leisurely pace.You can get off the beaten track and see things other people miss.You can start and stop where you want for as long as you want.And you can get much needed exercise your body will thank you ...
11:33 Taxpayers fund government waste »The Guardian - Opinion
In Tuesday’s Guardian, the Fraser Institute had a column on tax paying in Canada (“Are you getting a good return on your hard-earned money?”).They explain to us Tax Freedom Day; the day we finish paying taxes for the year. They also tell us this year it was June 10th. They didn’t tell us it was ...
11:30 Deaton’s comments draw more criticism »The Guardian - Opinion
As articles which have appeared in this newspaper will attest, I am not a fan of the Bishop of Charlottetown nor the Roman Catholic hierarchy in general. So, it would take the near-hysteria of Richard Deaton’s seemingly endless stream of ad hominems to draw me out of the woodwork. I take it ...
11:30 P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture gets new executive director »The Guardian - Local News
The P.E.I. Federation of Agriculture has a new executive director. Robert Godfrey grew up on his family’s farm in Meadowbank and spent a number of years in Ottawa working at the director level of agriculture organizations such as the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and the Canadian ...
11:27 Former parish priest remembered fondly »The Guardian - Opinion
It was 34 years on the 20th ofthis month that Father Clarence Roche died in his parish community of Kelly’s Cross. I was living off island at the time but was still in touch with him by mail. To say Father Clarence Roche was just a parish priest or just a mentor ofisland youth seems to me now, ...
11:25 Gateway Village needs some TLC »The Guardian - Opinion
Regarding the unkempt conditions at Gateway Village: This issue has been expressed before in these columns and to no avail. The government of the day has done nothing about it. And now that membersare on summer leave from the harrowing work they’ve done with small remuneration, long hours and ...
11:11 Car goes off the highway in Bedeque »Journal-Pioneer Local
A vehicle left Highway 1A in Bedeque this morning, went through a guardrail, and was stopped by a utility pole.
11:08 Amanda Jackson Band at Close to Ground »Journal-Pioneer Living
Fiddlers’ Sons are proud to host another popular local group, the Amanda Jackson Band, at their Close to the Ground concert series this Thursday, July 30, at 8 p.m. at the Kaylee Hall in Pooles Corner.
11:03 More intimate setting for this week’s Emerald Ceilidh »Journal-Pioneer Living
Courtney Hogan will be up close and personal at this week’s Emerald Ceilidh, as she is joined for an intimate performance in the pub lounge with guitarist Mark Rooney.
11:00 Downtown piano ready in Summerside »The Guardian - Local News
SUMMERSIDE - Summerside — get ready to tickle the ivories. Culture Summerside’s Downtown Piano was expected to make its debut this week, situated near Kelly’s Flower Shoppe on Water Street. The refurbished old piano, with its modern electronic keyboard in place of traditional ivory keys, was ...
10:57 Long River Players featured group at weekly Kensington Ceilidhs »Journal-Pioneer Living
The Kensington Ceilidhs are back for another season at the Murray Centre.
10:50 Police nab impaired driver »Journal-Pioneer Local
Victoria Cross man was also driving while suspended
10:31 Did Jon Ross Transgress The Gatekeeper Rule Protecting Yousef Hashmi »
All the brokers know one and other in Charlottetown, the famous ‘bamboo pipeline’ an open book of every Islanders private business, still faster than the internet. Did Jon Ross of #1 ranked GMP overlook the gatekeeper rule that his profession is bound to? We’re just asking questions. It has come out that Mr. Jon Ross … Continue reading Did Jon Ross Transgress The Gatekeeper Rule Protecting Yousef Hashmi


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